When the Amazing Spiderman goes FLOP

There was one superhero who managed to reach into the hearts of thousands and thousands of comic fans and quickly risen through the ranks of the superhero genre as one of the most inspirational superheroes ever to be written and drawn onto a comicbook.


The Amazing and Spectacular Spiderman.



As a kid, I remember growing up with the hero as I not only see him tackling some of the most famous and colorful cast of villains, but also facing challenges that people naturally go through just about every single day as Peter Parker. Spiderman would be the hero that would teach his readers the valuable lesson of responsibilities, the same lesson that good old Uncle Ben taught Peter. Readers would see our beloved Peter Parker share not only his life as a web-slinging hero, but also as a struggling citizen trying to survive by providing and caring for his elderly Aunt May, finding a decent job, doing the “right” thing and making the most difficult choices, and later on trying to have a stable marriage. As Spiderman quickly wall-crawled up the ranks, it wouldn’t be later until the poor web-head found his career swatted and thrown away like a small spider found in somebody’s bathroom. As I remember what a Spiderman comic was like and why I loved Spiderman, it wouldn’t be until I read “BIG TIME”, I found out what was wrong with Spiderman. Yeah some people may have read the signs and already beat me to it, but poor Peter Parker has found himself rising throughout his career just become the pathetic loser that Flash Thompson has once saw him to be.

So how could I dare say that one of Marvels most famous superheroes is the prime definition of a pathetic loser. Well that would have go all the way back to Amazing Fantasy #15, where Peter was nothing more than a mere snot-nose teenager trying to catch a date with Liz Allen. Seeing a nerd go from being a whiny momma’s boy grow into something that women would kill each other for, was one of my favorite reasons why I loved reading Spiderman. Then we would see Peter grow into something that would have old Uncle Ben shed a tear in his eye when he started dating the beautiful blonde Gwen Stacy, hitting the jackpot with Mary Jane, and finally walking down the aisle as being a married man to one of the most famous models within Marvel. Even though Peter’s life was harsh and challenging, as you can see, Peter has already hit BIG TIME many times, both good and bad.



   Now I know there are thousands, and I do mean thousands of disgruntle people are saying that the storyline ONE MORE DAY has something to do with this and yes, it does, but it wasn’t the start of Peter’s downfall, it was when Marvel was trying to have Spiderman recover from the Clone Saga and attempted to restart Spiderman’s career more than once.

With Aunt May passed away and managing to comeback, Norman’s grand return and as the mastermind behind most of the horrible events in Peter’s life, and the violent death of Ben Reilly, Marvel still wasn’t going anywhere with poor web-head until writer Michael Straczynski managed to restart Spidey’s fame in 2001.

Then comes OMD, the restart that really kicked a lot of Spiderman fans right in the nuts. With Peter exposing his true identity to the whole world and finding that this resulted with Aunt May taking a sniper bullet (which should have killed her on the spot), Marvel was left little options on Peter’s life and decided to have good old Peter swinging back into action as a single, swinging man after his deal with the devil (Mephisto). Meaning that Peter chose his should-be-dead elderly Aunt May over the hot-red-headed wife who was about to start a family and possibly have Spider-girl swing into action within the mainstream universe as Peter finally retires and relax’s alongside with Mary Jane.

But no, instead we get Peter back to his roots as a momma’s boy at the age of TWENTY EIGHT, or somewhere above the drinking age.

One thing I know, is that Joe really put a lot of thought into this restart, which sadly backfired his grand plan of having a single Spiderman with an original Stan Lee style to it when he failed to focus on one thing, that Peter Parker was just a shy, reclusive teenager who couldn’t meet up to the standards of somebody like Flash Thompson and the fact that Peter is currently a full grown man who should’ve already passed the dependency stage that he constantly gained from Aunt May.

But why would Peter choose Aunt May over Mary Jane? Well in a way, it’s understandable because notice how Peter is living his superhero career under the advice of old Uncle Ben, who died because of a simple bad choice that Spiderman made, and having Aunt May die almost the same way because of Peter exposing himself as Spiderman, you already know the guy’s gonna be doing some pillow crying and emo-Back-In-Black-like Spider like moments for awhile. But then again, Mary Jane was Peter’s future, NOT AUNT MAY, the one guy who’s an expert on dealing with hard choices probably made the dumbest one yet. So after reading an awesome Spiderman storyline BIG TIME, it only took two pages for me to realize how disturbing and sad Peter really is.


Now before I get attacked by Spiderman/Peter constantly catching a girls attention, I call bulls*** on Peter currently managing a successful relationship. In the world of psychology, one of the most unhealthiest lifestyles for a full grown adult is still having full dependency from a guardian, basically seeing Aunt May do stuff that a girlfriend or a wife should be doing, like getting Peter’s lazy ass out of bed so he won’t be late for his new job. So with Aunt May always there in Peter’s life, there’s basically no room for another woman. Thinking that Aunt May getting hitched was a good idea, and yet that still isn’t going anywhere as she still puts Peter as number 1.


After following Spiderman throughout his career, you kinda see a 180 degree change when Spiderman should’ve taken that step as being a father and possibly retiring. So now, Spiderman went from being a hero trying to do the right thing all the way to a momma’s boy trying to be a swinging swinger with the ladies.

If old Uncle Ben was still alive he would probably take a belt to Peter’s ass for being the most dumbest idiot within the Marvel Universe.

So now I have no interest with the immature Spiderman thanks to Joe’s great idea , it’s even sad to see a hero who’s probably a laughing stock for most of the ridiculous villains he has fought when they realize he chose an old lady who’s past her appointment with death over one of Marvel’s most hottest women.

BIG TIME, awesome story, great comic, gave it four in a half stars, but as for me knowing how it goes, I think im gonna pass seeing that I have no interest of a Hobgoblin getting his ass kicked by a pathetic momma’s boy who won’t ever see marriage again, go anywhere with life, and ever have a girlfriend for over five months at tops.


So basically that’s my opinion, something that I’ve noticed every time when reading a recent Spiderman comic, that there’s something about Spiderman that really isn’t right. I honestly think that it’s Aunt May alone, take her out of the picture and SHAZAM, no more momma’s boy routine sliming into a Spiderman comic. Without her coming back from the dead in the late 1990’s in the Amazing Spiderman issue, there probably wouldn’t be that much of a problem, even if Joe’s dumbass decided to have Peter as a single man running away from retirement and raising his own family. So what do you think, am I looking at Peter at the wrong way, or maybe outgrown for the Amazing Spiderman comics, or maybe that I’m right and that this is one EPIC Marvel hiccup that would take a lot of creativity and time to fix.



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Wow you read my mind on this one. 

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Totally agree on the OMD thing. How old's Aunt May now anyway? She's gonna die eventually anyway, it seemed a bit overdramatic on Peter's part to try and keep her alive. That being said I loved BND and now Big Time brought the bar up even more. So I guess it all worked out in the end.

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@MTHarman:  Have you out grown the web head? yes you have because your no longer in the mind set you were when you 1st started reading spiderman I think when it comes to reading any comic character we pick the ones we can see ourselves as in our minds Spiderman had a hard ass life and faced a lot of the issues we faced as teenagers but after a while he proved that life doesn't have to be all bullshit and there some grand finale where you get what you deserve but as we age a perceptions change I used to identify with Spiderman but now I identify more with Daredevil because as I've aged I've realised no matter how much good you do you might not get any reward if anything things might get worse but you can never stop fighting or else you'll loose yourself. I haven't read big time I'm just buying the new issues and I'll read them in a year or two from now so I don't have to wait to see the whole story and as for a Spiderman hiccup for marvel this is one that might last for another ten years unless something happens to Joe Q like he's fired or retires
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So far, Marvel has me convinced that Aunt May is immortal, she died once, almost twice (well numerous times) and yet she's looking younger and younger as each issue comes out. 
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Congratulations! You've made the one millionth "One More Day" rant! 

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YESSSSSSS, One point for the Badguy
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It's issues such as this is why I will not buy a single Spider-man comic as log as Quesada is in any control over it. You can't make a case that the editor-in-chief of Marvel comics doesn't have editorial control. Decades of character development flushed down the drain.
The story is now one long and drawn out soap opera. Peter chose his elderly Aunt May over his wife and child.  Uncle Ben would whoop his spider-ass.

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@Deadcool said:
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in the end its always MJ