When a man and woman love each other...

This is my first time writing anything like this, so bear with me here. This story is supposed to coincide with all the rest of the Marvel Genesis stories which is a group of reboot stories for the Marvel Universe. All characters belong to Marvel. I guess rating would be T+. 
“When a man and woman love each other the only end that can come of it is death and tragedy” says a figure in darkness. “A wise man once told me this piece of advice and I’ve taken heed of it since.”

Besides the man in darkness, sits a heart-broken man by the name of Nick Fury. Only a few hours earlier, he received the news of his current predicament – the death of his love, Contessa Allegra de la Fontaine. The two men in the room have known each other for most of their life and have been the closest of friends. It has been almost a month since the Axis was defeated and the German force is still retreating back. People everywhere are still celebrating their glorious victory, those that still have something left to celebrate, that is.

The man in shadow lights a cigar. The air quickly becomes filled with an odor of death and sinister.

“You knew well enough that when you took that dose of the Infinity Formula you would watch your close ones die before you one by one. Life itself would become a horror not worth living and leaving only a sense of bewilderment towards who would become its next victim” states the man smoking the cigar. It is almost as if he is enjoying this moment.

“I knew @#$% well before that. I knew before I even joined the army but these things leave you questioning fate. Why her? Or why couldn’t it be ME too?” shouts the grieving man as he tries to express himself in words.

“Don’t you worry, Nick. We’ll get those @#$%!”

“That isn’t as important. The people that killed her were probably just following orders. Terrified, that if they didn’t comply the same fate would perchance them.” states Nick Fury as a matter-of-fact, “Where would two enemy soldiers be if it weren’t for the war? They’d be in a bar just like us instead of trying to put bullets through each other.”

“Well, Nicky some people and things are larger than life. For those you have to fight for.”

“Do you mean yourself, Dugan?”

“NO. Are you trying to be funny? I was referring to Captain America. Heck, some people will follow him anywhere.”

“I wouldn’t follow him to the bathroom.”

Dugan brings out a loud laugh and even Fury manages to smile.

“Speaking of bathroom, I’ll be right back.”

Nick Fury drinks the rest of his half-empty glass in two sips and puts his head on the table.

As Dugan is heading towards the bathroom he quickly takes a detour as soon as he is out of view from the table he was sitting in. Dugan walks to a person standing alone in the darkness.

“How is he?” the person asks.

“The man is broken” replies Dugan “We should finish this tomorrow”

“Yes. The sooner, the better”

“Meet me tomorrow morning at that cliff half a mile from here.”

The woman nods and disappears. Dugan makes his way back.



Next morning, Nick Fury awakes having managed to catch a few moments of sleep. Everything is still the same to him as it had been during the war. He’s unable to sleep easily and when he finally does manage to get some shut-eye he begins to experience dreams – nightmares of the war, hearing bombs go off in the middle of the quiet night which feel so loud that they manage to render him awake. He wakes up worse than how he had gone to bad and his appearance gives him as a man who hasn’t slept at all for days.

Currently he, Dugan and a few other soldiers are sleeping in a house abandoned due to the war. Dugan, knocks on the door to Fury’s bedroom, “Good morning Nick, up for some exercise before breakfast?”

Quickly the two are dressed and head out. After their warm-up, they decide to do some rock climbing with heavy load attached onto their backs.

“Last one to reach the top pays for drinks for a week” states Dugan.

With those last words, the two intensify their concentration. Dugan and Fury often compete with each other. It is what motivates them to improve and push each other to be at their best. It could also be why the two have been so close during the years.

Dugan manages to reach the top first.

“What’s wrong Fury? You aren’t still upset are you? Come on hurry up. It’s quite a sight here.” He shouts from above.

However, just as soon as Fury brings half of his body up, he sees Dugan holding a gun pointed at his chest.

“I have great goals in this new world and I don’t need any familiar faces to ruin it” reasons Dugan.

Nick Fury tries to move out of the way but the bullet travels too fast and hits his right eye. He lets go and begins to fall.

Moments later, a helicopter flies over to where Dugan stands triumphant and the familiar woman from the bar reappears asking, “Did you kill him?”

“Yea he couldn’t have survived the fall from this height.” Says Dugan as he looks below to confirm his statement.

The two get into a helicopter and fly-off.
Will Nick Fury survive this horrible writing? And who is that mysterious woman with Dugan? Please tell me what you thought of this!

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Your writing is fine. The only thing Fury should be worried about is depth perception...

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@primepower53: @spaceboy: Thanks both of you!

 Pretty good. Especially for a comic book fan site. Anywhere else and you would need to add some context as to who these characters are, and what drives them. Why Nick is in the condition he is in? etc... 
 Entertaining though
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@ENGLENTINE: I know what you mean I should've focused a bit more on Contessa and Nick's relationship and the war. Thanks a lot for the advice and for reading!