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Zom was so powerful that Eternity had to team up with Dormammu to just chain him. The Living Tribunal himself once had to step in to stop him.

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@TheJuggernautpunch said:

" @Prince CortSether: But not countless galaxies. Prove me that the universes Shuma rules aren't dead. He drains energy after all. If he conquered those universes, then he definitely drained everything from them. And what if he conquered those universes, there was probably no-one to stop him, just like with Anti-Monitor, who absorbed thousands of universes because there was nothing to stop him. "

There were large hordes of demons and aliens in those universes, and because their universes got conquered, they now serve Shuma-Gorath.  



" Galactus stomps Gorath, whether this is within Gorath' realm or outside of it.   "

Says the guy who thinkgs that FP Galactus > FP Spectre.  
Troll somewhere else please.
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@Thor's hammmer said:

" Trion juggs is on a sky father level "

Is that why Trion has absolutely no feats at all?  And FYI, Onslaught was nigh-omnipotent and could have easily one-shotted a sky-father.  Yet Mindless Hulk stood up to him.  Onslaught even admitted that there was no limit to Mindless Hulk's power.   



then kmc is full of loser who dont know nothing.  answer me this: how an stupid brick like the hulk with no versatility at all is going to get pass juggernaut force field? at best he can bfr the juggernaut, and the juggernaut can do the same thing to him. juggernaut has limitless durability how hulk is goign to handle that without bfr?  no thank you i know people in kmc are like you, hell, so even say wwhulk is beyond skyfather. so no thank you sir, i rather stay here. "

Yes, KMC is full of losers, but none of them are as bad as you.  
Whether or not Hulk is a stupid brick depends on which Hulk we are using.  Some versions of Hulk, such as Maestro, World War Hulk and WB Hulk would make the Juggernaut look like a three year old born and raised in a mentally retarded asylum.  And, at best Hulk could have cut off Juggy's head and killed him.  Plus, its not like Juggy could do anything that serious to Hulk either.  Hulk's healing is probably one of the best, if not THE best, in all of comics.
Limitless durability?   Hulk has limitless strength.  That should do the trick.  

@Thor's hammmer


" @blackadam:  juggs doesn't use his FF against Hulk because he feels he Doesn't need it "

And Hulk wasn't exactly at his strongest either during the fight.  Your point?
@Thor's hammmer said:

" @jack128875:  I think you are the only person on the site who thinks I'm klandicar  Trion would stomp onslaught   1 prof X won the fight for hulk  2 Hulk was amped  3 Juggernaut was De-powered  4 had to BFR cause he was losing  5 fair figtht win for juggs   also all of this was regular or weakend Juggs what if it's 8th day? or trion?   stop trolling   "

@Thor's hammer:  You use the same out-of-context scans that @Klandicar does, you troll the same way that he does, you're as annoying as he is, etc.  And you wonder why people think that you're @Klandicar?  C'mon buddy, you know better than that!!!!
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@lord_oraculous016 said:
"GALACTUS IS NOT ALL POWERFUL.. the fact that he needs planets to survive proves this.. Destroy all living planets and he'll eventually die.. "

Thank you.  Galactus is overrated as hell here on this vine.  There are literally well over a Hundred Entities that has power that rivals or greater than Galactus.  people just too stubborn to realize that. 
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@RiseofApocalypse said:

" @why so serious:  We aren't the same person. Hellos is just another sensible poster that realizes the power of Galactus.  I destroyed his argument.  "

Says the guy who thinks the Presence is not all-powerful.   
You did not destroy anyone's argument, @RiseofApocalypse, you just proved that you're a troll with a certificate for trolling.     
Now now now, are you gonna accuse ME of being the same person as all the others who are disagreeing with you now?    If you and @Hellos are truely two different people, then I will have to start weeping for the future of society..........
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probably Nekron, though Zom is a beast
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@GamorasBigDaddy said:

Galactus OWNS THIS!



Team has NO chance... Glactus does'nt even need to be at fullpower...

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@cracks said:
" @hdorman1: Jaspers can give White Phoenix of the Crown or Molecule Man a good fight.  I reckon Jaspers can defeat Galactus as well.          %Pr "
agreed, theoretically Jasper "should" defeat Galactus and put up a good struggle against White Phoenix of the Crown.  But Pre-Retcon Molecule Man would destroy MJJ.
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@FLCL1 said:
" @mrwenpire:  dont reply to me   your getting banned tomarrow and i dont want you to take me down with you, you troll "
oh yea?  it's been three months and i'm still here.  probably because the moderators know that you are the one who's trolling and needlessly insulting people.
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Guys don't underestimate the 5D imps.    
Here's Joker with 99 percent of Mxy's powers destroying the universe, shaping the world into his own image, taking control of gods and abstract beings alike, and taking control of the Spectre.
Emperor Joker with Mxy's powers destroying the DC Universe with a snap of his fingers.

Emperor Joker with Mxy's powers recreates the universe with Louis Lane as his bride lol

Emperor Joker gain control of Phantom Stranger, Ganthet, Highfather, Zeus, Shazam ( All Powerful Entities )

Emperor joker takes control of the Spectre!!!!!!!!!!