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One of my favorite aspects of this series is how Otto is teaching Peter just as much as Peter is teaching Otto. I really like how Otto is thinking up entirely different methods of working than Peter, to which Peter is actually admiring. You get the feeling that Otto actually has the potential to be a person that Peter could be proud to have carry the mantle... Granted Otto will never be that person. So one of the things I hope to see is Peter's reaction to Otto killing an irredeemable villain, and more so the world's reaction to it. Sure, the Avengers will object(despite Hawkeye killing indiscriminately in Age of Ultron this week) but the common man? Probably going to be okay with this one. So while I do NOT want to see Peter decide to start killing his villains, I do want to see him question his beliefs... because that is what this series is about in the end... Peter is trapped in the shoes of one of his greatest foes and is being forced to face the fact that he doesn't know best all the time and that there are better ways of doing things.

Oh and while we can all nitpick about whether or not Otto is "Superior" I think we can all agree he is hands down the more "Efficient" Spider-Man

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my only explanation is that thunderbolts Punisher is not frank. no scar over his left eye. obviously its a skrull 

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I loved Rucka`s Punisher.... but the ending made me despise Thunderbolts even more

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Personally I really enjoyed this issue, it would have probably gotten a 5/5 from me.. something I am curious about is if they will end up giving Geomancer or Eternal Warrior their own series in the future(they had desperate titles in the past but they are very intrinsically linked now). Also am I the only one who kind of feels like "Rising Spirit" are the arc words of these early days of Valiant(like Bad Wolf in Doctor Who)
Also on Bloodshot. It is not my favorite series from Valiant... actually its probably my least favorite... however it is still a quality title and yeah it reminds me more of a great 80s action flick like Predator more than anything else so I can definitely see how its not everyone's preference when it comes to fiction... I doubt you would find anyone on the CV who would call it BAD.

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You can currently pre-order the Hawkeye first paperback which collects 1-5 and the Young Avengers Kate Bishop special for 10 bucks(at time of posting) on amazon
 It is well worth the price of admission.

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@broo1232: Glad you enjoyed it, Part 2 is now up!
Also great name, Broo is the man.
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I've been reading just about all these reviews. I have to wonder though where are Iron man & Uncanny Avengers reviews? I take it those are the more forgetable titles under Marvel Now?

Both of those titles were reviewed in my first post of Marvel Now! coverage-
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This series review of Marvel NOW! sprang up due to my initial review of DC's New 52 last year. Unfortunately it failed for me and I only got through 26, I bit off far more than I could chew and it left a very bitter taste in my mouth. So while it may seem like I only or even mostly read Marvel, that is untrue, I am simply reviewing this event... however seeing has how they staggered their releases so much it is going to be quite a long review. 
As for other reviews, I would love to hear some suggestions! I had considered doing reviews of the later waves of DC books as they came out but... I have honestly found the quality lacking overall at DC nowadays and can count the series I actually care about on one hand.(Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Animal Man, Swamp Thing)
For people who are interested in comics that do not come from the "big 2", I did cover Valiant Entertainment's relaunch in this blog. Hell, its at this moment still my most popular post. So I would definitely recommend that one a read. Still I could probably come up with a list of recommendations of comics I am enjoying other companies, however I feel worried that even then my tastes fall into the mainstream: Saga, Invincible, Locke & Key, Walking Dead, Parker... mostly series that have been reviewed and raved about by far better authors than I. Still I am going to consider it and if I feel like an article is there, then I will give it a shot.
Thanks for the comment,

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I think you would actually like Hickman's direction with his Avengers series. Hickman has stated that at least for the first year he is going to have the series in kind of a bubble, not worrying about tying into other books or events and just worrying about his own story with his Avengers. I also know that there is going to be some cosmic level events that were hinted at during his FF/F4 run that will be coming to fruition during his Avengers run. However this book is connected to his New Avengers book too... with that one not out yet I can't give a fair judgement call on it yet.
I can understand the Avenger fatigue, it was how I felt when the New 52 started and Bats were EVERYWHERE. There are certain titles where I can understand them using it; Young Avengers is pre-established team as are the Secret Avengers(however with the direction they are taking things with the new book they could have just named it SHIELD). Uncanny Avengers I will also give a pass because even in universe they state that they are making an Avengers team to capitalize on a brand that people trust, so it at least makes sense for the team to be called Avengers. However the New Avengers and a few of the other titles, do make things far too bloated. Still I don't think that bloat should affect your enjoyment of the core Avengers book, especially when it will be flying solo.
Thunderbolts also has the problem of taking itself way too damn serious. Which would be fine, except for the have Deadpool on the team, and the only person who has every written a good Deadpool on a serious team is Remender. This book probably would have been better served by cutting Deadpool off the squad and going with something along the lines of Ennis's run on the Punisher.... Either that or go in the other direction and it could have embraced its comic book heritage, have issue one be that they break into Dr Doom's castle, shoot up the place, and have Deadpool leave a pile of burning feces on Doom's throne. As it is, the series falls into an Uncanny Valley of having these larger than life comic book characters and putting them into very serious situations and it just does not work on any level....
The best way I can think of to fix this book is to switch up the staff. The person to write this book, in my opinion, is Mark Waid. Based on both his work with Daredevil and the Punisher, he has had great runs with both of these street level characters and having them fit into the larger Marvel Universe. As for art... God I really don't know, most anyone would be better. It needs brighter and more varied colors and people willing to let the book flow instead of having everyone rigid and at attention.

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The only Asgardian book I had read from Marvel before this was Kid Loki's run on Journey to Mystery, I have never really been big into the Asgardian series, but God of Thunder has been really great for me so far.
 I read the FF series but still need to read Hickman's run on Fantastic... he has become one of those names that I am willing to check a comic based on him alone.
A lot of people are falling out of the Captain America series because of the art, which I understand, there have been cartoons and comics that I just couldn't get past the visual style. Still I personally really dig the whole Kirby-esque cosmic storyline they decided to open with... I enjoy wackiness.
Legacy has really been surprising me, I am now 3 issues in and I like where they have taken Legion... I still say that its probably one of the hardest Marvel NOW! books for new readers to break into, and I foresee it falling into a cult following if it isn't killed.I also give this book a huge amount of points for their first issue by being an X title, and featuring a C-List protagonist and not a single big name in that issue to help push it. Usually you would expect them to try and shove Wolverine in somewhere to help sell some issues but they let the author go his own crazy route and I really applaud that.