Comic Book Titles Sales Data Visualisation 2005-2010

This is a data visualistaion of comic book sales figures from January 2005 until December 2010. Each balloon represents a comic book title released in that time.  Please see original post here for more info and larger versions of images as well as other images.

Click here for the full image *(Warning! It's massive. 19,844 x 14032 pixels. you may be able to download it and view on a native software)

Part of the project was to create a software program to handle the data in some way. I coded the software 'Processing' to handle the data, to count the complete numbers of an issue and to create the visuals.

The bigger the balloon and the higher it floats represents how many issues in total that title sold over the time.
The further away from the left hand side of the image the balloon is, the more issues it had released.
Colour indicates publisher.
Red = Marvel
Blue = DC
Green = Image
Grey = Dark Horse
Pink = Everybody else

To give some perspective, Amazing Spider-Man sold 10, 843,815 copies with 176 issues released in this time.(this includes some re-releases of course, the Obama issue being an obvious example)

Close ups at varying zoom sizes:

This was created using the software Processing with data gathered from Diamond Distributors monthly sales reports in relation to comic book stores orders.    

Tweet it, Facebook it, Tumblr it. Whatever your into I would appreciate any kind gestures of spreading the image. The overall aim is to get as many comic fans (people actually interested in comics) to see this.

Posted by A_O_N

Nice idea, wish this was interactive. I can only spot the first six or so. I'm not surprised that Amazing is on top because it had 3 issues a month for about two years.

Posted by aztek_the_lost

it'd be kind of cool to be able to see the smaller ones at the bottom, the ones I want to see are the non-Marvel/DC

Posted by MuadDiab
@aztek the lost: anyones in particular? I may have a rough idea where some are
Posted by aztek_the_lost

nah, I was just curious because I wanted to know what the top-selling non Marvel-DC comics were of the time period...I see Star Wars, GI Joe and Conan in your close-ups but none in the actual ranking

Posted by MuadDiab
@aztek the lost: Buffy is the main one I think. then Walking Dead, Star Wars Legacy and Spawn are pretty close. after that it seems to be Red Sonja and Conan, then a little further down are Witchblase and Invincible. Vertigo stuff is included in DC colors as they aren't seperated in the Diamond reports as Vertigo