The B-Rated Badguy: Darkseid dedication review


One DC villain that I would find myself being interested in is the universal threat known as Darkseid. This guy would interest me when I first saw him in the DC animated series, at first I had no interest in this guy until I researched this guy. Darkseid would be a villain that would take his goals one step beyond, with an army, almost unlimited power, mindless servents, and an ego that no villain would barely obtain without being a hypocrite in some for or way. Obtaining goals that numerous villains would never accomplish in their lifetime, Darkseid would have rep sheet that damn near could surpass all villains combined. 
I honestly admit that Final Crises wasn't an Epic event as I thought it would be, but in a way I was interested in seeing Darkseid in it and actually taking over the world this time. Whats funny is that world domination isn't enough for Darkseid, but having control of all life is, which I doubt would be enough as well.  
The video I made of this guy is explained why this guy is badass, at least as try to explain it, but like my other videos I try to keep the history part out as much as I could so I could try make my fliks different from G-mans three-minute experts out of respect or that im not seen as competing, I dont believe in competition and profits mixing with creativity. 
If there is a problem with my video, please feel free to let me know, I would appreciate it so I wouldn't make the same mistake again. I like to leave my crappy videos for the crappy comics, not for awesome characters such as Darkseid. And if my research is way off, please let me know.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the video.


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Posted by MichaeltheFly

MT you did it again, I mean Darkseid, this guy would be Dr Doom + Thanos, great character review MT.

Posted by chris thompson
@Michael the Fly said:
"MT you did it again, I mean Darkseid, this guy would be Dr Doom + Thanos, great character review MT. "
Posted by Darkseid Elite

nice video, darkseid rules.
Posted by Nashnir

 Darkside FTW. Nice to see a review dedicated to him.

Posted by Darksideanime
Posted by BlackWind

@darksideanime: Nothing can fully comprehend the great tiger force that is...Darkseid!