Getting into comics. (The New 52)

This is my comic store.

I'm going to admit it right off the bat, I always used to think comic books were stupid. I grew up on books, movies, TV shows, and video games so stuff like comic books and manga always seemed like a less in depth book or a mere fraction of what I would get from a movie of video game. With the recent DC reboot I decided to try out some comics, I've been apart of Whiskey Media since Giant Bomb launched and while I'm a premium member I never really came to Comic Vine all that often. I'm also in a unique situation in where I am purchasing all my comics digitally through my iPad, there are no comic book stores near me and the closest one is a comic book store/alligator zoo so yeah... Anyway here are the books I have purchased and read so far:

- Batman #1

- Catwoman #1

- DC Universe Presents: Deadman #1

- Wonder Woman #1

- Red Hood and the Outlaws #1

All of these books have been fantastic. I feel DC has done a great job in not only making them accesible for new readers, like myself, but retaining what previous fans love about the characters, yes yes I know Starfire is a slut now but I agree with Tony in that there is something more going on there. From the unique and deep story of Deadman to the, I find, funny and exciting Catwoman I never thought comics would be this entertaining. DC has won me over completely, I plan on buying more this week as well as Justice League as that is dropping to $2.99 on digital stores. I also look forward to coming on Comic Vine more often for reviews, stories, community and the podcast, listened to this week's and it was both funny and informative.

DC you just got a new fan.