Awesome Art Picks!

None of these are drawn by me. I had no influence in their creative process. I just found them to be AWESOME and that they were worth sharing with the rest of you. So hope you enjoy! 

Inspired from Marvel vs. Capcom. Iron Man and Morrigan seem to be getting along well ;)
X-babies + reminiscent of the 90's X-men cartoon = a X-men happy meal. Plus, I know at least one person here is a huge fan of X-babies so here you are! 
The ultimate showdown! We'll never know who is stronger! But does it matter? Not really, as long as it makes people make an awesome art piece like this one! 
The purple with the black and white came out very stylish here. And since Psylocke hardly looks as elegant as here this was an instant awesome!
Green Lantern riding a Yoshi! Ridiculously awesome! 
Galacta always looks adorable even when she's hungry! Though she hardly ever gets acknowledged so there was a rare find!
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Every single one of these pics is a win. . . I can't even decide on a favorite. . . 

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@TypingKira: You weren't meant to. I purpose-fully made such a pick harder! They are all equally awesome!
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Yep they all are brilliant. I especially like the Psylocke one.

And Superman stomps Goku, end of story :P

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@azza04: Yea giving it a second look (more like tenth!) I think the Psylocke one is also my favorite. The purple is very aesthetically pleasing in a black and white setting. Plus where always the center of attention for Psylocke is on her chest or butt this is a nice change for once!
And no way about the stomp! Don't you see the rockstar way that Goku's hair is going up? He's confident! Superman looks tense and in a mess. Maybe Hercule is holding Lois hostage?! LOL. Well actually I always used to think DBZ characters were way overpowered compared to comic book characters but I'm not sure anymore. I think it has to do with the inconsistency that the comic book characters are portrayed generally.
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Loving all of these images. Well done! Love the Galacta "World Eater"!

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can you give sources? thanks!

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these pics were absolutely amazing! i would love to see more! my fav one i think was the psylocke one!!
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Where did that Psylocke come from DA

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really cool pics! i'm excited for the next installment....

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That Psylocke is absolutely fantastic, would love to know who the artist is.

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@harleyquinnhawkgirl: @SuperCoonce: @pikahyper: Wow I didn't realize I was getting any comments...! O_o
Most of these didn't have an artist. The ones that did are already on the image. But most of these were random finds. 
I would myself like to know whomever is responsible for any of these awesome works but the Psylocke one especially and whether the artists have done any other works! I shall plan for a future installment but it will certainly not be an easy task for any bunch to be a successor to the one presented here.
P.S. SuperCoonce, are you the person to thank for putting this blog on the main page? ;)
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Great pics. Hal Jordan was my favorite. 


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Seriously...why is it that manga/anime/hentai, has to give everything boobs.  What the f@$k is that?  galactus?  seriously.  idiots.

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these are all amazing on every level of awesome

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also, congrats on being picked to be on the main page! : )

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Ok, it's official: X-Babies' Happy Meal is the absolute cutest thing on the planet.

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Ok, it's official: X-Babies' Happy Meal is the absolute cutest thing on the planet.
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These are some quite bizarre drawings. Very good, but bizarre.

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I need lotion....