Clash of the Comics #31

                                                                    Legion vs. Granny Goodness


Legion is the son of Professor X and Gabrielle Haller, a Holocaust survivor. When he began to develop his mutant powers, Legion also began to suffer from a mental illness which placed him under the care of Moira MacTaggert at  in her research facility and thus in close relationship with the X-men.

Most of Granny Goodness's background has been untold, but it is known that she was chosen from among the peons for her sadistic nature and ability to train dogs.  Darkseid later determined if she could train dogs she could train people as well just as efficiently. 

MrUnknown: Granny Goodness for working hard climbing ranks and showing the utmost loyalty to Darkseid which even managed to surprise the ruler of Apokolips himself. Legion’s story is a bit common and overused about an unknown child who was bitter towards his father because he didn’t know his facts straight and thus decided to throw a massive tantrum.

RazzaTazz: I go with Granny Goodness for the interesting dystopian style background.  


Legion is considered an Omega-level mutant (which is the most powerful level). He has multiple personalities where each one assigns to him a different power.

Never really well established, she has been shown to be quite strong though this is undefined.  She does have access to Apokolips technology though which makes her fearsome nonetheless. 

MrUnknown: Legion’s Omega level mutant abilities grants him a vast resource of abilities whereas Granny Goodness hasn’t been able to do much on her own except steal candy from babies.

RazzaTazz: Legion in a no-brainer.  


Legion doesn’t have a costume and usually wears sleepwear clothes all the time thanks to being a patient his whole life.

Like most Apokolips’ dwellers, Granny’s clothes are pretty hideous in appearance.  She is usually seen wearing some non-matching combination of armour and cape.   

MrUnknown: At least whatever horrendous outfit Granny Goodness wears can be considered a costume! The same can’t be said for Legion.

RazzaTazz: Costume:  I go with Granny, it is horrendous and tacky, but quite distinctive.  


Legion can absorb the personalities of anyone nearby that is on death’s door. He suffers from multiple personality disorder where the different psyches in his mind play a gang war for control.

Like most Apokolips’ natives, Granny’s evilness is somewhat over-the-top, but she is pretty accurately portrayed as the supremely evil version of a headmistress.

MrUnknown: Legion has an interesting personality (or is that personalities?) but he’s way too unpredictable to understand. Granny Goodness on the other hand, is super sweet and nice. Really, she’s even nicer than Aunt May! Or wait maybe it’s supposed to be nicer than Dolores Umbridge? I must not tell lies.

RazzaTazz: I like Granny Goodness again here, just the perfect stereotype of such a character.  


Legion is easily recognizable for his broom-like hair. Usually a villain who is generally resentful of his father, he has sometimes come to his father’s aid as well as the X-men’s.

She is one of Darkseid's main lieutenants and one of his most loyal.  If Darkseid tells her jump, she only asks how high to jump, and then kills someone for fun. 

MrUnknown: I didn’t know comedians could look that scary! Granny Goodness has a unique aesthetic; the only other character that even reminds me of Granny is Ivankov from One Piece.

RazzaTazz: Tie, because both have a sort of niche role in their respextive unvierses.   

Best Story:

Legion was responsible for the death of Professor X and the creation of the Age of the Apocalypse saga.

I (RazzaTazz) am a Mister Miracle fan, so the aspects of his character as related to being raised in her orphanage is a pretty important aspect of his character and one of Granny Goodness’ most important comic book moments.

MrUnknown: The stories Legion’s been involved in have been more focused towards his character and development. Granny’s stories don’t come a lot farther than her being any more than a non-generic foot soldier.

RazzaTazz: Scott Free is one of my favourite characters, and so anything tied to his story is a favourite of mine, but that is a slightly biased viewpoint.  I think in terms of relevance it is more fair to go with Legion here.  

Fun Fact:

Legion is named after the Biblical story where Jesus asked a man his name who was possessed by evil spirits who replied that he was a Legion.  

Granny Goodness has been voiced on a few occasions in animated form but a man (Ed Asner) 

MrUnknown: Granny Goodness’s fact reminds me of Kenshin who was voiced by a woman despite being male.

RazzaTazz: I will go with Legion jut because I love that bible quote.  

Media Appearance:

Perhaps a cameo somewhere, but Legion isn’t one of the most well known adversaries of the X-men and is usually reserved as a foil for the younger mutants.

A few animated appearances as well as in Smallville.   

MrUnknown: Granny Goodness for her appearances in Superman Animated Series, Justice League and Superman/Batman Supergirl movie.

RazzaTazz: Granny Goodness, with an almost default win.    


Currently held in a prison basement on Utopia monitored by Danger.

She has played a significant role in Final Crisis but has not been seen since. 

MrUnknown: Legion for having a luxuriant time on Utopia whereas it is unclear whether or not Granny is even alive after Final Crisis. Curses!

RazzaTazz:  I thought in a previous clash we determined its better to be dead than to be trapped in space.  So my colleague apparently ranks his lifestyle choices as such - prison, death, outer space.  Seriously though Legion would take that one too (though Granny will be back)  

Legion: 8; Granny Goodness: 9

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Posted by thehummingbird

I was going to have an outrage if Granny Goodness was not the winner of this! Granny is amazing while Legion is just meh~ 

Edited by MrUnknown
@thehummingbird: Ha I didn't get a message that you replied but I'm sure Granny is super sweet and nice that you would invite her to the dinner table and she'll happily bake chocolate chip cookies for you! :>
Plus, about those lifestyle choices - I said outer space was worse because it was called "Five Miles South of the Universe". That doesn't sound like a nice place to be. And, prison is better because it's with the X-men; I m-mean, you get to be with all the gorgeous gal mutants!
Posted by NightFang
@thehummingbird said:
I was going to have an outrage if Granny Goodness was not the winner of this! Granny is amazing while Legion is just meh~ 
Posted by Trodorne

This was an entertaining debate. Good job to the both of you. but granny gets the win. when you work with darkseid you win.

Posted by Cervantes

Yeah, go Granny! Seriously, Legion can't be taken as seriously as he should because of that HAIR. Is he a chimney sweep that just went down the chute? 'Cause I think you'd have to mortgage the X Mansion to pay for all the product it would take to achieve that look otherwise. Get him an achievable look so we could someday see him in a movie -- and no, I DON'T count X-Men 2 as an appearance! 
Great job, you two!
Posted by The Umbra Sorcerer

That was Awesome guys! Great job but i would have liked Legion to win.

Posted by MrUnknown
@Trodorne: Thanks for the kind words!
@Cervantes: He came in X-men 2?! As a side note, his hair is kind of interesting as it is different from everyone else. The actors could always wear a broom wig! :>
@The Umbra Sorcerer: If it at all consoles you, t was a close match!
Posted by Cervantes
@Cervantes: He came in X-men 2?! As a side note, his hair is kind of interesting as it is different from everyone else. The actors could always wear a broom wig! :>  
Sort of -- the boy in the wheelchair was changed to be "Jason 143" -- the son of William Stryker, and a mutant Xavier couldn't help. But it seems his mental powers, etc. were take-offs on Legion and they made him Stryker's son instead of Xavier's... Don't know for sure of course...
Posted by jubilee042

hello he appeared in x men evolution

Posted by MrUnknown

@jubilee042: Hence the mention of a cameo! Legion had a completely different hair-do which I would hardly consider as a good portrayal ;>