5 Greatest Spider Man Villain Moments of all Time

Please note that these are not in any order and that they are written by personal opinion.

5. The Mystery of the Hobgoblin

From Spiderman: The Hobgoblin Lives

Of all the Goblins Spiderman found himself facing throughout his long career, my personal favorite Goblin would be the one who defined mystery. Practically Marvels longest mystery of “Who Is The Hobgoblin?” that lasted over ten years. Well maybe the mystery was believed to have ended with Ned Leeds and continued on with Jason Macendale. But after repeated failures from our 90’s version of the Hobgoblin, the original Hobgoblin made his return when his identity and the whole Hobgoblin scheme was threatened to be exposed by Macendale, which of course resulted with Macendale facing his rewarding end from the true Hobgoblin. With Macendale gone, and Ned Leeds somewhat innocent from being the Hobgoblin, Marvel’s Scooby Doo moment would finally reveal the true Hobgoblin culprit to be the fashion designer known as Roderick Kingsley. Finally exposed, it was revealed that Kingsley successfully used the Hobgoblin identity to frame several innocent victims through methods of brainwashing, intimidation, and manipulation so that all Hobgoblin crimes would steer far away from him as possible. To throw people further off, he even added his twin brother, Daniel Kingsley, into the Hobgoblin scheme where both acted as both Roderick and the Hobgoblin at once. By the time Jason Macendale killed the brainwashed Leeds, believing he was the true Hobgoblin at the time, Kingsley retired from his villainy career as he watched Macendale fumble around like an idiot while being the Hobgoblin until Macendale mentioned to the authorities that he and Leeds wasn’t the original Hobgoblin the entire time. Dragging his poor brother Daniel back into the Hobgoblin getup again to kill off both Macendale and Betty Leeds, who was seeking the truth about her husbands mysterious death, Roderick Kingsley finally got caught that resulted with the long Hobgoblin mystery coming to an end.

What ruined the moment?

Okay, so the whole Hobgoblin mystery is a bit “too” elaborate because of several issues with the Marvel department between Roger Stern and a handful of writers trying to unscrew the whole Hobgoblin thing. Even though Stern revived the Hobgoblin once again after fans began to have an uproar over Macendales streak of failures, sadly our beloved Hobgoblin found himself with another unnecessary moment when my personal least favorite Goblin of all time, Phil Urich, took over the Hobgoblin identity after decapitating Kingsley’s head, the ultimate moment killer that had me completely giving up on reading Spiderman.

4. Scorpion gives Spider Man a royal beat down

From Amazing Spider Man #20

Okay, so Spiderman has held much more challenging moments after Amazing Spiderman #20, but you gotta look into the fact that Spiderman wasn’t that experienced in crime fighting when going toe-to-toe against the Scorpion for the first time. After accomplishing on tackling a few more villains after his first defeat against Dr Octopus in Amazing Spiderman #3, Spiderman was on a nice role of being outsmarted in a fight and coming back with a glorious victory after managing to use his wits against the likes of Sandman, Lizard, Vulture, Mysterio, and Electro. But that pattern found itself broken when Spiderman found himself going against the Scorpion, who literally made Spiderman his own personal punching bag. After his total beat down, Spiderman tried to use that wits thing he had with the others, only to find that second attempt ending with another beat down. Thankfully Spiderman didn’t go crying off like he did after his defeat with Dr Octopus, but grew some M.A.N and nose-dived into a round three and threw as many dizzy looking Donkey Kong punches at one of the three Scorpions until the super-sayian villain was finally down for the count.

Okay, so maybe this entire blog was steered by a video that I made, but if your interested in learning about the Scorpion, then I truly hope enjoy.

3. Kraven’s Last Hunt

From Spiderman: Kraven's Last Hunt

Let’s just say that Kraven the Hunter’s idea of obtaining honor is one of Marvels most baffling things to ever see within Marvel. I guess after his recent fights against Tigra that resulted with him using un-honorable methods, Kraven kinda went bye-bye when facing the fact that he was indeed a costume super villain. So Kraven concocted a plan of easily hunting down Spiderman with a tranq rifle and burying the hero alive while Kraven dressed up as Spiderman and play hero for a couple weeks. The object of this whole plan was to see if he was better than Spiderman, and he was convinced of this delusional theory after defeating Vermin, a monster who managed to get the better of Spiderman before this whole thing took place. Just to double make sure that he can be the better Spider Man, Kraven set up a fight between Vermin and the revived-from-grave-and-extremely-pissed Spiderman, which of course ended with Vermin almost gaining a second victory if not for Kraven forcing Vermin to flee into the sewers and continue on with his lovely cannibalistic campaign.

Lets just say that this was Kravens most emotional moment when telling Spiderman he was finally at peace when the hero left Kraven to pursue Vermin. More like a creepy sense of enlightment that ended with Kraven committing suicide after pulling off what he temporally believed to be his most successful moment throughout his entire career.

What ruined the moment?

The Gauntlet,... a loooong and enduring storyline that practically forced Kraven back from the dead and probably made as much sense as a six year making up a story while playing with his action figures. Of course the Gauntlet did held it’s own highlights and having one of my favorite villains coming back, but any sane human being can easily say that it could’ve been done better.

2. Mysterio goes out with a big bang

From Daredevil: Guardian Devil

Somehow Mysterio was inspired by Kravens demise as he believed it to be one of the most dramatic and moving moments ever. And after Mysterio learned that he was dying from cancer after inhaling all that damn smoke he likes to drown himself in, Mysterio decided that he wanted to have his own dramatic end that involved his heroic counterpart as well, both pathetic and poetic. But there was a slight problem, currently there was no real Spiderman, only his clone Ben Reilly. Rather than having his grand death scene revolving around a fake, Mysterio moved onto the next best thing comparable to Spiderman, which was Daredevil. The idea Beck wanted for Daredevil before his demise was to drive the hero completely insane, instantly placing himself a chapter within Daredevil’s miserable heroic history (and I do mean that in a good way). Doing so by simply buying off the complete biography of Daredevil/Matt Murdock from the Kingpin, armed with a massive amount of disguises and demonic props, and having enough money left over to hire Bullseye, Mysterio was fully set on his quest to completely ruin Daredevil’s life before passing away.

Even though Mysterio managed to convince Daredevil’s lover Karen Page that she was HIV positive, framed his best friend Foggy Nelson for murder, being responsible for having Bullseye kill Karen Page, and nearly having Daredevil murder an infant child with the delusional idea that the poor baby was literally the anti-christ. Mysterio’s greatest moment didn’t quite end the way he wanted when Daredevil easily defeated the dying man with harsh words and left before Mysterio admitted that he stole Kravens idea for a dramatic death, saying this before committing the same suicide routine as Kraven did.

Like I said, both pathetic and poetic, and I do mean that in a good way.

Note: I’m fully aware that Mysterio didn’t actually die seeing how he came back in The Gauntlet event and that the current Spiderman clone was infact the real Spiderman during this whole ordeal.

1. Spider Man gets OWNED by Dr Octopus

From Amazing Spider Man #3

Maybe not as exciting as the fight between Spiderman and Scorpion, but very interesting when seeing Dr Octopus give Spiderman one of the most embarrassing defeats ever in Amazing Spiderman #3.

Here's an example of the whole situation between the first debut between Spiderman and Dr Octopus. Your playing Call of Duty online and your on one hell of a winning streak. By the time you get comfortable with the glorious winning streak, you tend to get lazy and careless, which of course proves to be your ultimate killer for that wonderful streak of yours. And instantly you get OWNED, out of no where you see the strange and exotic words YOU DIED. Your ego is hurt, your trembling in shock,... and your day is completely ruined as you wonder around your room with the implanted thought that you completely suck at Call of Duty and now your on the verge of quitting the game and trading it in.

Okay, maybe the least greatest example, but the story is simple. Spiderman wasn’t that experienced on being a superhero at first, and kinda got a little too cocky after besting the Chameleon, Vulture, and the Tinkerer in the last two issues. So when seeing Dr Octopus for the first time, Spidey literally dived right into a scene with the mindset of stopping the freaky badguy with four extra arms, pose for the picture, sell them to J. Jonah. Jameson at a ridiculous price, and think of how to score a date with Liz Allen. Yeah, it was going good until Spiderman got pinned by Dr Octopus and literally got b****ed slapped back into reality before being tossed out the window like the idiot he was. Adding insult to injury, Spiderman really took this defeat pretty hard and gave up his little hero stint, letting the Fantastic Four deal Dr Octopus while Peter Parker mopes around like the worlds biggest failure. But thanks to Johnny Storms random influence speech that Peter walked into, Peter snapped back into reality with some unexplained motivation and decided to give Dr Octopus one more shot, this time using “Science”. And by science, I mean by modifying certain chemicals to his webbing so that he could easily beat Dr Octopus.

Even though Dr Octopus got KO’d after one Spidey punch in their second dispute, one can’t say that the good Doctor did manage to send the poor Spiderman off crying after slapping the taste out of him.

Anyways, I really thank you for reading all this, and I'm also fully aware of the other great moments with the various Spider Man villains. Personally I plan on writing other blogs with the wonderful tales of Spiderman villains at their best, but deciding to keep these moments limited.

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Morlun kills Spider-Man
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Morlun kills Spider-Man

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