9 Doctor Octopus fights that are not with Spider Man

Somebody on here once said that I never ventured within the Battle forums, which of course I've been stalking that certain part Comicvine to cure a certain curious thought of a certain fight. But after reading Doctor Octopus's bio within a few Marvel encyclopedia's, I was baffled as to how they neglected to mention quite a batch of Doc Ock fights that had me interested as to how it went and if Doc Ock managed to gain any victory. Well, I was more baffled how Marvel tends to isolate Doc Ock into the Spiderman series and steer away from his attempt on trying his luck against any other hero, maybe after reading this blog you'll find out why.

Dr Octopus Vs Daredevil

From Daredevil #165

Tale of the fight begins with a former Daredevil girlfriend, Heather Glenn, being kidnapped by Doctor Octopus after discovering the good Doctor was secretly doing business with Glenn Industries. With the situation resulting with Daredevil coming to the rescue, Doctor Octopus finally gained his chance to go toe-to-toe against the Guardian of Hell’s Kitchen. Even though both Daredevil and Doc Ock gave a decent fight, it was practically Daredevil who was having the upper hand because of his super senses, as you can see below. Eventually the fight came to an end with Doc Ock accidentally smashing an electrical box with his arms that resulted with the Doc getting shocked and begging for mercy, which of course resulted with Doc Ock losing.

Let’s just say that both Daredevil and Doc Ock did give a decent fight that we usually get with most of the Spiderman fights, sadly this is one fight that many Marvel researchers easily overlooked when making any Doc Ock publication history.

Winner: Daredevil

Dr Octopus Vs Hulk

Round 1 from Spiderman #19 1992

Who would think that a fight between Doctor Octopus and somebody like the Hulk would result with the good Doc having an OWNED moment? Something that has baffled any sane reader who’ve managed to read this one issue when seeing Doc Ock practically taking down the Hulk less than two pages. Tale of fight is simple, trying to gather his old Sinister Six buddies once more, Doc Ock decided to do this with intimidation and a fancy new set of Octo Arms. And he did this by throwing poor Spiderman fifty something feet away from the scene and completely beating the holy hell out Marvel’s most powerful hero without having single chance to throw any type of punch. Kinda had any stereotype 90's villain baffled on who wouldn’t wanna join a guy that could easily take down the Hulk?

Round 2 from Incredible Hulk vol 2 #396

Well after seeing Hulk lose in what was probably the sorriest fight in comic history in Round 1, Hulk finally got his rematch and regained some dignity when the good Doctor decided to hit the Vegas strip and ended up causing trouble in the same casino where the Hulk was acting as an Enforcer for the Casino. This fight utterly ended the most hilarious way imaginable when Hulk easily defeated Doc Ock with a single finger. A hilarious and well fitted ending for a Hulk fight.

Winner of Round 1: Doctor Octopus, Winner of Round 2: Hulk

Dr Octopus Vs Captain America

From Captain America #259

Sorry for the lack of pics with this fight, but as anybody probably guessed, it wasn’t a highlighted fight that didn’t quite end well for the Doc.

Tale of the fight began with the Good Doctor trying to get Captain America’s shield so that he could analyze the metal and use this info to create new and improve arms. But of course this bargain issue ended with Captain America quickly putting down Doc Ock seeing how he showed the Spidey villain he had better things to do than to deal with a misplaced villain.

Winner: Captain America

Dr Octopus Vs Iron Man

From Marvel Fanfare issues 22-23

Well, I’ll be as direct and honest as I can be with the two battles that both Doctor Octopus and Ironman shared throughout Marvel history. First fight began with Ironman crossing paths with Doc Ock the first time after the good Doc caused a pair of admantium tentacles to break him out of prison, which of course caused the attention of the armored avenger. After a brief tango with the mechanical arms and a handful of other villains, Ironman found his suit ripped to shreds by Doctor Octopus. With Doc Ock having a win over Ironman, the second round came quite surprising when we see our beloved hero gain the victory over.

Dr Octopus with a pair of admantium arms of his own, being the first and probably the last time we see a Doc Ock Iron Man.

As for round 2 during the event known as Fear Itself? This is where I become as direct as I possibly can when saying that I could give a crap how this fight went seeing how Marvel stopped using the most basic form of logic after Siege.

Winner: Iron Man with a pair of Octo Arms of his own

Dr Octopus Vs Mister Fantastic

From Fantastic Four #276

This has got to be one of the most pathetic moments Dr Octopus could ever go through in Marvel history. The fight starts developing when Reed Richards is in dire need for somebody who has experience within the fields of radiology and it just so happens to be that Dr Octopus is that lucky man. Visiting the small and frail looking Doc who looks like he would easily faint from a sudden “BOO”, Reed pulls a little psychological heart to heart to get the good Doc to agree on helping Reed with his personal problem. But by the time Doc Ock saw Spiderman’s shiny mug on a billboard, flashbacks kicked in and our beloved Doctor was back in action.

Let’s just say that this fight proved to be that Doctor Octopus isn’t much of a challenge for Mister Fantastic seeing how he quickly stopped the good Doc by simply turning off his arms.

Winner: Mister Fantastic

Dr Octopus Vs Dazzler and Angel

From Dazzler #17

Ever seen one of those moments where some random guy feels the need to ruin a perfect date? Well that’s what happened with Doctor Octopus when deciding to go against Dazzler and Angel. Let’s just say that the whole moment was all about Dazzler and Angel being difficult lovebirds and much like any sane reader, some readers actually agreed with the good Doc when he quickly grew annoyed by the two and did something right for a change by trying to ruin the misplaced moment. But sadly, Doc Ock never had a chance seeing how he was just thrown into the storyline by the writer as an attempt to add something that was known as excitement, Excitement that quickly lasted with Doc Ock being defeated by a superhero who was a decade late.

Winner: Dazzler and Angel

Doctor Octopus vs Punisher

From Amazing Spider-Man Annual #15

Despite what Punisher fans would say about Marvel’s favorite vigilante offing the good Doc in one second, it took two fights in one issue between the Punisher and Doctor Octopus to convince me that Doctor Octopus completely owned the Punisher.

First encounter took place in a morgue where it wasn’t actually a fight, more like Doctor Octopus getting the drop on the Punisher by knocking out the poor vigilante. The second fight kinda reversed itself when seeing how the Punisher had the drop on Doctor Octopus this time, only to find himself getting owned by the good Doc and forcing him to swallow a mouthful of deadly poison that almost killed the vigilante if not for Spiderman saving the day.

Winner: Doctor Octopus

Dr Octopus Vs Superman

From The Amazing Spiderman Vs Superman

Seeing how Doctor Octopus can’t tell the difference between both Superman and Spiderman, I had to add this one into the batch of Octo fights. Even though Doc Ock tag-teamed alongside with Lex Luthor as both villains were bent on ruling the world, Doc Ock managed to get his chance to go against Superman when having the Man of Steel tossed around before the hero literally smashed the holy hell out of the good Doc. Hardly a fair fight that predictably ended with Doc Ock suffering more brain damage and a smashed pair of glasses, but maybe he this time he can now tell the difference between Superman and Spiderman.

Winner: Superman

If you know of any more Doc Ock fights that wasn't against Spiderman nor any of his close allies, please feel free to share so that I could add that certain moment into my Doc Ock collection. BUT, I could care less on who Doc Ock fights after the Heroic Age took place. I also do plan on discovering other villains fights that wasn't against a primary hero.

Thank you for reading.


A Video Guide for DC's Greatest Assassin, Deadshot

I’m still stumped on what to properly title my blogs with these videos that I keep making,

But this week I finally made a video of DC’s favorite assassin where I briefly go into his history as a solo villain, a member of the Suicide Squad, and a man who’s held a chapter with the Secret Six. Even though I’ve covered enough to give a brief guide on Deadshot, I didn’t nor will ever cover Deadshots time during the New 52.

Deadshot was somewhat a small-time villain when I first saw him in comics during the 90’s, but like any sane comic reader he did capture my interest because of his character design. But, like any comic fan who’ve endured the 90’s, Deadshot was somebody who’s built fame was taken away by the likes of Spawn, Venom, Punisher, and even Carnage. It’s true that Deadshot was climbing the ranks before the 90’s when he first joined the Suicide Squad, and after seeing this guy in action before the Suicide Squad came to a close, I was pretty amazed how Deadshot developed a very interesting personality who’s held more than one EPIC badass moment (such as the scene above).

I guess I never knew anything about Deadshot until reading the guide known as The DC Universe Role Playing Game: Batman in 1999 where I found myself interested in his character because of how he was a man driven into a goal of dying in the most glorious way, something that I found to be a unique for any villain. Even after making this video I also still found myself baffled how a fan favorite villain started off as one of Batman’s most ridiculous and sorriest villains to ever make an attempt against the Batman.

After making this video, I’ve noticed a flaw in where I stated Deadshot’s first encounter with Deathstroke in Deathstroke #41, when it was actually Showcase ’93 #8/2 where he was hired by Kobra to take Deathstroke and Peacemaker.

Anyways, thank you for reading my short opinion of Deadshot and watching my video (if watched).


5 Greatest Spider Man Villain Moments of all Time

Please note that these are not in any order and that they are written by personal opinion.

5. The Mystery of the Hobgoblin

From Spiderman: The Hobgoblin Lives

Of all the Goblins Spiderman found himself facing throughout his long career, my personal favorite Goblin would be the one who defined mystery. Practically Marvels longest mystery of “Who Is The Hobgoblin?” that lasted over ten years. Well maybe the mystery was believed to have ended with Ned Leeds and continued on with Jason Macendale. But after repeated failures from our 90’s version of the Hobgoblin, the original Hobgoblin made his return when his identity and the whole Hobgoblin scheme was threatened to be exposed by Macendale, which of course resulted with Macendale facing his rewarding end from the true Hobgoblin. With Macendale gone, and Ned Leeds somewhat innocent from being the Hobgoblin, Marvel’s Scooby Doo moment would finally reveal the true Hobgoblin culprit to be the fashion designer known as Roderick Kingsley. Finally exposed, it was revealed that Kingsley successfully used the Hobgoblin identity to frame several innocent victims through methods of brainwashing, intimidation, and manipulation so that all Hobgoblin crimes would steer far away from him as possible. To throw people further off, he even added his twin brother, Daniel Kingsley, into the Hobgoblin scheme where both acted as both Roderick and the Hobgoblin at once. By the time Jason Macendale killed the brainwashed Leeds, believing he was the true Hobgoblin at the time, Kingsley retired from his villainy career as he watched Macendale fumble around like an idiot while being the Hobgoblin until Macendale mentioned to the authorities that he and Leeds wasn’t the original Hobgoblin the entire time. Dragging his poor brother Daniel back into the Hobgoblin getup again to kill off both Macendale and Betty Leeds, who was seeking the truth about her husbands mysterious death, Roderick Kingsley finally got caught that resulted with the long Hobgoblin mystery coming to an end.

What ruined the moment?

Okay, so the whole Hobgoblin mystery is a bit “too” elaborate because of several issues with the Marvel department between Roger Stern and a handful of writers trying to unscrew the whole Hobgoblin thing. Even though Stern revived the Hobgoblin once again after fans began to have an uproar over Macendales streak of failures, sadly our beloved Hobgoblin found himself with another unnecessary moment when my personal least favorite Goblin of all time, Phil Urich, took over the Hobgoblin identity after decapitating Kingsley’s head, the ultimate moment killer that had me completely giving up on reading Spiderman.

4. Scorpion gives Spider Man a royal beat down

From Amazing Spider Man #20

Okay, so Spiderman has held much more challenging moments after Amazing Spiderman #20, but you gotta look into the fact that Spiderman wasn’t that experienced in crime fighting when going toe-to-toe against the Scorpion for the first time. After accomplishing on tackling a few more villains after his first defeat against Dr Octopus in Amazing Spiderman #3, Spiderman was on a nice role of being outsmarted in a fight and coming back with a glorious victory after managing to use his wits against the likes of Sandman, Lizard, Vulture, Mysterio, and Electro. But that pattern found itself broken when Spiderman found himself going against the Scorpion, who literally made Spiderman his own personal punching bag. After his total beat down, Spiderman tried to use that wits thing he had with the others, only to find that second attempt ending with another beat down. Thankfully Spiderman didn’t go crying off like he did after his defeat with Dr Octopus, but grew some M.A.N and nose-dived into a round three and threw as many dizzy looking Donkey Kong punches at one of the three Scorpions until the super-sayian villain was finally down for the count.

Okay, so maybe this entire blog was steered by a video that I made, but if your interested in learning about the Scorpion, then I truly hope enjoy.

3. Kraven’s Last Hunt

From Spiderman: Kraven's Last Hunt

Let’s just say that Kraven the Hunter’s idea of obtaining honor is one of Marvels most baffling things to ever see within Marvel. I guess after his recent fights against Tigra that resulted with him using un-honorable methods, Kraven kinda went bye-bye when facing the fact that he was indeed a costume super villain. So Kraven concocted a plan of easily hunting down Spiderman with a tranq rifle and burying the hero alive while Kraven dressed up as Spiderman and play hero for a couple weeks. The object of this whole plan was to see if he was better than Spiderman, and he was convinced of this delusional theory after defeating Vermin, a monster who managed to get the better of Spiderman before this whole thing took place. Just to double make sure that he can be the better Spider Man, Kraven set up a fight between Vermin and the revived-from-grave-and-extremely-pissed Spiderman, which of course ended with Vermin almost gaining a second victory if not for Kraven forcing Vermin to flee into the sewers and continue on with his lovely cannibalistic campaign.

Lets just say that this was Kravens most emotional moment when telling Spiderman he was finally at peace when the hero left Kraven to pursue Vermin. More like a creepy sense of enlightment that ended with Kraven committing suicide after pulling off what he temporally believed to be his most successful moment throughout his entire career.

What ruined the moment?

The Gauntlet,... a loooong and enduring storyline that practically forced Kraven back from the dead and probably made as much sense as a six year making up a story while playing with his action figures. Of course the Gauntlet did held it’s own highlights and having one of my favorite villains coming back, but any sane human being can easily say that it could’ve been done better.

2. Mysterio goes out with a big bang

From Daredevil: Guardian Devil

Somehow Mysterio was inspired by Kravens demise as he believed it to be one of the most dramatic and moving moments ever. And after Mysterio learned that he was dying from cancer after inhaling all that damn smoke he likes to drown himself in, Mysterio decided that he wanted to have his own dramatic end that involved his heroic counterpart as well, both pathetic and poetic. But there was a slight problem, currently there was no real Spiderman, only his clone Ben Reilly. Rather than having his grand death scene revolving around a fake, Mysterio moved onto the next best thing comparable to Spiderman, which was Daredevil. The idea Beck wanted for Daredevil before his demise was to drive the hero completely insane, instantly placing himself a chapter within Daredevil’s miserable heroic history (and I do mean that in a good way). Doing so by simply buying off the complete biography of Daredevil/Matt Murdock from the Kingpin, armed with a massive amount of disguises and demonic props, and having enough money left over to hire Bullseye, Mysterio was fully set on his quest to completely ruin Daredevil’s life before passing away.

Even though Mysterio managed to convince Daredevil’s lover Karen Page that she was HIV positive, framed his best friend Foggy Nelson for murder, being responsible for having Bullseye kill Karen Page, and nearly having Daredevil murder an infant child with the delusional idea that the poor baby was literally the anti-christ. Mysterio’s greatest moment didn’t quite end the way he wanted when Daredevil easily defeated the dying man with harsh words and left before Mysterio admitted that he stole Kravens idea for a dramatic death, saying this before committing the same suicide routine as Kraven did.

Like I said, both pathetic and poetic, and I do mean that in a good way.

Note: I’m fully aware that Mysterio didn’t actually die seeing how he came back in The Gauntlet event and that the current Spiderman clone was infact the real Spiderman during this whole ordeal.

1. Spider Man gets OWNED by Dr Octopus

From Amazing Spider Man #3

Maybe not as exciting as the fight between Spiderman and Scorpion, but very interesting when seeing Dr Octopus give Spiderman one of the most embarrassing defeats ever in Amazing Spiderman #3.

Here's an example of the whole situation between the first debut between Spiderman and Dr Octopus. Your playing Call of Duty online and your on one hell of a winning streak. By the time you get comfortable with the glorious winning streak, you tend to get lazy and careless, which of course proves to be your ultimate killer for that wonderful streak of yours. And instantly you get OWNED, out of no where you see the strange and exotic words YOU DIED. Your ego is hurt, your trembling in shock,... and your day is completely ruined as you wonder around your room with the implanted thought that you completely suck at Call of Duty and now your on the verge of quitting the game and trading it in.

Okay, maybe the least greatest example, but the story is simple. Spiderman wasn’t that experienced on being a superhero at first, and kinda got a little too cocky after besting the Chameleon, Vulture, and the Tinkerer in the last two issues. So when seeing Dr Octopus for the first time, Spidey literally dived right into a scene with the mindset of stopping the freaky badguy with four extra arms, pose for the picture, sell them to J. Jonah. Jameson at a ridiculous price, and think of how to score a date with Liz Allen. Yeah, it was going good until Spiderman got pinned by Dr Octopus and literally got b****ed slapped back into reality before being tossed out the window like the idiot he was. Adding insult to injury, Spiderman really took this defeat pretty hard and gave up his little hero stint, letting the Fantastic Four deal Dr Octopus while Peter Parker mopes around like the worlds biggest failure. But thanks to Johnny Storms random influence speech that Peter walked into, Peter snapped back into reality with some unexplained motivation and decided to give Dr Octopus one more shot, this time using “Science”. And by science, I mean by modifying certain chemicals to his webbing so that he could easily beat Dr Octopus.

Even though Dr Octopus got KO’d after one Spidey punch in their second dispute, one can’t say that the good Doctor did manage to send the poor Spiderman off crying after slapping the taste out of him.

Anyways, I really thank you for reading all this, and I'm also fully aware of the other great moments with the various Spider Man villains. Personally I plan on writing other blogs with the wonderful tales of Spiderman villains at their best, but deciding to keep these moments limited.


A video guide for Captain Cold

Another addition for my Youtube collection of videos, Captain Cold has always been one of the many villains who I’ve always wanted to do a video review of. A video that’s both a fan request and of personal interest, sadly it was probably one of the most difficult because of the lacking pictures or scans that I had hard time finding of this Flash Villain. A short insight of Captain Cold and a personal opinion of why I would recommend Captain Cold as one of DC’s greatest villains, hope you enjoy and thankyou for watching.

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Marvel's 14 year attempt to restart Spider Man's career

He is one of the most loved and infamous heroes to has ever appeared in comics, Peter Parker, also very well known as the Amazing Spiderman. After following a long career of hardship, difficulties, brave acts of heroism, and even challenges that would force any hero to retire a career of costume heroics, Spiderman has touched the lives of several comic fans with his history of fulfilling Uncle Ben’s valuable lessons of responsibilities.

But now, Spiderman holds a long history of controversy and being horribly mishandled by Marvel Comics after the event known as One More Day ended with a majority of comic fans completely shocked and outraged that ended with an Editor and Chief being recognized as one of the most hated men within the comic industry.

Yet, this isn’t another insight of OMD or a Joe Quesada rant, but a history of how Spiderman’s respected career went horribly wrong and controversial moment where Marvel suffered greatly. It actually started with the intent for Spiderman’s career to be completely restarted after Spiderman married Mary-Jane Watson in 1987, but it was in 1994 where Marvel ultimately decided to take the steps on making it happen when introducing one of the most confusing and controversial events of all time known as The Clone Saga.

As many comic fans remember, 1994 was also the same year where DC was hitting comic sales at a ridiculous rate with their events Batman: Knightfall and The Death of Superman. So the idea of changing Spiderman would be Marvel’s plan to reach the same level of popularity with the intent of controversy that would end with a successful outcome that would not give equal popularity, but also successfully restart Spiderman’s career as a single hero.

Marvel's first attempt for a new Spiderman

Yet the Clone Saga found itself suffering greatly for several reasons, mostly with the fact that the event was horribly fatigued and having several key moments that were unnecessary and unexplained. Even though Marvel did successfully revamp Spiderman’s career by replacing him with a clone known as Ben Reilly, by that time Marvel had very little control over the event and their plan for a new Spiderman when fans began to horribly backlash against Marvel after it was published that Peter Parker was infact a clone the entire time and the shocking reaction that resulted him accidentally striking Mary Jane. With the Marvel staff changing and the Clone Saga getting out of hand, Marvel then decided to bring Peter Parker back from retirement and quickly put an end to the Clone Saga for good. The original idea for the Clone Saga to end was that both Mephisto and Judas Traveller (a pointless character that Marvel despised using) would go into a contest of sending Ben Reilly into the past to see if he would save Peter Parkers life in replacement of his own. But because of Marvel didn’t like the idea of mixing Mephisto with Spiderman in the same story, instead they added more fuel to the fire by roughly bringing back Norman Osborn from the dead as it was revealed of him being the mastermind of the whole damn event.

With Marvel failing both goals for the Clone Saga in 1996, 1998 would introduce Marvel’s second attempt to restart Spiderman’s career with John Byrnes, Spiderman: Chapter One. This attempt ultimately failed with 13 issues of controversy and outcries from the fanbase when Byrne made an attempt to alter Spiderman’s history. As if the lesson of the Clone Saga was not enough to learn that Spiderman’s lifestyle didn’t need any change, it was also a lesson Joe Quesada would later fail to follow.

Peter Parker Earth-1610

The idea for a new Spiderman was still seemed to be on Marvel’s top 5 to do list in 2000, and new Editor and Chief Joe Quesada decided to do something quite unique when adding a new Spiderman series from a different universe known as the Ultimate Universe. Thanks to Michael Bendis, Ultimate Spiderman quickly became one of Marvel’s most greatest creations and fan favorite series for the new millennium. But, by theory, this attempt was also probably an experiment for Marvels original idea to change the Earth-616 Spiderman’s history as well where the fanbase would probably cope with the idea that Spiderman would be better as a single hero and back at his original roots.

It would be after the event known as the Civil War, where Spiderman exposed his identity to the public where Marvel took the steps of setting the goal of restarting Spiderman’s entire career. With Spiderman now having a completely differently lifestyle, Joe Quesada decided to ultimately take that step of restarting Spiderman by introducing One More Day. With his ideas for a new Spiderman already sitting on his desk, Quesada was confident that Brand New Day would reach fan success as OMD would be a faded memory and an overdue goal that was finally accomplished.

Even though BND was successful with the idea of the Amazing Spiderman issues being released on a weekly basis. Comic fans (mostly Spiderman fans) didn’t sit well with the fact that Spiderman chose sell his marriage to Mephisto to save his dying Aunt May (who was supposed to be dead during the Clone Saga). This would mark a new chapter that will never be forgotten in comic history and will always follow Quesada’s name as the primary example of why he would be the most hated man in the comic industry.

Of course Quesada didn’t really ponder behind his Mahogany Desk as a watered down criminal mastermind who’s intent was to ruin the Marvel Universe’s most beloved hero. The true goal that Quesada wanted was to have Spiderman back at his roots as a single hero and for Quesada be a man of success when accomplishing something that Marvel has been striving to do since 1994. With the Spidergirl series from the MC2 universe displaying a world with a married Spiderman for those who prefer a married Spiderman and with fans having a positive reaction with the Spidergirl series and the Ultimate Spiderman series, these were two things that Quesada felt secured acceptance from the fanbase and proceed with the original idea of restarting Spiderman’s career.

By my guess, One Moment In Time was probably Quesada giving the finger to the Marvel fanbase before being replaced as Editor and Chief.

Personally, I find the fact that Marvel’s 14-year goal of having Spiderman return to his former career prior to his marriage was something unnecessary and completely oblivious to the fanbase. Before the Clone Saga, I held a respectful opinion for the fictional hero when reading how one of his greatest challenges is dealing with everyday issues that’s common in today’s world. Even as a husband myself, there are times where I would rather fight the likes of the Sinister Six rather than the IRS, Wife problems, or even retain a respectful career under the fear of being fired for something stupid. Yet Marvel just couldn’t accept SpiderMAN growing up and respectfully continue on the Spiderman legacy with any predecessor. It also baffles me how Marvel has sat on two great ideas that would respectfully retire Spiderman and have the Spiderman series continue on with another. But because of the fear of an outrage from the fanbase and possibly the tendency to lose comic sales in a time where competition is priority #1 rather than a respectful way of handling the most infamous heroes, there’s very little room for any decent storylines without having comic sales and the fans steer the future for our beloved heroes.

This blog is purely made for my collection rather than a poor attempt to stir a pointless controversy or gain attention. This blog isn't entirely a fact, but based on research and a theory. Any comments, questions, or critiques is well respected and thankyou for reading.


Short Villain Guide for the Sentinels (Vlog)

Interesting question for those who enjoy reading these weekly blogs, which is out of the entire X-Universe that resides within the Marvel Universe,

Could the Sentinels be the greatest threat within the X-men franchise?


Of course, out of honesty I do admit that I have very little interest with the X-Universe for several reasons, yet my disinterest with the X-men doesn't refrain me on knowing who’s who with both Marvel and DC (how I love the hobby of research).

But when it comes to comparing villainy with the cast of mutant threats, for some reason I always tend towards the man made machines known as the Sentinels.

Yet with Magneto, Mister Sinister, Juggernaut, and even Apocalypse being highly appraised as the most infamous villains for both mutants and mankind for their own twisted purposes, I tend to see very little attention towards the Sentinels.

Built to protect mankind from the rise of mutants, Sentinels found themselves not only fulfilling their primary objectives on capturing or annihilating any mutants that they can find, but developing a unique form of methods and awareness to fully insure that every mutant is dealt with. These methods of wiping out all of mutant kind has found itself back firing against humanity more than once when Sentinels developed the idea that they must either conqueror or wipe out humanity so that they could succeed.

Even the Sentinels history is very interesting when it perfectly connects with Nimrod, Bastion, and several other Sentinel threats that the X-men were forced to face (easily explained on the video).

Or maybe the image of seeing five 50 ft Sentinels tearing the upper half of some poor family’s house for just one small teenage mutant that has seeing these mechanical nightmares as a perfect byproduct for an X-Villain. Of course we have several other mutant villains who each hold some form of emotional background, a long history that roughly explains their current nature, or maybe their the type of Marvel characters we enjoy sketching on the back of our notebooks. But with villains who have no feelings, no remorse, and absolutely no care for the world beside that one objective, for me, that’s a perfect antagonist for the mutant universe.

I hope that this brief overview of the Sentinels do help out a few viewers, hope you enjoy the video and thankyou for reading.


The History of Marvel VS DC

Another video blog from Youtube where I go inside the crossover moments between Marvel and DC. Hope you enjoy and please feel free for any comments, corrections, and complaints.


Did the original idea for Iron Man come from DC’s Metallo?

Before some readers end up ripping into me because of how I would think up such a wild question, this isn’t a fact or a claim, but more like a found theory that probably has a lot of support to it.

During my research over Metallo when making one of my videos, I’ve caught onto something very interesting with the Golden Age version of Metalo (the actual spelling for the Golden Age version of Metalo) known as George Grant. Now this Metalo isn’t related to the cyborg villain known as John Corben or his Bronze Age brother Roger, the only connection is that Corben was a reinvented version of George Grant. The whole concept that DC wanted with Metalo and Metallo was that they wanted to see the Man of Steel go against “a” Man of Steel.

Knowing how Corben was designed as a man made of steel, Grant was just a normal man who was amped up on super strength juice while wearing a suit of armor when going against Superboy. Hopefully you see where I’m trying to go with this.

Now there currently isn’t any solid connection between both Metallo and Iron Man, but you can decide that after reading this.

Beginning with Metalo making his first debut in 1942, 21 years prior to Iron Man making his first debut within Marvel Comics. As previously stated, the idea for Metalo was quite simple, to give Superboy a challenge of going against a man of steel. Metalo found himself reinvented with John Corben in 1959 (still prior to Iron Man’s debut) where this time he was a man of steel through robotic means rather than wearing a suit of armor. Now what baffles me with Corben was how his robotic body needed either uranium or kryptonite to support him through his chest piece. This actually became his weakness when accidently lacking support from stolen fake kryptonite and the leading cause to his death.

Then in 1963, Stan Lee introduces Iron Man. Who’s Origin began with Tony Stark going through an accident where he needed a chest piece to stay alive, almost, if not exactly the same story with Corben who went through an accident and had to find certain materials for his chest cavity. From both Corben and Stark looking exactly the same to where they could be brothers, as well with both Grant and Stark wearing a gray suit of armor equipped with weaponry. I personally believe that the idea for one of Marvel’s most famous heroes was just a mixture of both John Corben and George Grant who were actually C-list villains before Iron Man’s debut.

Now believe it or not, this isn’t the first of Stan Lee’s creation where fans caught onto a connection where he got the idea from another comic organization. But because of how the Golden and Silver Age comics had more of a younger audience compared to today’s comics and how most modern day comic fans tend to not read any old-school comics, there’s the chance that even most of Stan Lee’s famous creations being easily overlooked. Of course Stan Lee admitted that the idea for Iron Man was an inspiration, but was only referring to Howard Hughes, which does make a lot of sense. But after seeing how some of Stan Lee’s creations having a pattern of strongly resembling other characters who are either minor or unsuccessful, there’s still the idea that Iron Man may have been Marvel’s reinvented version of Metallo.

So could it be that the original idea for Iron Man came from Metallo?

Aside from my theory between Iron Man and Metallo, here is my Villain Guide Video of Metallo for those who enjoy watching my videos. Thankyou for reading and I hope to uncover something else unbelievable and wild.


A Short Villain Guide for Annihilus (video)

It’s been awhile since I did my last video, which makes me glad to find that there is some enjoyment.

One of Fantastic Fours greatest enemies who has nearly wiped out almost all life within the universe during his campaign within the event known as Annihilation. Annihilus is one of Marvels most praise worthy villains who naturally ends up having some fans at a confusing point because of his background and his residence within the Negative Zone.

The whole purpose on making these videos was to attack those questions with easy answers, which of course I tried with Annihilus here, and also add some interest with a Kirby creation.

Biggest question I asked myself when seeing this villain, is how is it that his name is easily mentioned when it comes to Fantastic Four, yet it would be common for him not to be on anybody’s tope ten list.

Guess this is my attempt to gain some interest for Annihilus in a way, even though my goal is to explain who “that” guy is for those who are just now experiencing a comicbook.

Bare with me on these videos, been awhile since I’ve done any. So I hope you enjoy and thankyou for watching.

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Arkham Asylum Vlog: Solomon Grundy


With my month for monsters coming to an end, Solomon Grundy takes the last recognition of one of my personal favorite rampaging monsters within comics.


   Something that I thought Grundy to be, an average powerhouse villain with the intelligence compared to a garden slug, something we see a lot within the villain department. But looking deeper inside Grundy’s history, I see something much more different and much more frightening than what I expected. The fact that Grundy isn’t on Death’s party list and how DC managed to alter this powerhouse dead man into something darker has me amazed how quickly I found Grundy as one of my personal favorite villains.

Much like a valuable lesson Stephen King taught his readers with Pet Cemetery, “Death can be good”, with Solomon Grundy you would find yourself catching onto that lesson and realize why he mostly isn’t in the greatest mood. But the main reason why I find Grundy a perfect and rare villain, is because of how he successfully puts horror into comics and how horror within comics died away a long time ago. If you don’t believe me, I would suggest reading his recent storyline where he tries to find out who was responsible for his own death as Cyrus Gold and which was the build-up for him becoming a Black Lantern.

Of course Grundy may be a villain that some wouldn’t take seriously, but there is a reason why Grundy is one of the villains who should be recognized as being badass. The fact that he individually took out Killer Croc, Amazo, Poison Ivy (after giving her a Grundy smooch), the original Green Lantern (Alan Scott), and the fact that he enjoys acting like a one-man army. Even the DCAU has him kicking Cthulhu’s ass, one of the most infamous dark gods from H. P. Lovecraft, sadly he would later die from being poked and poisoned by something no bigger than a cat (sad scene).

Without giving any more away from Grundy’s interesting history, personally I find him as one of the most successful villains and one of my favorites. Another Arkham Asylum vlog, Channel Badguy gives you Slaughter Swamps lurching zombie.

Hope you enjoy and I thank you for watching.