Marko Djurdjevic's rant at Marvel

This guy has just left Marvel after 5 years. He announced this 2 weeks ago on his facebook and had this message for Marvel 
5 years and it’s finally over. 2 months ago I turned in my early termination for my Marvel Exclusive contract. It’s over. No more superheroes, no more sad men in tight clothes, no more covers, at least for a long while. :) I can’t believe it’s over. After 300 painted covers, countless redesigns, 10 issues of interior art I can finally close this chapter of my career and focus on SIXMOREVODKA with all my strength and energy. I feel relief. And I feel like things are brighter than they’ve ever been. Thanks to Marvel for the great 5 years. It taught me a lot, but now it’s time to move on. :D ahhhhhhhhh  
Along with this photo 

Half Promoting his new project/ half addressing his feelings to Marvel. 
He then had this to say, very inappropriately, at the Marvel 'Team Spirit' talk at Fan Expo today..... 
"They never put me with any writers that I liked,” before launching into a tirade about Marvel and ripping into writer JMS, whom he said writes “like toilet paper" 
He then complained about not getting paid by the hour and having to redo work because Marvel Editors couldn't make up their mind. One example he mention was the design of Lady Bullseye, which he did countless designs for they seemed to randomly pick one. He went on this rant throughout the talk and even cut Jonathan Hickman off at times. 
Mark Waid on twitter had this to say " Dear #MarkoDjurdjevic : you will not be missed." 
On one side I can see his point, but he totally went about this the wrong way. 
He's a fantastic artist but...... 
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Funny guy. 


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Yeesh, I think he could've handled that better.

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Artists are such crybabies sometimes, yet the companies ineptitude are to blame as well. Interesting read though

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Stay classy Marko.

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Marko is not a fan of superhero comics. This I think is pretty well known? Except his is a good artist and people like his stuff and so well it turns into a money thing, which makes sense, comics are a business, but to me, art is also a passion and so to be a comic artist and what is associated with comic art I think passion is a key, and Mark lacked that key and so his door hole got abused and... I am not sure where I am going with this...  lol
I love his art but the day I found out he actually though super hero comics were silly and when I saw how... out of character his unused X-Men redesigns were (they were cool, and captured the looks of certain characters but didn't seem like they were designed by a fan of the characters) which of course he was not a fan. When I found out that, I felt a little sorry for him. Sorry also for artists who did not have his technical skill but that do have a passion for comics and art.  
Cool blog and replies/thoughts.