The Villain Guide to Black Hand

He's was originally the C-List villain that barely got any recognition as both a thorn for Green Lantern and the Flash. As of now, Black Hand is currently remembered to be one DC's most darkest and disturbed men after the event known as Blackest Night where he became a universal threat within the DC universe

If you don't know a single thing about who Black Hand is or exactly what made him a special villain within DC comics, or just flat out curious, then checkout the 8th episode of Villain Guide where I take viewers into the dark and grim history of William Hand.

Posted by lady_toyano

This was an amazing comprehensive guide to his character. I didn't even care about Green Lantern until I happened upon Blackest night from a friend. He was the sole reason I was able to become so hooked in that whole saga, and once it was over I found myself wanting to know more about him and his depraved nature. I actually read his back story title after I read blackest night and found myself even more fascinated by this twisted guy. He really made some huge jumps in the prominence list from back in the day to now.

I don't know if your keeping up with Green Lantern at the moment (probably are though haha) but Black Hand is most definitely still around and still having quite the impact on the current arc with the main Green Lantern book dealing with the whole compassion tribe. I've been left on a hanger and can't wait to read the next issue.

Again, just fabulous... fabulous.

Posted by MTHarman

Why thank you, if you don't know, my main goal is to introduce viewers to a random villain and become a fascinated in a way where they not only catch up from the past history of that certain villain, but possibly try to dig up a classic issue to see why that villain would be famous.

Not only my goal is to do all Green Lantern villains, but every single villain who held either a respectful or interesting career within DC or Marvel.