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Confession: I was bored and wanted to write something, found it when stumbling upon a picture where Metallo looked remarkably like Tony Stark.

Of course it's poor evidence to prove that Iron Man was inspired from Metallo, but a wonderful and playful topic to bring up. Sadly it seems that the RIP-OFF concept is quite frowned upon on here by quite a few.

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Nice write up. Iron Man is such a flawed creature. That's why he's one of my favorites.

Agree, Iron Man is a character that has one too many issues to deal with.

Thankyou by the way.

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Mostly Galactus because of how he's cosmically anchored to the Marvel Universe

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@celestial_man said:

I am not a grammar Nazi but it is Larger not more bigger !

Nobody's perfect, so thanks for reminding me about that.

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I'm starting to notice how there's very little research going into these articles (besides InferioEgo).

Before becoming business partners with Gergory Bestman, Toomes was originally a man who ran on the wrong side of the law which eventually captured the attention of a ruthless crimelord which resulted with him quitting his criminal pursuits. Even though Toomes settled down by opening a business with Gregory at B+T Electronics which resulted with Toomes losing his career because of Gregory's embezzlement, Toomes ended up becoming the Vulture out of desperation, that eventually turned to greed after seeing how easy it was to simply rob anyone.

It was also the age where mystery men would appear, which is why Vulture gladly donned the Vulture costume for his crimes. Despite his age and health, Toomes was oblivious to anything else but one simple overlooked fact,...the thrill,..... the experience of flying through the skies,.... something that any aged man would most likely enjoy when gaining the feel of performing such a feat that would give the sensational thought of feeling younger.

Until some young brat in a costume swoops in takes the feeling away, then we have a reason why Toomes would hate Spiderman so much.

I also doubt that Toomes would spend his elderly years pursuing a life of business for his invention, even after his recent incident with B+T Electronics.

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The Vulture shouldn't have been nominated for this article, despite how some fans may see him as a ridiculous villain, the Vulture has held a long and respectful career as a Spiderman threat.

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I remember when Marvel thought of giving Daredevil a dog for a sidekick.

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I've grown to admire his writing after reading a few of his titles.