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Thanks for the feedback. Walter Simons has been added to the list of Valiant Executives.
I am pretty certain that Ninjak will be getting his own book, but they will probably wait for when its best to have him break off of the X-O series... since their goals are currently aligned, when their paths separate I predict a page at the end of that issue stating "FOLLOW NINJAK IN HIS OWN SERIES!". And I will... because he is awesome.
I, too, have been struggling for cash lately. Something of particular note with these series are that each of their initial trade books will only cost $10.  Since the release of the trades is pretty well staggered you should be able to pick up any you are wanting without too much difficulty.

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Avengers Arena 2 is one of my frontrunners for Cover of the Year... gotta say, that Black Beetle cover is absolutely gonzo though.

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While I agree with all of these choice, I do believe that Venom deserved a top spot. That fight is probably the best example of collateral damage in a superhero fight and was just gut-wrenching watching civilians dying in the time it took our hero to stand.

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Yeah there is no excuse to not buy these books. The quality of each title speaks for itself and I havent read a bad issue yet. Even people who pirate the issues should still pick up the trades since they are so cheap.

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Guys, you can really stop freaking out about the arm. If you click on the image to make it bigger you can see that he still has his normal arm, you can see the fist there underneath the robotic extension. The robotic arm is just a piece of equipment, and it makes sense too as Cable has long had essentially a metal shield there so he would want to keep one there as his style would be based around exposing that side.

As for the eyepatch, my guess is that it is probably some from of tech as well. With Forge on the team it is to be expected to see all kinds of odds and ends hanging about.