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The thing I love about this is that they are bringing in another cast member... who is another Hawkeye, since Barney took the role in Dark Avengers.

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Haha. I literally just finished reading this before I came on the site today.

I really enjoyed the book and it is in my top 5 favorite Superman stories. I agree that the ending was very emotional, granting closure that I always wanted and never knew that I needed.

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This issue made me decide to start reading the series again.

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@kerrigan: Otto's body is presumably buried as he has a tombstone, however he may have been cremated.

The gold octobot was shone in this issue, Otto dissected it as it had a copy of Peter's brainwaves so he used that to locate where Parker's memories were in his brain. So the gold octobot was dismantled this issue... its possible that it still serves as a back up hard drive of Peter Parker... but I doubt Otto is that sloppy.

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@gbrutality: Honestly I think that it made a lot of sense the Peter lost that battle. Peter's worst flaw has always been his self doubt. Certainly in every arc where it comes up he eventually overcomes it, but it always rears its head again. He is constantly down on himself and thinking the worst of his own actions. While it is the aspect I have always least liked about Peter, it is without a doubt a core aspect. So when Otto brings up Peter's recent missteps, of course Peter is going to think of them as worse and it created a self-doubt in himself... as opposed to Otto who never, ever doubts himself. His biggest flaw has always been his arrogance but in that case it was his saving grace as in the end with the two of them fighting for the body it eventually became: What if he really is better? vs Of course I am Superior!

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I loved this issue. I have been really shocked with how much I have enjoyed Otto as the Superior Spider-Man and it was great seeing this inevitable battle. As cheezy as it was to see Peter summon up his friends and family... seeing Otto then summon up all of his villains and use them to kill the friends and family? And not only that but killing their memories? It was brilliant, I mean come on, Pete forgot his Uncle's name!

I am also really quite content with the ending. Here's hoping Spider-Man stays superior.

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Okay first off, I can't believe they got a Dominance-Submissive joke past the radar- their submarine is mounted by a horny sea monster "Hey, we're not that kind of sub!" As in submissive personality... wow

My personal guesses on April is that her father is the Fugitoid and she is Neutrino.

Also she dumped Karai and bolted, but she could have easily gone and grabbed her war fan, especially if she wanted to grab one of the motorcycles... so at this point I would assume she took it.

I really give this show credit for the turtle soup scene, it was full of tension. I honestly would have preferred not seeing what was on the token and just gone by the shop owner's expressions. But the tension there was amazing, as her connection to the turtle's made it feel almost cannibalistic. I also love that April was able to figure out it was Karai by that simple act.

Also, Spaceheroes. You can never go wrong with Spaceheroes

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I could use some help here actually. Ben is about to turn back into his human form. I get that, its because of the formula the FF made him... however that allowed him to turn into Ben Grimm annually one week every year. However the way everyone is talking implies that it is merely 24 hours. Can someone tell me when the time period changed?

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Funnily I think Kaine would get along with Spidey much better now that he is Otto....

Still Kaine riding in on a horse? Favorite page this week.

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It's very obvious what happened to the Narrator... he was assassinated this issue.

@onemoreposter: I definitely agree about Havok's costume, it is just all over the place and he really needs to get Janet on designing something more modern for him..... However I completely disagree about Wanda, it is completely awesome to see her dressed like she didn't walk out of a S&M club.