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" @Ms. Invisible:  pictures of which time?"
Pictures of your genitals exploding. That's a must!
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@realsilverjunk said:
" Yes, I believe in Sex before Marriage...may be an old religious belief but I agree that you should love them and marry first .  No problems like today's emotionally screwed up world. If more people trusted in God and not just in their own feeble power, they could find and keep a real relationship, just like the other generations.  "
Statistics please.  Plus it's not like people of faith never get divorced.

" i think ive decided to become a whore and just have sex with everyone until my genitals explode, starting next week actually.BTW: your all invited to the Dec 5th orgy. "
Pictures or it didn't happen. 
Thanks, I'll take you up on that invite!
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@fallen reptile said:
"I don't know if theres any proof of there existance except for the bible and unexplaned pictures."
Then that means there's no proof of their existence.
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You have just got to love that long flowing jet-black hair. Sexiness for the win.

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Why aren't I reading Wonder Woman? Cos I'm bloody broke!

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I'd give it a year or so. You can then see what people can really do with the iPad.
ETA: Just to add, when the iPhone came out, it was really just a phone and a few other basic things that phones usually have, but now it's turned into a mini laptop on it. I'm quite amazed as to what you can do on it.

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I love that one where Perez was still writing and she's working for some fast food chain. On the cover, she's got this big grin and holding a tray of fast food. It makes me laugh everytime. I also like it because it goes to show great Wonder Woman is, yet can still be humble at the same time.

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Good to see comic books coming forward. Comics books after all a popular culture medium. Why shouldn't they be taken seriously, like any other movie or novel?

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@Son_of_Magnus said:
"... and a nice boardwalk "  
 Where there a lots of gays! :D
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@Do I have to give a name? said:   

Again I totally agree in principle. It's just that it has an uncomfortable feeling, like with your analogy. Except that the child doesn't have a choice about wearing black clothes or dying their hair. Almost like they're being used as political tools (though not by anyone’s intent) before they speak their first words. It's by the same token that I don't agree with designating a child a religion before they're old enough to understand it.

I can see where you're coming from. It raises some moral issues. Though mind you, even though there are same-sex couples who have successfully adopted a child, even though it is not their intent, showing that same-sex couples are just as capable parents aren't even on their list of priorities, me thinks. From my POV, it only seems that the view that children are being used a political tools is only because the opposition make a big deal out of it. If the religious right never shoved their bigoted their views into the government, would a same-sex couple adopting even be a problem in the first place? I'd say no. 
If you look at it from the other side, a child does not have a say in whether they want heterosexual parents either.  
Also, indoctrinating a child with religion is completely different from a same-sex couple. Indoctrination is dangerous and can seriously hamper a child's ability to think critically. Richard Dawkins also brings up the question as to whether such indoctrination is child abuse. A same-sex couple adopting is not doing any kind of indoctrinating. If anything it's the complete opposite, and it seems to me it's a bit of a false analogy you're presenting there. Like a few people have said in this thread, a same-sex couple only wants to adopt because they want to raise a child in a loving family.