The B-Rated Badguy: Gauntlet and the Grim Hunt video review

This event actually ended very well for me, yet I would find comic fans disagreeing with me. Kraven is one character that I fully understand and just about everything in this issue served its purpose and the characters were actually perfect, even Kraven. Yes I have read all Kraven books and history and analyzed the man with outside resources for the fun of it, so if something in the Grim Hunt issue has you confused, then by all means ask me and i'll give the best and most understandable answer that I can give.


This event was probably one of the most unique build up's that would challenge Spiderman in a whole new way and prepare him for his real challenge. With a returning cast of original villians and events that would change Spidermans life, the Gauntlet is probably one of my most unique collections that I currently own.



 The final challenge for Spiderman, has one thing that convinces me for a high rating. Knowing what that challenge is as an audience. Everything that has some people possible confused is in this event is explained but overlooked or possibly misunderstood. You seriously would have to literally read Kravens Last Hunt, alot of the original Spiderman titles, and do some research to understand why Kraven is one unique character within the Marvel Universe. 
Im just praying that he doesn't fall into the hands of lazy or no-talent writers, that would really be shameful.


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Posted by MichaeltheFly

Great absolutely great.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

wow great videos. I didn't really like Gauntlet but, your review makes me want to re-read it.  
The grim hunt video was great also and I really liked this story arc because even from your other video the kravenoffs been in a lot of spider-man issues lately.  

Posted by skaarason

awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!