Channel Badguy video review: Scourge


One of very favorite villains within the Marvel Universe.

 Frank Simpson, AKA Nuke, AKA Scourge.


One of my most favorite series within the Dark Reign event was none other than the Thunderbolts. With a brand spankin new cast and some interesting relation among the team itself, there was that other creepy masked character that gained some interest. Known as Scourge, it was predicted that he wasn’t like the former Scourge within the Marvel Universe who had a career in killing off crap-list villains.

Making his very first appearance with issue Thunderbolts 133, this masked mystery man wouldn’t reveal himself until a couple issues later after learning that not only he’s a cyborg, but also the psychotic soldier-of-fortune known as Nuke.

Making Thunderbolts a little bit more interesting, Nukes shirtless days found itself halted and being forced to hide behind a mask, blindly representing a name that has nothing to do with Nukes twisted sense of nationalism.


Anyways, after managing to rid the virus within my computer, Channel Badguy was back into action once again and decided to do a quick review on the guy who I was writing within Comicvine. I didn’t have any plans making a video about this and this video was last minute, but that was what I found so surprising after realizing how successful I was with bringing this killer out into the open.

 I do hope you enjoy the show and I thankyou for watching. 



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Posted by haydenclaireheroes

To tell you the truth never even knew who Scourge was until this video and now I am very happy I saw it because now I know a little more about him. Great Job. 

Posted by shrmntnk62

That was pretty awesome dude!