The Case Files of Sharon Carter

Sharon Carter, also known as Agent 13 in the field is one of the finest agents S.H.I.E.L.D. has had to offer in its history. Inspired from the adventures of her aunt Peggy Carter in World War II, Sharon has pursued a similar career. It was not long until she met Captain America and began to be romantically involved with him.

Although Sharon can take care of herself in battle, being involved with Steve has placed her on a heightened level of risk. So the question that must be asked is whether if Sharon has become a liability?

Being Steve’s love interest has led Sharon to face larger obstacles than she’s had to face in her career as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.

She’s had to go up against Steve’s enemies – the likes of the Red Skull, Baron Zemo, the mysterious Shadow Council and more Super Soldier degenerates than I could care to count.

The possibility of Sharon being a liability first arose to me when she was used in the Red Skull’s plot to “kill” Captain America. I use the term “kill” loosely because it wasn’t until later it was discovered that the bullet used on Steve wasn’t for killing him but a far worse condition, that to torment him, and have him relive all of the horrific memories from his past. I, myself often experience nightmares from the war and wish that I could forget those moments.

However around that time, Sharon’s actions were overlooked because of what amounts to three reasons. One, the shooter could’ve been anyone from the crowd when Steve gave himself over to the authorities. The event created too much hysteria which brings me to the second point, but as it seems clear now it was the perfect opportunity for the Red Skull to strike when the superhero community was left confounded.

Two, was the scale of the Civil War. It was an unnecessary battle that diverted the attention of the superheroes from the real villains and menace to society. That buffoon Stark ended up taking all the blame for the loss of Steve from having sided with villains. But, third and most importantly, I was not in the position to do anything at the time.

Being brainwashed by the Skull was not a unique instance for Sharon. Not too recently, she was captured by the Shadow Council and used as a bargain for the body of Shang-Chi.

And just a few days ago, she was attacked in her home by Zemo, although she managed to evade capture this time.

Sharon’s physique isn’t boosted by the Super Soldier serum or the Infinity Formula. She is only peak human. Nevertheless she has performed some extraordinary tasks in her service with both S.H.I.E.L.D. and now the Avengers. She has received training from Valkyrie and Stark has made modifications to her combat suit.

Overall, judging from my experience with Sharon, I believe she should be able to do better. She should be competing with Natasha or even Elektra in terms of skills.

However it is possible that her relationship with Steve has turned her a bit complacent and into a damsel in distress. This matter needs further investigation.

“Borrowed” from the files of Sir Nicholas Fury

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Great blog! I like these, I think this has been my fav so far. I am a big fan of Sharon Carter and its got nothing to do with her initials. 

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