Bane's video review


One of the most fan-favorite Bat-villains of all time is none other than Bane


 Ever since making his first debut within the Batman titles, Bane has reached the interest of numerous comic fans as massive monster of a man with curiosity. It would be with the storyline known as Knightfall that we would see exactly where this new villain would make his stand within Batman’s life. Even though after Bane marked his name into Batman’s life as the man who broke the Bat, Bane would continue his career as not only a villain of interest, but also as a major character within the newest installation of the Secret Six.


Getting more than one requests for me making a video about this guy, I almost chose not to due to the last video I made being completely ignored by G-mans 3-minute expert of a minor villain. Obviously surpassing the type of videos that I produce, I realized how there’s a since of pride within what I make because of the fact that I managed to produce something good (or so from I heard) as only one man, when it takes two or more to produce a 3-minute expert. Even though it’s a fact that one cannot be called an expert within 3-minutes, it’s obviously up to you to make that choice like I did a very long time ago. Which I personally value information and research, which my comic reading only came within literature such as Marvel guides, encyclopedia’s, and etc.


I can’t promise you to be an expert in three or more minutes with my videos (plus it's probably too boring with my crappy computer and editing program), nor am I gonna produce something better than what this site has to offer. But I will do what I can to fairly shine any villain into the light and attempt to produce more of a fanbase from people who are not comic fans…………… Nothing’s more successful than making more comic and non-comic fans join this site and answering their curious questions such as

  “What’s a Bane? And why’s he so badass?” naturally something I expect from non-comic fans.

I could careless for fame or fortune with what I do, a simple delusional goal that tends to be downfall for many people. I could careless what people think or how they feel about my video .What I do care about is simple, it's the villains within this site and on Youtube, with what I only have, my goals are to shine certain villains into the light and gain more of a fanbase for them. For me alone, patience and dedication is the ultimate weapon to have when trying to accomplish something. There is always somebody better, there will always be a challenge that would have you decide if what you do is pointless, wether it be artwork, writing, or video making comic reviews. A challeneg that should never be ended with you quitting on what you enjoy doing, because what makes you strong and defines your interests is your dedication. Heaven help myself if I ever give up because of another. 
Thanks for watching and please feel free to send any requests. 

God speed for villainy.      
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Posted by entropy_aegis

Great video.
Posted by haydenclaireheroes

great video. It is so weird how G-man has the same 3 minute experts as you do. I never knew much about Bane and now I am glad I do because I saw this video.