Greatest Moments of Villainy: Professor Ivo and Amazo

If you don’t know anything about Amazo or Professor Ivo, then here’s a video where I give insight over two of the Justice League's most dangerous villains of all-time.

The Awesomeness of Amazo

It’s difficult to say which Amazo moment stood out the most for me seeing how each encounter the android held against the Justice League resulted with the team nearly facing it’s horrible end once and for all. But there is one “unique” moment that DC’s one man Justice league had shared within his career in JLA #27.

Story is that the Justice League is forced into stopping the android from going online. Only to find that not only are they outmatched (which seems to be natural with JLA and Amazo fights), but not even entire roster of Justice League members are capable of coming anywhere close on stopping this thing. With Amazo beating the living snot out of the primary League member and making a sad joke out of a handful of reserve members, there was only one last idea that the League had to try before calling it quits. And lets just say that this nifty Amazo moment has one of the most unexpected and controversial ways for any villain to be defeated, but for some reason I can’t help but find it to be so interesting that I just had to see it as one of the Greatest Villain Moments of All Time for Amazo.

Knowing the Professor

But it’s a different story for his creator, Professor Ivo. Who not only has a hard time on gaining some spotlight because of how he’s mostly behind-the-scenes type of villain, but also holds some valuable moments as a threat for the Justice League.

Much like his android Amazo, Ivo was also responsible for the end of an incarnation of the Justice League of America before Maxwell Lord rebuilt it internationally. Mostly consisting a cast of C-List heroes and newcomers that were led by Martian Manhunter. Ivo really hammered down on this team with an army of robots that resembled himself, which resulted with four of it’s members being seriously harmed or killed. This eventually helped led people to lose faith within their heroes and found the Justice League to be unnecessary (we can thank Glorious Godfrey for this), also something that pressured the League to publicly disband the Justice League of America at the U.N.

Of course Ivo did later turn good after being cured from the monstrous effects of his immortality, only to find himself returning back to his mad scientist routine when the Justice League series returned in the late 90’s.

Justice League #5 where we would see the debut of the League’s newest member Tomorrow Woman is where I would probably find to be one of Ivo's Greatest Villains moments. A story where we would see the beautiful, the heroic, and the one heroine who holds the greatest potential with in the League holding a dark secret that poses a great threat for the heroes. With her actions among the Justice League being watched by both Professor Ivo and Professor T.O.Morrow, the team of heroes are actually unaware of the great danger they are in and at any second they find themselves facing their ultimate end because of the new recruit Tomorrow Woman. Another nifty issue where we would see Ivo at his best as a behind-the-scenes villains who managed to attack the team of heroes in a rather unique way when the story of Tomorrow Woman ended with a sad moment for Justice League and with Ivo and Morrow just toasting away.

Another addition for my collection of blogs. If you haven't heard any of the issues or storylines within this blog, the video would spoil it for you if your curious as to what happens.

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great video on Ivo & Amazo, though it seems to me that in his quest for immortality, would it not have been easier/made more sense for a robotics genius like Ivo to turn himself into a cyborg of some sort rather than engineering an immortality formula? Maybe remove his own brain & put it inside an android body like a Cyberman?