The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly: Week One



The Good: Lex Luthor takes over Action Comics


Action Comics has obvioulsy been taken over and instantly Lex has taken a win over Superman on this one as fans increase, excitement kicks in, and comic sales are climbing towards from being SOLD OUT. This one moment in DC history is one that obviously would go down in history as one of the most successful comic events that takes readers on a fresh new course of Luthor villainy as we see why this bald baddie is DC’s number 1 villain. Even though Lex’s Black Ring storyline isn’t that perfect, it sure as hell gives it’s readers just about everything they could ask for in a comic, from character interaction, dialogue, the smooth pace, all the way to it’s basic artwork. Seeing Lex go through a Gauntlet of DC’s worst and ridiculous (meaning Mr Mind) villains for his quest for power, this is one comic that well defines the phrase “missing out” for those who overlook and pass up this one event.

As myself and an army of comic fans can proudly say for those who are afraid to get their MARVEL ONLY hands dirty on a DC comic, this is one comic book that should never be overlooked and at least added into your collection. Take this advice as it’s constantly mentioned numerous times on this site.




The Bad: Death of Roderick Kingsley


Spiderman has taken a lot of bumps lately, and with the utter mention of another baddie return, Spidey fans can’t help but feel shaken that Hobgoblin would be among Kraven (for some) and Carnage who landed face flat with their GRAND comeback. Yet, Hobgoblins return really didn’t come out stumbling like a sad joke like Carnage, infact it was introduced pretty well. Of course I can’t say the same for the new wearer of the Hobgoblin mask, for me alone, it’s the storytelling that I find piecing this comeback together and regaining a cast of Spidey fans. Sadly, it’s sad to see my favorite Hobgoblin become somebody’s personal paperweight.

Roderick Kingsley was one of the best Hobgoblins and for me personally, he was the best and most successful goblin in Marvel history. Despite being beaten by Green Goblin on the franchise, Kinglsey was one sly villain that managed to reach retirement after pulling off a major master plan of fooling a great amount of people and also gaining the longest time of having a secret identity within Marvel history. For about thirteen years nobody knew the “real” identity of the Hobgoblin, until we found out it was that weasel fashion designer who had a personal grudge on some C-list villain chick known as Belladonna.

BIG TIME, may have let down some serious DIE HARD Hobgoblin fans, but despite Kingsleys cheap and unlawful death, I would say that this is one Spiderman storyline that has a decent start and may find itself with a proper ending. 


The Ugly: Shadowland 

It was Shadowland issue number 2, and sadly I received an army of monsterous bloodthirsty Comicvine commentators when I noticed and metioned a ridiculous amount flaws and hiccups to where I was convinced that this event alone wasn’t going to end well. Thinking that I was a little too nitpicking with my findings, it took one more issue for me to realize how wrong I was into thinking that there was any hope for this event.

Finally, with Shadowland over and out of the way, Marvel has succeeded once again on adding another over advertised event with a lot of hype that ended in the worst failure ever imagined. OMD, Siege, OMIT, and now Shadowland, and yet Marvel still continues on.

What happened and how bad was this event isn’t the questions that personally haunts me, it’s how in the world did Marvel seriously think that this event was going to gain any form of a decent size fanbase? As if all the times I said “NO EFFORT” in many of the Marvel titles, events, and certain issue that wasn’t worthy of anything higher than EPIC FAILURE, I take that back seeing that im convinced that Shadowland was one Marvel event that Marvel put effort into losing a great amount of it’s own fans.

It’s seriously difficult to believe that someone in the Marvel department thought that this story alone was somewhat a decent storyline that would gain a lot of attention and high hopes. Even the thought of the gaining a great amount of profits through the ridiculous SOLD OUT titles of the first and second issues isn’t enough to convince me that Marvel believed that this storyline was somewhat a “good” idea. If they didn’t know that they were producing FAILURE, then bow before me for I must be the King of England.

Too many disgruntle fans online can share the heartbreaking moment within Daredevil’s awesome career as it found itself stumped in Shadowland. But among the massive army of extremely pissed and disappointed fans, best advice, leave Shadowland alone.    

Posted by Shadowsnake89

I don't read DC but it sounds pretty exciting. 
I too was upset when they killed off the original hobgoblin but the story has potential and I think the story may have a big surprise in the end. 
And Shadowland got me excited for nothing. Your right I don't know what they were thinking with the story line.