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Im keeping this blog till Kravens return at the end of the Gauntlet, letting readers know why I like Kraven and why I would be throwing one hell of a detailed fit like I usually do if the Gauntlet storyline ended very badly. But right now I don’t have any reason to have an Evan Williams shot and be pissed off, so I have no reason to share my brightside. This blog is basically my dedication page to Kraven the Hunter, even if you hate him or not, I could careless because to me he’s badass and he hasn’t failed at being a badass.



During the 60’s, both Heroes and villains were being introduced into the World of Marvel. Villains, like Electro, Executioner, Green Goblin, Blob, Mandarin, and so much more. But there were very few villains that had no powers at all, like the Enforcers and Chameleon, these were villains that relied on skills and who would prefer to avoid direct confrontation. Then in August 1964, Spiderman comics was introduced to a whole new villain, inspired by the villain from the short story “The Most Dangerous Game”, both Stan Lee and Steve Ditko created Kraven the Hunter. Realizing that Spiderman was more powerful than a normal man, they designed Kraven to where he would be evenly powerful as Spiderman by having Kraven stronger and faster than a normal human due to a potion that he drinks occasionally. Kraven would become a unique villain for Spiderman as readers see this guy try to take down the webslinger with his bare hands and handheld weapons. Kraven was different from the other villains, unlike Electro, Doctor Octopus, or even Sandman, he basically wanted Spidermans head planted on his wall, and he wanted a specific way of doing this. Seriously, how hardcore can that be for a villain. Anyways, Kravens skills as a hunter became a serious challenge for Spiderman, but he always found himself being defeated. Over the years, Kraven was nothing more than just a costume criminal and that’s when Marvel had Kraven react to that fact in “Kravens Last Hunt”. “Kravens Last Hunt” is where we see a part of Kraven that showed us how he could have easily taken down Spiderman the whole time if he didn’t stick to certain rules on using firearms. Kraven takes down Spiderman using a rifle and decided to become Spiderman and do what he couldn’t. Without going into the story, it ends with Kraven killing himself. Marvel Comics would never see Kraven “alive” again, but he did however make a mark into the Marvel Universe.

Kraven’s Mark


As he died in the late 80’s, Kraven was mostly there when Spiderman was introduced into a franchise. Either as a villain in a show, a boss in a game, or as an action figure, Kraven did have an impact within the world of Spiderman. As a way to bring the hunter back, they had two characters like Kraven, who are his two son’s being introduced into the Spiderman comics. But even though they were more powerful, they were not the real Kraven and lacked the same popularity as their father. Replacing a dead character like Kraven was difficult, Marvel even tried to replace Kraven with another Spiderman character known as Puma, but he too didn’t reach the same popularity as Kraven. After “One More Day”, a new Kraven was introduced, a female version who was the daughter of Kraven. But rather being a fully replaced version of Kraven, she actually becomes involved with the resurrection of Kraven, the return of Kraven the Hunter. 
Fans may hate Kraven because they feel like he's one of those annoying ass splinters they keep reading about, the one wear you see a nutjob in some ridiculous outfit go out in public to take on a hero who's too big for his jungle britches. But is Kraven anything closely resembled to that at all? I honestly don't see that. I guess it's the whole "man hunting man" concept that keeps me interested in Kraven's character. Yeah he may be a nutjob, but I see it as him thinking and telling the readers that he owns New York city, as he thinks it's his own Urban playground. Wether you agree or disagree, Kraven has actually never failed at being a challenge for Spiderman and other heroes.  You can imagine that this blood-thirsty gentleman like badass riding on a T-Rex wearing every fucking thing he kills as he comes after your freindly neighborhood Spiderman. Im suprised he isn't wearing Zabu for undies, no animal is actually safe from this guy at all, animal rights doesn't revolve around this guy when you see him make an his appearnace. Which brings me to the reason why I like his costume, he's probably wearing every known endangered species as a costume and going out in public to fight Spiderman, now that in some sick way, is badass. 


As you can see, Kraven is byfar one of my most favorite characters in Marvel and knowing that his return is promised at the end of the “Gauntlet” storyline. Im actually excited to see him back into action. Some people may not like him as much as I do, but Kraven mostly represents challenge and skill, he actually makes it difficult for himself when fighting an enemy, he even could have had victory over Spiderman, and almost killed Daredevil. Kraven’s character is very unique and popular, which is why I hope the Gauntlet storyline doesn’t ruin that character. So far, Marvel has given its fans disappointments in other known storylines, major events, and even ruined favorite characters for the fun of it, so I honestly don’t know what the hell they are planning,  if you've followed my blogs and comments, you would probably expect one hell of a shitstorm if they decided to ruin not only Kraven, but also the "Gauntlet" storyline, im already starting to have some doubts because of Dr Conners mysterious ability to grow his arm without turning into the Lizard, which was a mistake for the artist and editors. But as you read the Marvel history, Kravens character is actually quite hard ruin, so it would take alot of " having fun" to fuck this character and the Gauntlet storyline up.         
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