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Annoyed that it's not an out and out battle between Guy and Hal, but it's a fun read. not as good as previous issues before the arc.

John may possibly die or join another core and Kyle seems to be the Leroy Jenkins of the 4. Stupid Kyle.
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@tonis: thanks. it's fun to draw him
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Traditionally drawn/inked
Digitally coloured.

1st page of a comic I'm working on.

Are we allowed have more than one entry now?
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Death of Spider-Man not Death of Peter Parker. That is all

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Enough speculating of what will happen, who will do what, etc. I think we all should trust Nolan at this point to just do it. I do.

I'm going to make a huge effort to not even see the trailer before hand and just walk inside the theatre. My ass was in that seat since begins ended.

What we really should be worried about is the already planned reboot!.......
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@RedHoodJT: yes I'm struggling slightly with inc myself, but we all know it'll make sense in the end. No not for everybody. Personally, I don't like Final Crisis. It's far too spread out to get the whole picture. Comics Alliance did a cool post explaining the whole thing though. 
Another point I'd like to make is that people who think Morrisson is a terrible writer from Batman, should go read All Star Superman and WE3. two of the greatest comic stories ever and neither of them 'kill batman'. Even if his batman was bad, he'd still be an incredible writer because of those (and others of course)
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too much to read through, but in relation to the original post, you're being ridiculous. Morrisson is an amazing writer but isn't for everybody. It's like music, everybody hates some band once they go commericial even if they're doing something great. This is possibly the most signifigant  period in batman comics ever. Morrisson is all about "Anything can happen in comics, and anything should" which is great I think. Love the creativity.  
In terms of Inc. well it is early days. It's obviously building to something bigger, like Batman and son led us to ROBW and BAtman and Robin. 
This is one of those defining runs on a comic which has not been done on batman to this extent. Other examples I include would be Moore's Swampthing, Johns on GL, Miller's Daredevil and JMS's Thor(s). 
Nothing but praise for Morrisson and I wish others had as much freedom with other characters as he does. Why should Bruce Wayne or any character be stuck in a status qou EVER?

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The guardians bit was cool. Very Disappointed that it's not a Civil War spliting everyone, forcing them onto a side. Brain Wash seems cheap to an extent. No inclination as to why Gardner and Hal fight, unless it's the same reason as John and Kyle. Ganthnet and Aquaman need to form a talk therapy group.