Further thoughts on DCnU

I've been listening to some of the podcasts of DC panels from SDCC. Interesting stuff to say the least. Also, I think I warmed to Dan Didio. Go figure.  

One comment he made that struck accord with me was that they have a 5 year plan with this initiative. I think that's really great that the plan goes that far and I hope they see it through. Todd Macfarlene has been noted saying he thought that DC had completely screwed up having everything out in the same month and I found myself disagreeing with Spawn and Haunt creator. That comment by Didio shows just how much thought has gone into this and lets not forget, there will be 2nd and hopefully 3rd waves of new number 1's to look forward to.  
 Dan Didio
Another interesting note made was that for those 5 years, there will not be an Event/Crossover. I also think that's a great move. The best example I can think of , of the over saturation of events and tie-ins, is Marvel over the last year. We've had Shadowland, Chaos War and now Fear Itself. Only Fear Itself has been impressive, but it has a million and one horrible tie ins unfortunately.   
Dc are going to let each of the new titles focus on themselves and build upon that title. Each team won't have to worry as much about what's happening with everyone else, to an extent anyway.  
So I now have 2 predictions. 
#1 iN 5 years we are going to have an amazing DC Event launched. It will be big because it'll be the first since Flashpoint 
Chaos War #5
And #2, I think we will see some crossovers between titles, but on a smaller scale. Kyle Higgins is writing both Nightwing and Deathstroke. They've got to have an arc together at some stage don't you think? Something similar to Marjorie Liu's Daken and X-23. The Higgins thing is just one example mind. 
I'm also way more psyched about Flash number 1 after hearing Francis Manapul talk so excitedly about it over the weekend 
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