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@michaelthemighty17: Legacy is, at least from what I have heard, a love it or hate it series. Personally I have no background with Legion as a character and this is my first series with him... It took me a long time to get into the first issue but after number 4 I was just hooked and it is pretty much the first thing I read in my pulls whenever it comes out.
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Shadowman has a talking voodoo monkey. Your argument is invalid.

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I agree with this one... normally I would give even odds on Batman but after T'Challa became the king of the dead and inherited the skills of all the previous Black Panthers? Yeah, maybe Bruce could have taken T'Challa and his skills... he could never take the skills of all the Panthers incarnate in one man.

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@akbogert: My personal happy-place comic book issue is Avenging Spider-Man 5, where he teams up with Captain America... it just fills me with joy.

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I actually really appreciated that they had April dodging the blows... as it showed that she definitely has been excelling in her training even though we don't see it happening on screen. I really like how they are reinventing her as she used to be one of the worse cases of a damsel in distress... so it will be great once she can stand side by side with the other four.

Also big realization was that Splinter had a daughter... this may have been mentioned in a previous episode but if so I missed it there.... so that means his daughter is probably Karai and will be brought in as a villain somewhere down the line.

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I am fairly certain that the Atlantean artifacts like Orm's spear are based off of magic and not technology... so yeah it would be magic lightning... I feel Aquaman' s strength level is good here... sure he is able to punch Superman over 100 feet... but doesn't seriously damage him and he is probably on the same level strength wise as Diana so long as she has her bracers on...

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@TheCrowbar said:

In brightest day in blackest night! No Marvel Event should copy DC tonight!

@TheCrowbar: Okay... I am guessing you are saying The White Event is equivalent to Brightest Day... however I really wouldn't call it 'copying' as the White Event was first used with the creation of New Universe in 1986... So yeah, the White Event actually predates Brightest Day by twenty years.

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@redscare: unless they use Jon Stewart as the Green Lantern

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Oh yeah, I know there would be outrage and I doubt it would ever happen. The idea simply makes a kind of sense to me as when I read Justice's power set it made me think "Huh, how scary would Castle be with this?"

Still its not like it could be worse than Franken-Castle or Corporal Punishment... it could easily be as bad as Angel Castle though... shudder

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I am fairly certain that the characters who receive powers will be the counterparts of the original New Universe characters... but I have to say, I would kind of love it if Frank Castle was the one who got the Justice Mark...