The history of Ultron

The mad robot of the Marvel Universe who's not only been a continuous threat for the Avengers, but just so happens to hold a remarkable tale of how man should never cross the line of playing god when creating a machine with the mind of a man.

If your interested or curious as to why shameful Avenger Hank Pym has to spend a great portion of his life of having himself and his beloved team of Avengers deal with a major screw-up that he made, seeing one weird father-and-son relationship, a mistake who nearly beaten the Avengers while taking on the appearance of a nude version of Janet Van Dyne (which is kinda comical in a way), and also nearly taking over the universe itself....

then I do hope you enjoy the video and thank you for watching.

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Posted by Renchamp

It's about time you came back! Our villain education has been slim for some months.