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The Best Mother-Fackin' Wonder Woman Issue EVER! 0

OH. MY. GOOGLY. GOD. It’s time for Wonder Woman to shine again! And it’s about time too. After a not-so-good-selling-series with the beginning of her new volume, Gail Simone has been brought into the scene and is giving Wonder Woman much love. The love that Wonder Woman deserved from the very beginning, seeing as Wonder Woman is one of the big three. Now I have to begin. There’s so much good stuff happening in this issue.Gail Simone as the writer – reading this, I could see so many things happen...

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The Score You Would Expect to See! 0

I picked this up due to the wedding of Green Arrow and Black Canary and would really love to wish them a happy marriage! :DOkay, so horrible things happened last time. Green Arrow got murdered by Black Canary but Canary isn't so certain that that was the real Green Arrow.I have to give props to the art. It's cel-shading art and cardboard cut-outs (in a good way). You don't really expect a lot of texture-type detail with cel-shading art but is supported by the texturing in the background on the c...

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A New Gold Standard 0

Booster Gold #1 has finally hit the stands and I'm sure all Booster Gold fans are drooling all over this, but not before they put the book in their plastic sleeves. First of all, this comic was a great combination of drama and comedy. Reading through back issues of him plus this new one, you can see that he really cares about his fame and status but in the end, he just wants to be accepted and make friends.Geoff Johns and Jeff Katz do justice with the writing and through the writing, it has Boos...

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Wha?! Metaphorpho and Aquaman?! 0

Batman is taking over the Outsiders now, and a whole new line-up is happening. So who's going to make it past the chopping block? Through each new issue, there have been tests to prove who can make it through and who can't. Now it's up to Metamorpho and Aquaman to do a rescue mission, but things aren't easy as they seem. For one, it's in the desert and Orb of Ra enters the picture too. This issue also explores the life of Metamorpho of what it's like to be a highly respected hero, where fighting...

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Good but not Great 0

Overall, this issue isn't bad. But sometimes when something goes wrong, you need someone to blame. It's hard to say. For example, the colourist comes last. When the colour has been added nicely, editors might change something or the printing job might have done recklessly. It might turn a maroon into the red you see when you turn the brightness on the television too high. It's like when you buy a brand new computer game, you expect it to install flawlessly and run flawlessly too, without any hit...

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This'll Attack You! 0

One of the biggest storylines has made it to the shelves of comic stores all around. Revealed in Wonder Woman #8, we find why the Amazons are rushing into America with swords held high, heavy weaponry and also the legendary Cyclops, bent on bringing Man to its knees. The Amazons are angry, and it’s definitely going to be a bad day for the men in Washington D.C.Will Pfeifer, the writer for this issue, does an excellent job. If you have read things like Catwoman or Aquaman, then you have read his ...

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Clearing Up Blocked Noses... 0

In this issue, the Justice League decide to clean up its past and with that, it comes included with the rebuilding of the headquarters, a new chairwoman, a new character name for Arsenal and added subplots. With this new issue, writer Brad Meltzer mixes old and new as he was always interested about the Justice League in space and was also a continuation from the original team who were modernised and with fewer iconic characters. He does a good job of separating the unofficial teams, and that is ...

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Excellent Runaways Issue 0

I saw this somewhere on Comic Vine and I thought I might review it and from reading this story, I can see the theme in this comic, if not the whole Runaways' comic and what it’s like growing up and maturing with age. I think this may touch on issues with teenagers that they may be afraid to discuss, or are perhaps confused with these certain issues of teenage-hood like sexuality, relationships and losing close friends and family (Chase's supposed teen suicide). I dedicate most of my rating to th...

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Red Tornado with Red Splats 0

This is the story in which Red Tornado attempts to become truly human. This is a nice change from the over-use of dialogue, as this issue is basically violence. Very violent, actually, as there has been a variant of the cover. Meltzer does a good job as his style is perfect for these fight scenes and can show what is happening in the fight scenes with a very detailed manner without looking too messy. However, this slows down the story as an attack which could be drawn in two panels is drawn out ...

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Awesome Flashback Issue 0

This issue is a flashback issue which sets the stage for the new JLA comics. Most of them are flashbacks, though there are also flashforwards where we see Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman still interacting with each other, keeping JLA alive. New readers to this should take some time to research the history, as the time between the pre and post-Crisis is a bit hazy, but regular readers will understand straight away. The journey of the three-way relationship evolves greatly in this issue, and sho...

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New Wonder Woman? 0

Diana is missing, and Donna Troy must replace her to stop the world from falling to its knees. The writers attempt of fix up those continuity issues which is nice. Terry and Rachel Dodson are the artists for issue, meaning no corny poses or anything of that cheesecake sort of stuff. They have also provided some nice artwork giving her a graceful tone, showing their excellent skills in a battle between Cheetah and Giganta, but they should take it easy on the cramming of characters in just one pan...

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Wonder Donna, Diana and Cassie 0

Donna Troy is out as the new Wonder Woman and battles Diana's old enemies, while Diana has a new identity, Agent Diana Prince. It makes it even more difficult as Cassie Sandsmark, who is now Wonder Girl comes into the story - someone has to be her mentor and teach her the ways of being a good superheroine while Diana is to keep people realising that Agent Diana Prince is Diana herself. Even with many characters being introduced, the story flows quite nicely, though the cramming of supervillians ...

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Hercules as Wonder Woman? 0

Many contenders are itching to be Wonder Woman - even Hercules himself, though he doesn't need to be wearing the star-patterned underwear. In this issue, Wonder Woman has become Agent Diana Prince and has seemed to gain a new sense of humanity. Another positive is that the Dodsons have been chosen as the artists, and they do such a good job of it, portraying her as a beautiful goddess, which of course she is. The art is very detailed, though not messy and does not look like a rush-job either. Th...

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Who is Wonder Woman? 0

Donna Troy is meant to be Wonder Woman and we were guessing it would stay that way. But then in Justice League #0 and #1 Diana had become the new Wonder Woman, and so that surprise was already ruined. In this issue, it's clear that Diana is the focus as with issues #2 and #3, the attention turned away from Donna. This issue gives the journey of that and the title gives many meanings which the readers can decipher. Diana is trying to re-establish herself as the good superheroine that everyone kno...

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Wonder Woman Can't Buy Coffee 0

Secret agent Diana Prince is to bring in Wonder Woman, which may pose a problem seeing as she is Wonder Woman. The focus on this issue is Diana and her difficulty in Man's World, which is a strange continuity seeing as in this issue, she can't use a credit card, pump gas or buy a cup of coffee. Strangely enough, she can use a turnstile. The poses in this comic are a bit to corny but the art is attractive and makes the comic easy to follow, directing your eyes easily to the next panel. They are a...

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Violence Against Women - Wonder Woman Says No 0

In this issue, Wonder Woman discovers that she has inspired women to rise up against violence. The story was pretty sloppy and looked like a fill-in job was done. Even when addressing a serious issue of violence and women, it's actually more disturbing than inspirational. Later issues have already told us that she is wonderful... that's why she is called Wonder Woman. No? Which takes me to a scene in which a retired supervillian is beating his wife and that scene makes Wonder Woman look like a b...

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Was Jesus ever like this? 0

In this issue, the Amazons fight against the OMACs, once and for all. The reason why the OMACs attack isn't greatly explained, though that probably leaves more storylines for the future. This issue also gives light on some of the Amazons and it gives us a sense of loss in human life and the Amazons. You can see that the art is rushed. According to DC, Rags Morales would be doing the art, but a fill-in guy had to come. The fill-in person does do a good job, showing detailed emotion, though you ca...

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Nothing Finished, Only Abandoned 0

It is true that nothing is finished, only abandoned in this issue that would perhaps be the true finale of Wonder Woman. Greg Rucka's writing nudges itself in, with a lot of explaining and plenty of sentimental scenes where supporters are cheering the almost lost Wonder Woman. The climax of this issue is where she questions herself, her beliefs and her ability to fulfil her position as Wonder Woman and questioning the readers with questions such as "Would she die?", "Would she lose her powers?" ...

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