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To be frank, so what? Great book but I imagine a 'new costume' as you're calling it wasn't supposed to be a big deal here. Likely because she won't be wearing it all the time or ever again. The story itself is the centre piece here not the fashion. Of course she's wearing armour to go in battle for crying out loud.

I hate this aspect of comics media these days. Anytime Spider-Man or Iron Man has a new suit there's an announcement just to get people to fight on forums on whether they like it, which in turn gets everyone aware of the issue which will then sell more. Even this post is acting in that sense. This could have simply been Wonder Woman Preview.

On another note, I'd like to see Diana going between the previous design with pants and loads of others. It just makes sense that she wouldn't wear the same clothing all of the time, then people wouldn't be so falsely upset/delighted. She's a character not a costume.

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When's the last time you guys reviewed anything Savage Dragon and yet you've no problem slapping a comicvine logo on. Pointless article and extremely aggravating. How dare you put the logo on others work

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Sure I think we'd all love stories like that (If they're good that is, but we are getting good/great bat stories already at the moment) but for you to call out detective seems a little harsh. The art is fantastic and the story has been quite good. Issue one was one the best of the new 52. If you're going to suggest a title that needs re-tooling don't go with the obvious anti-Daniel perspective that we've seen on this site before. You could have suggested a new title. Case in point, Batman the Dark Knight is the worst of the the new 52 batman books but still has fantastic art.

To copy what action is doing would be unoriginal and tacky. The only reason Action is doing that is because Superman has been an utter bore in recent years minus a few exceptions. Batman has been high quality to a majority of fans for a long time thus doesn't necessarily need that sort of kick in the butt. .... but something like this wouldn't hurt i guess.

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seriously, can't believe you stayed inside the bat canon with this. fair enough to say Superman and flash wouldn' work, but come on....

Off the top of my head Ultimate Hawkeye (Golden eye like game), Animal Man (Horror game), Punisher (GTA like game). Was just expecting some novel ideas I guess. Not things based off huge aspects of Arkham City

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as in DM everyone?

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Hi all,

I've started a new comics site this week and it's doing well. I think a lot of people would love it here but I'm not sure I'm aloud to promote it or posts links.

Am I?

There's reviews, articles and interviews with some of the biggest names in comics. seriously big names.

Is there a way around this that i could share?

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they announced the new justice society book in case you missed it guys

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Another Epic Spoiler brought to you by every single comic book site

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Domino! Cool

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the rest of the x-men don't know about x-force. Psylocke would have to be on a team anyway in this case and why not spy for wolverine. Also, Wolverine is on like 12 teams so why can't another mutant?