The New DC Number 1's I'll be picking up and why

Little over a month now until the DC Relaunch. I, for one, am excited. On first glance as everything was being announced, my first thoughts were "Wow these all look so great. I'm picking them all up!" Some weeks have passed and I've come to my senses. One reason is I don't have a lot of money month to month, but I do spend most of it on comics :D. Another is that my local 'comics' shop is bollocks and is really a games (Warhammer and what not) store that happens to sell comics. No on who works there even knows who Booster Gold is. Can you believe that???? So through a combination of amazon, ebay and that store, I'll be picking up these numbers one's and intending to follow them each month for the foreseeable future. 
I'm going to try and bring some sort of order to this, so I'll do this by going through each of the ranges/groupings,  as I understand them. 


Action Comics 1:   
Ya, Grant Morrison is writing this so try and stop me. All-Star Superman is my second favorite comic ever so this looks to be a treat. Rags Morales (of Identity Crisis fame) isn't a bad artist either which helps.
Might pick up: Superboy 1. Cover looks so crazy, but I don't know 



Batman 1:  
Scott Snyder is an unbelievably awesome writer. His detective comics run has been dark, gritty and memorable. Now he's tackling Bruce which is interesting. Greg Capullo's art is something I've admired for years and really looking forward to seeing him draw Batman. Also, imagine owning a copy of Batman number 1..... 

Batman: The Dark Knight:  
Simply put, I love Finch's art so this will be in my pile
Batman and Robin:  
Great writer/artist team on a title that has never once disappointed me. Even the fill in issues after Morrison and between Tomasi were great 
Finally it's arriving. I loved the crazy panel arrangements in the previous Batwoman stories. She's a great character and has been missed these last few months. Her popping up in INC. was a nice to see.
why is he Nightwing? Why's his costume slightly different (red)? I've grown to love Dick Grayson greatly and far more than I could have predicted. Kyle Higgins appears to be a great writer so it looks like this is going to be a great title. The only sad thing is that Dick isn't partnered with Damien :( Bummer. 
Maybe: Batgirl, not sure yet. Might see what people think. I am very curious for Catwoman though, mostly because Judd Winnick is writing and he's great. 

  Green Lantern

Green Lantern: 
I will be picking up Green Lantern issue 1 even though War of the Green Lanterns has disappointed me. I do own every Johns trade from Rebirth so basically I must and have to pick this up. 
Maybe: Ya so, Corps, New Guardians and Red Lanterns are in my maybe pile. It's heavy on the pocket to get each of these so I think I'll wait and see what's supposed to be good. 

Justice League

Justice League: 
too big a title to say 'no' to. I have high hopes for this. Geoff Johns is one of my favorite writers and Jim lee is a huge inspiration to me as an artist. Everything about it sounds great to me. Some people are way too obsessed and vocal with the collars and knee pads. Calm down and enjoy the stories, huh? 
Wonder Woman: 
 I am excited about Wonder Woman! That is something I thought I'd never, ever say. But the prospect of Azzarello and Cliff Chiang's art is simply mouth watering. I for one, didn't mind her costume change and thought no one would have cared if they hadn't made such an announcement about it. I think I even preffered the image to the left, with pants, than the altered one. Hope they asked Chiang before editing it. 
If Geoff Johns is writing something, sign me up. I'm glad there is an Aquaman title for 2 reasons. I liked his arc in Brightest Day and he's the best part about Brave and the Bold. 
The Flash:
I'm loving Flashpoint and even if the story is S**T in this new Flash series, I admire and adore Francis Manapul's art to an unhealthy degree 
Maybe: Captain Atom and Justice League International are probably my 2 highest maybe's of all. And for one reason. Judd Winnick's Generation Lost. They are in my maybe's simply because he's not involved :( 

The Edge Titles


Stormwatch, Grifter and Men of War. They look COOL. Paul Cornell writing Stormwatch doesn't hurt either and I'm curious to see how WildStorm integrates acceptably into DC 

The Dark Titles


Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Demon Knights and Frankenstein:  
Snyder on Swampy you say? Yes please. Lemire on Animal Man and the really cool ongoing Frankenstein after the awesome Flashpoint tie in? Yes, YES. Paul Cornell on Demon Knights? F*** Yeah!!..........  
So, ya I like the idea of these a lot. 



Young Justice

 Not picking up any of those titles. They just don't appeal to me. 
Ok, so that's like 19 number 1's I'm going to pick up. How many I will I  stick with? Only time will tell.  
Is there anything I've left  out you think I'm really going to regret missing? 
Is there anything I've added you think I should actually stay away from? 
Let me know what your thoughts are and what titles you aim to get. 
Whatever you like or don't, it's an exciting time to be a comics fan
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I like you, sir. Your post was even better than optimistic, it was happy. Yet still within logic and reason. 'Tis greatly nice and refreshing. 
I feel that if you are constrained (financially), you should not go with titles such as Captain Atom and Superboy. Great characters but the CTs and hinted direction are worrying. 
I would also say do not pick up TDK but if you love Finch, then you love Finch. Plus, it is not really him writing it, so it could only have a few off issues.
There are several titles I think you should give a chance. At least with the first issue.
All-Star Western - The Jonah Hex team upgrades to a grander Western title that I believe will turn out to be their magnum opus. Now with the added benefit of incredible Spirit artist Moritat.
Birds of Prey - The actual team and direction is iffy but the CT is a great pair.
Blackhawks - Costa wrote Cobra. Trust me, this will be awesome. 
Deathstroke - Higgins is the writer of a very cool character. The main reason, though, is because Simon Bisley (Hellblazer) is doing the covers.

I, Vampire - I know. But Fialkov is a HOT (and rightly so) up and comer and the art...
Justice League Dark - Milligan is great when inspired and these characters will inspire him.
Legion titles - From an outside perspective, I found the Legion unappealing. Then, I gave them a chance. Very cool fiction when written well.
Red Hood and the Outlaws - Jason Todd is a top flight character when written well.
Voodoo - Ron Marz, the master of the Top Cow universe, is penning this. A man who has shaped an entire universe and works on characters for years.
I am highly anticipating the relaunch. I feel that, success or failure, the risk was absolutely worth it, considering the current state of the industry. The fact that they will be advertising to a grand scale, have same day digital releases, are bringing in variety and actual genres as a formerly superhero brand and ultimately just generating this level of excitement for comics is all glorious!
I will be getting all 52 for the first month and then determining things from there.
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I'm glad people are excited for this, as I am too. I won't be getting as many titles as either of you guys, but I will be trying a few that I probably wouldn't otherwise and it's all thanks to the creative teams.

I'm going to be getting:

  • Batman - It's Scott Snyder on Batman, he knocked it out of the park with Dick Grayson, I can't see him stopping now
  • Batman and Robin - I enjoyed Tomasi and Gleason on the White Angel arc, plus, this is the only book that will prominently feature Damian Wayne =(
  • Batgirl - I was against Babs coming back, but Gail Simone at the helm makes me excited
  • Batwoman - Been waiting a year for this, I like JH Williams III and I really love Amy Reeder's art a lot after reading Madame Xanadu
  • Nightwing - I'm giving Higgins a shot and I like Grayson
  • Swamp Thing - In Snyder I trust
  • Animal Man - In Lemire I trust
  • I, Vampire - if the first issue or two grab me, I'll stick with it, I just want to see the hype behind Fialkov and if it's true
  • Action Comics - Grant Morrison, if that's not enough, he's writing Superman, a character I normally don't care for

I may pick up a few more when I'm in the shop, but those are what I'm planning on. It's good to see DC taking a chance with books that seem more geared towards Vertigo and with them supposedly letting the writers write outside of the trade format, I hope the stories show that and can shine.

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JL Dark does sound interesting actually. And now that I know Higgins is on Deathstroke I'm keeping my eye on it

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@MuadDiab: When will DC start releasing these?
Posted by cattlebattle
@MuadDiab: Why don't you find Young Justice appealing??
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@Timandm: September 
@cattlebattle: Various Reasons. I like Red Robin and I like that Tray 13, I think that's her name, from world of Flashpoint. But I'm just not excited in any about these titles tbh. Maybe, for me anyway, the other big guns are just overshadowing  the young justice titles. Also, I know deep down i won't be able to follow all 52+ titles so discounting these is a start
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I don't know which I will pick up.

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@MuadDiab: thanks man