Does Time Travel in comics naturally cause readers to be lost?

After doing my recent video of Professor Zoom, I'm fully convinced that time travel is one of the concepts within comics that successfully puts readers at a complete lost.

Unlike the original time travel story of a guy going back in time or somewhere in the future, for some reason comics take the time travel concept to a whole new level when we see certain heroes or villains go through a career of time hopping everywhere and completely changing history. Probably best example of this would probably be Professor Zoom who totally screwed with time for his own benefit and to torment Barry Allen (high 5 for villainy).

Despite how I tried to explain this guys history, it's baffling as to how hard it is to follow Professor Zoom's chronology accurately and most of all explain his history to an audience. If you watched the video and found yourself lost on following Professor Zoom then I apologize, but even if you have managed to follow a time traveling hero or villains chronology, one would have to admit it can be an extremely difficult concept to follow through. As in trying to explain how a council of Kangs began, how Professor Zoom was still a physical threat three times when he was already dead, how time travel connected several villains into being one man, even how Professor Zoom managed alter history within both the past and the future without destroying himself are questions that would probably send most people at a lost, worst is trying to explain it to somebody else after figuring it out.

But the primary question I have with this blog,... is time travel an ultimate killer for comics because of how difficult it is follow the concept or is a concept that just got way out of hand?

Posted by Renchamp

I think time travel can be confusing. Marvel has the decent idea of at least allowing their timeline to be splintered. I've followed Cable and his time traveling exploits from the beginning and it can get confusing, but it is nice to know that his future (and any other time he travels to) isn't canon for the present... yet. This site also helps because I've been able to really study appearances and enter them on his page so others can truly see when an appearance occurred and when in his own history. The concept is intriguing, but any amount of sloppiness is dangerous because readers are fanatics and we will catch mistakes. So, not a killer of comics, but it could be a big deterrent, (like the cosmos with me).

Posted by MTHarman

For some reason Kang was easy to follow, but with Professor Zoom it was probably the greatest mind bender that I have ever followed.

Posted by Jotham

Yeah, I think time travel is definitely one thing that should be avoided. It's on a list of things I would never put in comics if I ever wrote them. It could be interesting if it was in a limited series or something, but in a shared universe it just gets too complicated too quickly.

Posted by ComicMan24

One of the reasons I didn't like the new Action Comics. Time Travel should be avoided unless the writers can make it not look so complicated for reders.