Clash of the Comics #24: Enchantress vs. ?????

                                                                     #24 Enchantress vs. Dante


Enchantress, whose real name is Amora lives within the realm of Asguard, where she emerged as a distinguished character when she used her magic in order to make Thor fall in love with her. This angered Sif and created a rivalry between them. 

Dante is the son of THIS IS SPATAAAAAAH! Whoops, sorry, Sparda. Sparda was a demon, and a very powerful demon at that, and thus Dante is a half demon half human badass mercenary. Like Blade but with demons instead of vampires. Also sort of like Ghostbusters, but with demons, because when you have a demon problem, who you gonna call? Devil Never Cry. PS. Thats Dante's demon slaying business. 

MrUnknown: Tie – Both of their names sounds cool. 

SC: Tie - Dante's is a twist on an old story, Amora is a new story within an older story, being one of the few original characters within the re-imagined Marvel Asgardian characters... I give Enchantress the 1 up. 


Enchantress’ powers involve conjuring Patronus charms and afflicting others with love potions. Actually she doesn’t go to Fred and George’s Joke Shop, she’s a natural. 

Dante is a demon, and a pretty powerful one at that and as such, he is über strong, über fast, and über all that other stuff, although he can't super fly, as in like you know, Superman (he is super fly though, in that he is cool) he carries a bunch of cool weapons too, chief among them Ebony and Ivory two custom made guns and a giant manga like sized sword called Rebellion. He actually has a lot of more weapons as well... too many to go into detail, I will mention his badass electric guitar weapon though, because he uses it as well as Jimmi Hendrix and that my friends, deserves respect. Also Dante can go all Dark Willow (aka Devil Trigger) on people by turning all smokey glowy and have horns and wings fly out of his body and shoot fireballs from his eyes and lightening from his...  

MrUnknown: Enchantress – Dante won’t know what hit him but he actually might not want to know. He’ll be pretty happy walking out the loser if he ends up going home with her.

SC: Tricky...  Amora is a lot more subtle and indirect with her tactics, and thew son of Sparda may be tough, but Thor tough? Not seeing it. Enchantress has also gone up against a bunch of Marvel's heavyweights and come out on top. She's hellva strong as well (if she decides to get her hands dirty) Dante also happens to have a tendency towards getting manipulated pretty easy by hot looking demon girls. 1 + 1 x 2 - 2 = Enchantress. (remember you do the multiplier before addition and subtraction)


Looks like a fusion of a cheerleader and a costume for St. Patrick’s Day. 

Usually Dante likes to sport a spiffy red long jacket, oh, and black leather chaps. Now really, if you have a big cool red leather jacket, thats all you really need for a costume right?  

MrUnknown: Dante, the red leather jacket is unique and he wears it well.

SC: Tough... I like red leather... but I also like green skirts.... I think the leggings with the nordic patterns on it is the clincher though. Amora. 


She has switched sides almost routinely sometimes siding with Thor and sometimes with Loki. She also got her own bodyguard the Executioner who was in love with her. But her partners have never stayed. 

Smooth, laid back, smart ass, and cocky. Cocky is probably his most potent personality trait. He'll definitely mock his enemies as much as he'll shoot em up. He often wins coolest and most badass characters in lists of those types, so you get the picture. 

MrUnknown: Dante solely because Enchantress needs to make up her mind and not change it every other Friday.

SC: Dante. Though its tough, especially given Amora's most recent stories, where Marvel had decided to make her a bit more badass. 


Enchantress is simply a nicer term for a seductress and Amora has made quite a career out of her abilities, most notably afflicting Thor, Hercules, Wonder Man, Vision, Doctor Strange and even the Hulk once with her charms.   

Stylish. At least according to his creator. I think this tends to carry though though. He has a distinctive and iconic look, white hair with a red (red is a traditional heroes color in ) long coat (to show that he is showy), two pistols constantly aiming and a huge sword strapped to his back. 

MrUnknown: Enchantress. If he’s trying to look like a hero, Dante is rather doing a poor job of it. I always thought he was a villain!

SC: Enchantress... though... I felt compelled and influenced to say that, almost as if some outside force was making me say that... also I feel a bit dreamy... what's that light and fragrance... smells great... little hearts are floating in the air... yesssss.... Amoraaa definitely wins all categoriesssss. 

Best Story:  

She had a prominent role in Ages of Thunder, where she was the only one who could pluck golden apples from the World Tree which granted the Asguardians their youth and immortality. However, Loki plotted against her and brought her to the Frost Giants liar where one of them was in love with her. She was made queen but kept in chains to prevent her escape. Once the other Asguardians realized what had transpired they forced Loki to help them rescue her. 

His third game. Who doesn't love a good tale of sibling rivalry and Dante gets to clash with his brother Vergil who is his polar opposite in many regards.  

MrUnknown: Dante. I haven’t played it but I give it credit for the huge success it has received.

SC: Dante. Very epic. 

Fun Fact:  

She lost in a singing contest to Dazzler. 

Dante is not a smoker. This is because smoking is not cool, and well, thats what his creator wanted (Dante to be cool and so no no on smoking) a new, younger version of Dante is set to appear soon again, as a smoker, so we might get to find out why older more cooler Dante is anti smoking maybe? He might not like smoking, but he loves strawberry sundaes and nothing is more fun than strawberry sundaes. 

MrUnknown: So also said 4Kids and they gave Sanji lollipops instead. Totally ruined the character and show, but I agree with the anti-smoking agenda.  

SC: Dante. Lung cancer is not cool kids and neither is American Idol. (uh wait what?)

Media Appearance:  

She didn’t appear in the Thor movie unfortunately, so her best appearance was in Super Hero Squad. 

Appears more in video games, but did have a small short lived comic miniseries. Also appeared in the latest Marvel vs Capcom game, and a few novels. Will probably get a movie when they find an awesome enough actor that can look cool and badass after having their hair dyed white and wear a red jacket whilst again, actually still looking cool and badass, and not like a grandfather at a Michael Jackson Memorial concert.  

MrUnknown: Enchantress – She also went to the other side and became one of the members of Young Justice.

SC: I'm a huge fan of the SHS Enchantress, she is hilarious. Also so badass in Avengers Mightiest Heroes. 


She’s currently deceased or wandering around someplace. She hasn’t been seen for quite a while now but there was a second young Enchantress in Dark Reign: Young Avengers. 

Under your bed. Or possibly a new game yet to be released and maybe never released, depends, Dante has a very different visual look that has received a lot of negative backlash.  

MrUnknown: Tie – Both are currently missing in action.

SC: Enchantress. Fans hate his new look and I can't say I blame them... Enchantress was great in Avengers Prime and will probably show up sooner or later in either of the Thor titles running right now, (both of which are pretty good) 

MrUnknown: 3 – 4; SC: 5 – 3

Scoreboard: Enchantress – 8; Dante – 7

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These are incredibly well done :)

Posted by thehummingbird

I love you Dante, but Enchantress all the way ^_^ This is a really cool idea, I had never really looked at these much before. Oh and on another note love the one piece avatar! 

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This is cool. Dante is the man!

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@The Dark Huntress: @thehummingbird: @azza04: Thanks guys! Most of the credit goes to SC on this one for making it an entertaining read!