Unknown Adventures at Comic-Con

I arrived at the convention just a little before the panel around . The line for the panel had an enormous turnout and I thought I wouldn’t be able to get in. But the IGN Theater where the panel was huge. After some waiting, we saw the launch trailer in full theater quality. Everything about this game from the graphics to story to the music is so awesomely packed that it feels like a dream game! I think these trailer have long since convinced at how awesome this game is going to be, but every time a new trailer comes out it manages to usurp even the previous one. That's the insanity of it! I hope that the panelists and the all the people who played a hand in the development of this game continue to work for a long time in the future and make great awesome game like this one.

P.S. If I go missing for a month, it's severely likely that I got lost in Arkham City ;p

After that amazing panel, I walked around and took lots of awesome cosplay photos. Pardon the quality of some of the pieces on here, I got myself a camera last minute and it wasn’t a really good one. Seeing all of the awesome cosplay, which characters a fan choose to cosplay and all the creative elements towards making the costume are one of the most fundamental elements of these conventions.

Later, I went to the Artist Alley to meet some of the coolest creators. There were huge lines but I managed to meet Francis Manapul (that’s the current writer and artist of Flash if you don’t know) and Dustin Nguyen (who's working on a secret Batman related book). I got an awesome Galactus sketch by Manapul too!

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Kickass Fury Cosplay. Nice Read. =)

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Nice pictures! Thanks for sharing. :)

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whoa that hulk costume looks badass (the one with da beard)

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Also, those lady cosplayers are/were really beautiful.

What? Did you await that I would`ve wrote something undecent?