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I have been waiting for something to happen in this series, and no it is not the hole in the top of Power Girl's uniform. To me, Huntress has taken a back seat. She has almost become forgettable. The only memorable moments have been her tapping into Bruce's account. This has really bugged me. I know that she will have an encounter with Bruce over this and all will be forgiven.

Damian should thump on her a bit. I get that Huntress should take it to him, but Damian has put the boots to Jason and Tim. Both of these guys has been trained by Bruce

The New 52 Earth 2 universe has little to no continuity of the original Earth 2. If it did (for sake of this post), Earth 2 Batman was more detective heavy than fighter. I'm sure that E2 Batman had no training from the Assassin's Guild. Therefore, Helena would not be the same style fighter as Damian.

Lastly, I hope this is a turning point for this book. I have been wanting to cancel it for awhile. The stories have been incredibly boring. I keep hoping for more character development.

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Glad to see this format back. G-Man and Babs bring a lot to the table.

I thought about the Joe Kubert Special, but now I'm picking it up.

Thanks for coming back Tony and Sara.

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I have been a many things in my life. For this thread, I will only name a few. I'm a comic book book nerd. I'm a Disney fan. Lastly, I'm a Star Wars geek. I have been curious about the purchase of Lucas for sometime. It was inevitable. Lucas never wanted to go forward, after Episode 3. The people at Dark Horse have done lots to push the mythos further than anyone.

Disney has become a media juggernaut. That's a fact that can't be denied. It doesn't mean that they ruin everything that they touch. What it could mean is they have all the best talent. Did Disney ruin Marvel? I don't think so. Has Disney ruined Marvel movies? NO! Look at the Avengers.

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Electro can be quite psychotic. I'm curious to see how they develop this in Spiderman 2. Will they down play Electro's character to compliment Jamie Foxx's comedic style? I'm not saying that Jamie Foxx can't play Electro. I can't think of him playing a psychotic. Maybe he can. It should be interesting. I'm there.

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This article opened up a hornet's nest for me. The 52 changed a lot of things that I hold dear. The Batman mythos (having 3 Robins and a Red Robin in a 5 year span), Crisis, and the Teen Titans to name a few. I can't help but think this is about a "Be careful for what you wish for." We kept asking for Barry Allen to come back and we got him.

Flashpoint was an okay story. For me the highlight would be Thomas Wayne as Batman and the touching note that he gives Barry to give to Bruce. The clear stand out to the story is this is set up by Professor Zoom. Does he still know that he caused this? If so, DC has their loop hole to get out of this mess. I can see Barry Allen fighting Zoom because he remembers Earth One. For this we will lose Barry Allen again and Wally could take over the mantle of the Flash. Basically, a modern day Crisis.

I know that this sounds like a conspiracy theory on a comic book level. I just don't care for most of the changes to the DC Universe. I hate what they have done to the Teen Titans, Superboy, and Earth 2. I hate that they are trying to create a new mythos of stories like the Ravagers, and T7. Who and why are they needed? I guess that I should credit DC for trying something new and trying to pull in new readers. Here is my "BUT" statement. I am 44 years old. Some of my fondest memories are reading comics as a kid. Reading Crisis on Infinite Earths, All Star Squadron, Batman, Teen Titans, and the Justice League are what I hold dear. Now, most of those stories and characters dont exist or may exist at some time.

Sorry to those of you that read this. This is my rant. I do love that there are new readers being brought into comics. Without them, there would be no opportunity to have new comics to read. DC is making my head hurt. Every Wednesday, I down some headache medicine before I jump into my stack. I guess, in another 20 years, I'll find another rant and ask for the new 52 to come back.

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I've been thinking about this title. It looks good. Might be an interesting read. Thanks for the review Sara.

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Aquaman should be a shoe in for the film. There are a lot of people from the 70's and the 80's that watched Superfriends. He was a mainstay on that cartoon. I think many people would be upset that he wasn't there. Plus, Geoff Johns has done amazing things with the character. He is one of the most consistant titles in the new 52.

My roster would be

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern(Hal Jordan), Martain Manhunter, and the Flash. Green Arrow and Black Canary would be pushing it, maybe?

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Great article Sara. I think you really hit the mark here. I really liked the history/origin of there characters (Pre New 52). I was looking for more back story of Batman and Catwoman. Issue 0 delivered some but not all my hopes. As for Power Girl, I thought the first time they blew a hole in her top, it was symbolic. After it happened every issue, it became degrading. Not only to the character but to the reader. I don't need to see it anymore.

Power Girl and Huntress are two different characters now. They are almost forgettable. I've been hoping for a tie in somewhere. Unfortunately, I dropped the series. I tried to like this series but can't go on any longer.

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I never thought I'd see the day of a Lego Nova.

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Not a Superman fan by any means. With Lee and Snyder on the Man of Steel, I might become one.