At the Bar With No Name: The Wrecking Crew

A new Blog post for me to cure my boredom and throw out some baddies into the spotlight.

At the Bar With No Name is the one Marvel site where we get to see Marvels finest of the worst sit back and tell crappy stories of how they almost kicked Spidermans ass and down it with some cheap Latverian beer. So for this wonderful topic of Super Baddies that should be discussed is none other than my most favorite, Wrecker and his mighty crew of deconstruction drinking buddies


  First is first, and Wrecker here is what came first into the world of Marvel. I would say that Wrecker is actually one of Marvels most creative ideas, a villain that likes to destroy stuff,........... mostly buildings. I mean robbing banks and world domination is every 60's villain goal, but Wrecker here just loves destroying crap first and robbing second, despite what he says in the comics. One highlight I know of about Wrecker here is that he did manage to kick Thor’s ass when they first met, but sadly the odds were against Thor, because he managed to piss daddy Odin off once again, so I guess it actually doesn't fully count for Wrecker.  
But my main question is, who doesn't enjoy destroying stuff once in their life?  Wrecker here is actually a byproduct of our inner sick and twisted excitement of seeing man-made built objects become destroyed. That’s my best guess of why Marvel would create this crowbar banging happy madman. 


   Speaking of crowbar, I love Wrecker's weapon of choice. I simple crowbar that was attempted to be compared to Thor's Hammer. Is it just me or does this guy enjoy "wacking" things with his crowbar a little too much. I also can't help how at times he also enjoys showing off what he can do with it. From playing baseball with it, all the way to opening a soda cans. I guess that Wrecker here feels more like a man in his own mind to where he could actually rule the world with his crowbar (might've been wrong about him not seeking world domination).

Ever held something and wondered to yourself, "Wow, I bet I can kick some ass with this", well thats Wrecker here.
As for appearance wise, I guess purple and green, knows how make you look mean. I gotta give Marvel credit on how convincing this guy looks as being a man who enjoys destroying stuff. With a cheap looking mask and a worksuit, im convinced that this guy means some business with his crowbar as he acts like a pissed off construction worker who just got fired.



Whats cooler than having your very own Juggernaut on the team?, nothing.

Well I guess Wreckers Crowbar can also give other people head ramming powers. Head ramming is really used alot more often in the world of Marvel, starting with Juggernaut, that idiot from the Circus of Crime, Rhino, and Hammerhead. Bulldozer here would barely make an acception in my book as a villain on his own, but as long as he stays in Wreckers super villain club then he’s okay.

 I doubt that this armored orange would make it on his own as Thunderball once tried, because by now I think just about every superhero already knows the whole charging headram gig that many villains tried before. 
Bulldozer: "Time to flatten you hero" 
           Captain America sidesteps 
Bulldozer is running so fast to where he can't stop, hits a wall or something and The End for that guy.  
As long as Bulldozer here stays within his Destruction Four team, I would actually label this guy useful within the Marvel Universe and interesting to read as a supporting character. 


This guy, for some reason doesn't seem to fit in. Why? Because this idiot has a degree in physics and decides to spend his career with the Wrecking Crew taking orders from a guy who probably thinks that George Washington was the 22nd President? ( Guess his Crowbar can help him with that answer as well ) 
Even though Thunderball here would use the good ol Ball and Chain as a weapon, Wrecker would also gain his very own Absorbing Man, but with no absorbing powers, but with a degree in physics.

 Sticking out like a lemon-lime within this wonderful foursome, it would become predictable and clearly obvious that out of all the people who would backstab poor Wrecker, it would be this clown……. And how I am so right on this one.

Backstabber and a villain who would try to wield the power of the crowbar, poor Thunderball can’t make it on his own without having somebody like Spiderman wondering where his other wrecking buddies are at.

Spiderman- “Hey, your that one guy that follows Wrecker everywhere”

Spiderm- "Thought you was the Absorbing Man"

See where im getting at? Even though poor Thunderball here couldn’t make it on his own, Marvel would later be smart and decrease his brain cells and become more like a chain gang ball swinging thug. So what should we learn from Thunderball here kiddies? If you have a degree, never use it to become somebodys lacky, even if they are much more dumber than yourself. So in this case, being dumb does count.


Bare Hands

All I gotta say for this guy, is that I admire him. No joke, this guy I highly admire because of how different he is from his other three buddies. Can you see whats different about him?

The guy has no weapon, no armor, nothing, just his bare hands.

Now before you give me this, “his hands are enhanced or some kinda BS like that”. I’m actually convinced that this guy prefers to fight heroes with his bare hands and with nothing else, now you gotta admit that’s probably the most dumbest and badass move for any new villain going against the likes of Thor and Hulk. With a dumb candy cane costume and wearing no gloves, you know that the snarling grin this guy loves to give means that he’s just excited to give somebody an Asgardian power whopper to somebody’s face. Much like Wrecker and his Crowbar smashing moments, this guy seems to enjoy swinging mindless punches at just about anything, just to see whatever he its shatter before his sight.  
Obsessive, stupid, and badass, this is one guy that sticks out in the Wrecking Crew for me and is labeled as B-Rated Badass. (Just as long as he stays within the crew and not go off on his own like somebody I already know)  
Other members? 
Yeah there were two other members of the Wrecking Crew, that Lord of the Rings rip-off Ulik and some stupid kid with a shovel that didn't make more than a paragraph on this website. When I hear the name Wrecking Crew, its always these four, and for Marvels own sake they keep it that way. I love these four guys becoming a pain in the ass for our beloved heroes, but as for other people joining Wreckers special club, bad idea. 
But I might be wrong, maybe Marvel may come up with somebody new with an Asgardian powertool that could fit right in and make Wreckers crew much more interesting, like DC's Fearsome Five. 

I would give anything to see this fight. 
Ted the Toolman from Home Improvement and Bob the Builder vs The Wrecking Crew  
That would be very interesting to see, maybe stupid, but interesting.  


Does Wrecking Crew deserve to be baddies of the Marvel Universe? Hell yes, despite the fact that just about everybody within the Marvel Universe kicked their asses, these guys are actually interesting to read and useful for other high powered villains to use for our beloved Marvel Heroes. As long as they stay together as a group and try not to go off on their own like Thunder-dumbass did, then these guys are fine for the Marvel Universe. 
So free drinks for the Wrecking Crew and may they stay longer causing mindless destruction and chaos. 
                                                      !! HIP HIP HOORAAAAAY !! 
Im That Badguy saying thankyou for reading and coming in At the Bar With No Name.


Posted by MichaeltheFly

Interesting blog post, I liked the fact that you acknowledge the original team, a classic team, with all the new one year lasting villain teams, it is hard to appreciate the past.

Posted by MTHarman
@Michael the Fly:
Hey, im doing requests for this one, so if you can think of any crappy villain that you barely know about within the Marvel Universe, let me know.
Posted by MichaeltheFly
@MTHarman said:
" @Michael the Fly: Hey, im doing requests for this one, so if you can think of any crappy villain that you barely know about within the Marvel Universe, let me know. "
Hmm, can you do one on Ultron or Kang I know very little about these two villains, I guess I want to know why they are some of the baddest villains the Avengers have ever faced.
Posted by Shadowsnake89

Hey, can you do one about Johnny guitar and Doctor Sax?