A Short Villain Guide for Annihilus (video)

It’s been awhile since I did my last video, which makes me glad to find that there is some enjoyment.

One of Fantastic Fours greatest enemies who has nearly wiped out almost all life within the universe during his campaign within the event known as Annihilation. Annihilus is one of Marvels most praise worthy villains who naturally ends up having some fans at a confusing point because of his background and his residence within the Negative Zone.

The whole purpose on making these videos was to attack those questions with easy answers, which of course I tried with Annihilus here, and also add some interest with a Kirby creation.

Biggest question I asked myself when seeing this villain, is how is it that his name is easily mentioned when it comes to Fantastic Four, yet it would be common for him not to be on anybody’s tope ten list.

Guess this is my attempt to gain some interest for Annihilus in a way, even though my goal is to explain who “that” guy is for those who are just now experiencing a comicbook.

Bare with me on these videos, been awhile since I’ve done any. So I hope you enjoy and thankyou for watching.

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