Short Villain Guide for the Sentinels (Vlog)

Interesting question for those who enjoy reading these weekly blogs, which is out of the entire X-Universe that resides within the Marvel Universe,

Could the Sentinels be the greatest threat within the X-men franchise?


Of course, out of honesty I do admit that I have very little interest with the X-Universe for several reasons, yet my disinterest with the X-men doesn't refrain me on knowing who’s who with both Marvel and DC (how I love the hobby of research).

But when it comes to comparing villainy with the cast of mutant threats, for some reason I always tend towards the man made machines known as the Sentinels.

Yet with Magneto, Mister Sinister, Juggernaut, and even Apocalypse being highly appraised as the most infamous villains for both mutants and mankind for their own twisted purposes, I tend to see very little attention towards the Sentinels.

Built to protect mankind from the rise of mutants, Sentinels found themselves not only fulfilling their primary objectives on capturing or annihilating any mutants that they can find, but developing a unique form of methods and awareness to fully insure that every mutant is dealt with. These methods of wiping out all of mutant kind has found itself back firing against humanity more than once when Sentinels developed the idea that they must either conqueror or wipe out humanity so that they could succeed.

Even the Sentinels history is very interesting when it perfectly connects with Nimrod, Bastion, and several other Sentinel threats that the X-men were forced to face (easily explained on the video).

Or maybe the image of seeing five 50 ft Sentinels tearing the upper half of some poor family’s house for just one small teenage mutant that has seeing these mechanical nightmares as a perfect byproduct for an X-Villain. Of course we have several other mutant villains who each hold some form of emotional background, a long history that roughly explains their current nature, or maybe their the type of Marvel characters we enjoy sketching on the back of our notebooks. But with villains who have no feelings, no remorse, and absolutely no care for the world beside that one objective, for me, that’s a perfect antagonist for the mutant universe.

I hope that this brief overview of the Sentinels do help out a few viewers, hope you enjoy the video and thankyou for reading.

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Posted by trask-01

Hi MTHarman,

I enjoyed Your summary on the Sentinels, the SENTINELS are to the X-men, what the DALEKS are to the Doctor and the BORG are in the STAR TREK franchise, Cold, Logical, Relentless, without compassion driven by domination, destruction and assimilation (for "knowledge is power"). Rocco Pace - trask-01 - TRASK LEGACY

Posted by celestial_man

I am not a grammar Nazi but it is Larger not more bigger !

Posted by MTHarman

@celestial_man said:

I am not a grammar Nazi but it is Larger not more bigger !

Nobody's perfect, so thanks for reminding me about that.