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Let them notice 0

Initial Reaction: When this series was announced as part of the new 52, I was initially disheartened and had a generally negative reaction. However, I decided to give it a shot, because I wanted it to be good. I thought that after reading it, I would at least be able to righteously say that I hated it and it was horrible!But... I couldn't be more wrong!Changes to Character: There is one noteworthy bad before I get to the good and that is that Catwoman's past is, at least, to some extent erased. ...

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That's a sexist stereotype and that wasn't a compliment! 0

About the book: These Retroactive titles are a two-in-one story where one is a new story while another is an old  reprint. Each of these stories also represent a particular decade of writing for the DC comic property. This one focuses on the Justice League of the 90's and illustrates how different it used to be from the team that shares its current name today. Decisively releasing these titles one month before the reboot, I felt that DC wanted to remind their readers that the DC Universe ...

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You're the best leader of A.I.M. we've ever had. 0

First of all, this isn't your regular type comic book. It's a one-shot, that isn't a tie-in to anything but just a stand alone read on its own. This issue is primarily dedicated to the memory of George Tuska but your own personal enjoyment of it will depend on how much of a fan you are of the center stage character.  Two things that were at least unclear to me, when I picked up this issue was one that although this issue features the characters on the cover, this is solely a focus on Gambit. Alt...

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Cops catch criminals, dogs chase cars 0

Alas the last issue of the series has arrived! Reading it made me both joyful and sad at the same time. Sad because the series will be no more but joyful that this issue did provide a nice close to the series, and all the loose ends such as Contessa’s betrayal, Dum Dum’s capture and the fate of the Secret Warriors was settled. The whole book really came full circle. A lot of the dialogue used in this issue, whether it is Daisy’s inner dialogue or Fury and Steve’s talk, it reminds of the series ...

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Genius is never appreciated in its own time 0

This issue picks right off from the previous issue and runs pretty much the same way. There is no fighting but we know the X-men are scattered around the globe and dealing with various Sentinel programs. There is even mention of various other superheroes such as Iron Man and Thor in the midst of this. Some of the dialogue felt overly political and a tad bit unnecessary. And the main villain hardly seems interesting. If you read the previous issue, you’ll know whom I’m referring to. Since I’v...

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What kind of mother doesn't even recognize her own son? 0

This story encompasses all of the Marvel Universe. There are sixteen different characters that get to speak dialogue and many more that appear as cameos or get mentioned in dialogue. Characters from six different Marvel teams are involved in the story. This feels like an event comic without the setback of events and their tie-ins. Hawkeye's coy message has to be spelled out for Hank McCoy I was slightly worried that the pacing would get slow from here on in as prior to this issue we still had f...

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Get yer number? 0

  Cover: By Adam Hughes. It is awesome and a better indication for the solicits than what the solicits actually state. Good: There isn't much good in this issue. The only thing good it has really for itself is the cover and the fact that our favorite Zatanna won't be the same come September.  Bad: As soon as you pick up this issue, you will notice that the solicits are all wrong and this doesn't continue from the previous issue and is a fill-in issue. Now last time it happened with Zatanna #1...

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"The thing that keeps me looking so pretty as I come close to... 0

my hundredth birthday." --Nick Fury    First of all the cover by Mike Deadato Jr. is awesome and it is delightful that he does the interior here as well.  This issue, before you judge it to be horrible from the rating I've given it, suffers from incorporating the 1959 "Avengers" story in its fold. That story doesn't have much relevance to the revolving story in the current continuity and the art shift between the two is radical.  The one in current continuity is okay although it felt slightly sl...

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No one puts the "pain" in "campaign" like yours truly! 0

The second issue of Arkham City strikes better than the first one. Despite the clashing nature of the cover between Batman and Hugo Strange, their battle is only just beginning and in this issue it stays only at the level of a cat-and-mouse chase. The highlight issue of this issue to me at least was the Joker and Harley Quinn. There are two assassination attempts on the Joker’s life in this issue, but I won’t spoil by whom. We also see Harley in action and we finally see what she is capable of,...

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You're absolutely at the tip-top of our list of people to come an 0

...d menace us all in our sleep."   This issue was actually a bit underwhelming compared to the previous ones. After everything that happened last issue, it seemed as if Powerlord Kruun was going to pose as a serious challenge to the X-men. All that we got, however, is a fight with Wolverine that ends too quickly. Then, the X-men reservoir unit arrives and the fight is over before it starts.  This issue somewhat requires having read Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-men run or otherwise parts of it ...

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