Clash of the Comics #42

Rogue vs. Jack Sparrow


This sassy southern belle was raised by foster parents Mystique and Destiny, then she kissed a boy and she liked it... but he was put in a coma, so she was either a phenomenal kisser or a mutant. Or possibly both. She was a bad guy for a bit, almost taken out the whole of the Avengers by herself, she put Ms Marvel in a coma and got additional super powers, but... then she wised up and decided to become a good guy and an X-Men, which wasn't that easy actually, but she persisted and become a very popular member and mainstay of the X-Team, she even got to experience her own coma but thats a story for another time kids...

No one knows Jack Sparrow’s exact beginnings except that he had a run-in with the East India Trading Company and sometime later became Captain of the Black Pearl, the most fearsome ship and pirate crew across the . Usually, wherever, he goes his reputation precedes him with stories of his adventures whether traveling on the back of sea turtles to escape from a stranded island or having ransacked an entire city without firing even a single bullet.

Jack's introduction

SC: I do tend to like characters who are interesting more for what we do know about them, rather than what we don't, because being mysterious can be pretty easy, but I give Jack the tip here. He is especially mysterious with his own brand of unique.

MrUnknown: From the narrative it’s unclear whether or not those stories are true, but it’s what makes Jack such an unpredictable character and therefore a very interesting one. I can’t even make up my mind towards whether to call Jack an honest man or a dishonest one to decide which bit of his advice applies.


Rogue's powers have undertaken many a change in her history. Her original powers were to absorb the powers of others, but in later years, super strength, flight, super durability, super speed, super sassiness, a southern twang, and a 7th sense were added to her character for a long period of time, and with more time, some of those powers were lost to be replaced by fire abilities and emo-ness and then no powers and somewhere along the line she also had power recall powers, but currently her powers would be best described as in control. Just her original absorption powers but, with control *smile*

Jack Sparrow has no powers in the sense of how powers are usually defined. However, he is superbly skilled with a sword and general manner of persuasiveness. He is somehow able to get everyone from his crew to William Turner to even his enemies such as Barbossa and Davy Jones to do what he wants. He is also either very lucky or a master strategist.

SC: Sparrow has a sword and a gun. Rogue needs to touch people in order to get any powers and is otherwise a default unpowered human. She could try to seduce him, with her southern twang but Jack, like Gambit has his own seductive twang complete with stubble, foul oder, and cool jacket! Guy with the gun therefore.

MrUnknown: Rogue. Unless he can pull out his one bullet only gun in time and have the resolve to shoot a fair lady in a matter of seconds. His brain is more complicated than chaos theory so he might be able to but so is Rogue’s power set so Rogue will probably touch him and give him the worst hangover he’s ever had.


Rogue has had a bunch of costumes, but usually green is a defining feature and constant. Rogue has at times been described as a bit of a tom boy, and due to her powers she also had to cover up quite a lot (she somehow wears more material than even male characters!) to avoid accidental power stealing. Her white stripe in her hair helps define her. Jackets and gloves are not uncommon.

Rogue's many costumes

For a pirate, Jack Sparrow has a very distinguished look about himself. He wears a fancy hat which distinguishes him as Captain, a sash, and a long old looking trench coat.

SC: Tie. Both are iconic, Rogue has had more outfits than Jack, but both have identifying iconic features that carry over well with any dress.

MrUnknown: Tie. Just like Jackie, Rogue has a very distinguished look – very different from any other Marvel character. And they both look really cool in their outfits.


Stubborn, strong headed, sassy, flirty and emotional, have been consistent personality aspects of Rogue. In recent times, responsible could be added given recent years. Rogue tended to be complex in that she could be unbelievably strong in mind, but also surprisingly vulnerable.

Wisdom from Rogue

It is difficult to tell from Sparrow’s actions whether he is crazy and foolish or a gifted genius. Being a pirate, he is indifferent to rules, and lectures William that the only rules to follow are what a man can do, and what a man can’t do. He also usually tells the truth, but no one really believes until they can get some kind of verification.

SC: Have not seen Jack Sparrow kiss Air Force One during the middle of a baseball game, that's pretty random... nor display the sort of vulnerability Rogue has, not the strength of character to handle billion minds finding themselves in his head, or the sassiness required to smile, flirt, speak down to gods, demons, devils and Wolverine. I'll go Southern Belle here.

MrUnknown: Jack mostly for his unpredicatableness. I mean he’s always going to have an undying love for treasure and rum. But how he will get there now that’s far more interesting! Once you’ve read one or two stories about Rogue, you get the gist of how she is like. Both of them do have very cool accents, though.


I have heard one comic writer explain how Rogue was the best example of the reasoning behind the X-Men, as in she was a mutant struggling with power control, who was heading down the wrong track fast, possibly to become a villain motivated by personal gain, but instead, she went on to be one of the strongest and most worthy X-Men.

Aside from a few women who slap him on the face at first sight, and of course his enemies, his crewmates and others close to him refer to him as a great man and he is considered to be one of the best pirates.

SC: I'll go tie here too, both have fighters hearts and lover's minds. With cool accents.

MrUnknown: Although Jack receives all kinds of praise, the lack of being able to understand him, at least easily enough hurts him. Sure it would be cool to adventure in the sea as part of Jack’s crew but who knows if you’ll just be a red shirt along the way. Rogue is much friendlier, understandable and has a good record of saving people.

Best Story:

Rogue has so many awesome stories. Uncanny X-Men #194 onwards was especially cool, with the X-Men and Juggernaut almost defeated by Nimrod, Rogue absorbs the powers of her team mates and promptly sends the pink robot packing. Picking up an X-Men Legacy story of the last 3 years and safe bet is, you'll find a decent Rogue story. X-Men Supernova's is also a cool story, and has Rogue as a team leader.

Rogue and Gambit

His introductory movie is deemed as the best and although it doesn’t really introduce Sparrow as a character, it’s where we actually learn about the character and his general awesomeness to appreciate him for future sequels.

SC: Rogue on scope and scale.

MrUnknown: Rogue is generally involved in lots of X-men stories but nothing really stands out nearly as much as Jack performance in his movies which also won awards.

Fun Fact:

It took over two decades for fans to learn Rogue's real name, Anna Marie.

Jack Sparrow gets offended if you refer to him without his title of Captain.

SC: Though its possible Jack Sparrow is not his real name, for a man of mystery, its funny that Rogue's real name remained a greater mystery for long. I'll give to Rogue, sorry Captain.

MrUnknown: Jack Sparrow? There better be a captain in there somewhere!

Media Appearance:

Rogue has made her way into numerous other media, including movies and TV shows. Played by Anna Paquin in both original three X-Movies, and one of the main characters in popular 90's X-Cartoon TAS, Rogue got a bit gothy for X-Men Evolution, coincidentally I think Olivia Wilde...

A character that emerged from media, his portrayal is superb by Johnny Depp, and I might even boldly state him as one of the best movie characters.

SC: Lenore Zann for the win.

MrUnknown: Rogue has more screen time than Jack and her portrayal in the X-men TAS made her an endearing character. It feels unfair to be anymore biased than give Jack two victories for the same reason whereas Rogue has also made significant contribution in media.


Space man, light years away from Earth on a rescue mission to save Space Pirates! Rogue generally keeps herself pretty busy, she also just helped Legion collect a bunch of his personalities that were spread across the world. Busy busy, best place for viewing is X-Men Legacy.

Currently out in the Caribbean somewhere studying his compass in search for a new horizon and treasure while also indulging in a huge amount of rum and singing the Yo Ho Me Hearties song to himself.

SC: I am a beach person, but miles in space sounds a bit better than any sea, beach what have you. So I'll go for Rogue, until, unless Jack becomes a Space Pirate.

MrUnknown: We have a heading. To !

Rogue: 8; Jack: 7

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