That Badguy: Maestro video review


Maestro's favorite weapon

COMING SOON:Thor vs Maestro
One of my most favorite villains that was introduced was the currupted counterpart of the Hulk of Reality-9200, the Maestro. This insane monsterous madman who still has Banners intellect would show us how much of a monster he truly can be in his limited appearances in Marvel. Maestro isn't your typical villain, but a badguy that already gained what most villains desire which is fame, power, women, and his own place to rule. Smart, but cruel and dangerous, this Hulk has no pity for the human life and anybody who stands in his way, the clothes he wears is more of a value than the people who worship him as a god. 
Some modern comic fans wouldn't fully know this guy as much as I do, but with this bad Hulk on the scene, something bad is bound to happen. With his appearance made in the newest Avengers series, despite the low fanbase it has, Maestro's appearance can't have Bendis's newest series go horribly wrong, but may have a jaw-dropping moment as we see Thor try to smite Maestro in an upcoming issue, now thats one fight that I would love to see. 
Whats his deal? 
To rule and dominate, Maestro is Hulk gone bad and gone crazy in intellect form. Its understandable on how and why he would kick puppies and use a mindless Betty sex slave as a baseball bat, the guy seen too much or absorbed way to much radiation juice during World War 3 in his Reality. 
What Maestro wants, Maestro must get. To me thats his deal and problem and mostly this involves a hero getting involved and possibly getting his neck snapped by Maestro's trademark fighting move.
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Now I know why you like him so much, can't wait to read about him in the new Avengers issue.