B-Rated Badguy: Kraven the Hunter character review

I know what your probably thinking, Im trying be a better video reviewer than G-man. But im not, sadly enough he beat me to Kraven with his three minute expert hours before I was to come out with mine. Lucky enough he mostly covered the basics and I just tried to explain why Kraven is one grim villian. If I had the equipment and more time I would probably come out with a better video and probably be as good as the Three minute experts. 
Kraven is really one of my favorite characters, and doing this video you can see him through my eyes. I hope you enjoy. 
Posted by MichaeltheFly

How interesting, there were a lot of Kraven-like characters and not just in Marvel, but there would be only one Kraven the Hunter, awesome video MT, I like the fact the you offer the chance to new readers to learn an entire history of a character in just a few minutes.