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It's Quantum and Woody. The World's Worst Superhero Team was their moniker with the logo. That team has also been the most requested from fans of Valiant.

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Author's Note: I realize that I have fallen way behind on my Marvel Now coverage. It has been a very difficult time for me personally with my finishing school right now and with some medical matters in the family. Everything is going well now, and I am working very hard to catch up. I just wanted to thank everyone for the patience and support and assure you that I have not been sitting by lazily.

Thanks again for reading, it means the world to me.

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@spinningbirdcake: While I am adoring these covers, the series is going very slow so far... while it is just okay right now, I would say that you may want to hold off a bit to see if it gets better before adding it to you pull list.

@Xwraith: I take it that is some kind of horrifying bone disease? Okay after a quick google search I realize this is the guy who did Ultimates 3... yeah I hate that man's style... HATE

@DJ1107: I am really liking Nova's covers a LOT but this particular issue got knocked out by some of the others...

And I am going to assume you are talking about this cover(there is another Wolverine cover but its just kind of meh). This one is beautiful and just barely missed being featured... that said it really is something I would like to see more on Wolverine covers... as opposed to you know... snarling.

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@sinestro_GL: Thanks! This is the second month in a row and I plan on keeping it going!

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I have a huge problem with the current Titans, which can pretty much be summed up with the word, RED. Like I had said, that cover above is my favorite image of the new team, but take for example the first promo of the team:

It is all over the place, far too busy and very red. Its not that I can't recognize the heroes as different... its that the art makes me not care. They are all standing around posing and trying to look badass. The Movement in their first picture? Everyone looks different and they are running from something, it intrigues.

@Stormbox said:

I dont get the problem with superboys cover, thats a very well drawn krypto

I was attempting to be a bit brief on that one but I will elaborate. The problems I have with the Krypto/Wolf/Thing is that it I really don't like how it looks. The anatomy is all off for a canine and that facial bone structure is actually more feline. There is random red lightning everywhere which feels both messy and lazy. Those points raise it onto the list above other middle of the road covers, but also... THERE IS NOTHING HAPPENING! It is a boy and a dog staring red-eyed at the audience... I really hate how dark they are making both the characters... especially when the characters used to be this:

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@akbogert: Haha, I suppose I do come across as such. Personally I feel the way I differ in large part from many comic book fans is that I have never had an issue with character deaths. Besides wishing that companies would stick to their guns and keep them permanent... but yes I am never bothered by death even when I love characters because it shakes things up and makes things interesting... Hell, when Bruce died and Dick took over the mantle it was a very interesting time for Batman comics and many people felt it was a good direction to go in... I can't really think of any character dying that I would be upset about because over time it should happen, everyone dies.....
Then again its entirely possible I read far too much Song of Ice and Fire.
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@akbogert: Well, the main thing is that they have so fundamentally changed Harley that its kind of hard not to have her written badly now. She now underwent the same chemical bath as Joker, so she never really has the chance of redemption/sanity... she can't just take of the costume, like the Joker she is trapped like that. She now sleeps around on the Joker which I never really could see happening... It's all just really, really bad, and I can't see anyway to make her into a good character without forcing it... 
She was having an interesting arc before the 52 where she had finally split with the Joker(Clown at Midnight) and was figuring out her place... she still existed in the universe but she wasn't Harley anymore. That was interesting. Now we have Harley who had an even worse falling out with Joker(Death of the Family) and is still Harley Quinn... she is not an interesting character anymore, she is Diet Joker. At this point I would recommend either having her just step on out and become a major villain in her own right, or kill her.
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Thanks for the feedback!

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Honestly, I haven't been sure about Nova. I really did enjoy what I have read of the original Nova. But when it came to Marvel Cosmic I was more pumped about the Guardians of the Galaxy Series than Nova.. The artwork on Nova is great but on the other hand I have seen some crap writing from Loeb in recent years... all said and done I think that it could be an exciting series and I am walking into it with an open mind.

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