Channel Badguy: Top Ten villains of all Time


As a fanatic within the world of fictional villainy that finds itself within the pages of a comic, I decided to go the extra distance and single out ten badguys who stood out the most for me. Of course there comes the notion of me having either having good or bad interests with some villains, but it’s my judgment and my video alone. The ten villains that you are about to see within my video does have their reasons for hitting my list and a reputation that strongly helps define my reasons for shining them into the light.

Now there were some other badguys that gave me a difficult time of choosing which has the higher sense of evil and villainy, and to not leave those characters out, I decided to take this time to honorably mention those who came a mere step away from reaching Channel Badguys Top Rated List of Villains.




Doctor Doom- Make no mistake that the good Doctor Doom is one villain that managed to convince many readers as a depending and successful villain without any hiccups or failure within his career. Number 1 threat for some and a serious badguy that knows how to make villainy look so professional. Doctor Doom came nearly close and yet I had to choose differently because of another villain managed to have a higher and much more convincing ego than Doom. But make no mistake that Marvel wouldn’t probably be where it is today without the likes of Doctor Doom and that I hope he still continues his reign terror among the Marvel Universe.


Venom (Eddie Brock)- Lets put it this way, Venom is nearly the absolute byproduct of a perfect fan-favorite villain. It’s shocking to see this maniacal monster shine so brightly within Marvel and gain such a massive fanbase because of the fact that he was designed with no morals or meaning. With many, Venom here really reached his way to the top to where so many comicfans are still demanding Eddie Brocks return when hearing a new Venom being introduced. For me personally, I strongly agree that Eddie Brock is, was, and always will be the best Symbiote villain to ever appear within the pages of Marvel.




and Darkseid- For me I would’ve chosen Darkseid seeing how I’m more of a DC fan, but with these two massive cosmic terrors coming across my table, there was only one man who managed to surpass these two. It’s without a doubt how these two are merely a byproduct of absolute power and terror to be pierced within the hearts of our famous heroes. With worlds literally dancing around the tips of their fingers and the universe only inches away from their grasp, both Thanos and Darkseid are two serious villains that should be recognized as major supporters for their rightful comic universe.


Your Top Ten

Now I know that there other villains that are expected to be on here, and I made this video not to give you any disappointment, but to share with me your favorite villains of all time.

As the Badguy, I ask you, who are your Top Ten Villains, or your all time favorite and why would you see these villains above all others.

I promise I won’t judge your sense of taste or degrade you, but I promise you that I would try to shine your favorite badguys into the light and gain some respect and to be recognized, if not famous already.

So here is my Top Ten Villains of all Time, there are some glitches within my video and I do apologize, but I do hope to bring some people back into the past and expand some interest with others. Enjoy and I strongly thank you for watching.     
Posted by Thorion88

For me it has to be
Darkseid, Thanos, Shredder, Mumm-Ra, Dr. Doom, General Zod, Red Skull, Magneto, Apocalypse, & Cyborg Superman.
If I had to choose 10 villains I like, but I'm a big villain fan in general so even though I listed those 10, I have more favorites.