Best Covers of 2011

Choose your most favourite 20 covers for comics that came out this year.

Here's mine as an example:

1) Batgirl 21

2) Detective Comics 880

3) Batgirl 1

4) Avengers Children Crusade 4

5) Birds of Prey 11

6) Captain America 615

7) Batman Arkham City 3

8) FF 2

9) Justice League 1

10) Justice League Dark 4

11) Wonder Woman 612

12) Batman Incorporated 3

13) Huntress 2

14) New Avengers 13

15) Detective Comics 2

16) Swamp Thing 1

17) Flashpoint 1

18) Wolverine and the X-men 2

19) Magneto Not a Hero 1

20) The Mighty Thor 1

Depending on the amount of people that participate, I will make a countdown list at the end.


Clash of the Comics #42

Rogue vs. Jack Sparrow


This sassy southern belle was raised by foster parents Mystique and Destiny, then she kissed a boy and she liked it... but he was put in a coma, so she was either a phenomenal kisser or a mutant. Or possibly both. She was a bad guy for a bit, almost taken out the whole of the Avengers by herself, she put Ms Marvel in a coma and got additional super powers, but... then she wised up and decided to become a good guy and an X-Men, which wasn't that easy actually, but she persisted and become a very popular member and mainstay of the X-Team, she even got to experience her own coma but thats a story for another time kids...

No one knows Jack Sparrow’s exact beginnings except that he had a run-in with the East India Trading Company and sometime later became Captain of the Black Pearl, the most fearsome ship and pirate crew across the . Usually, wherever, he goes his reputation precedes him with stories of his adventures whether traveling on the back of sea turtles to escape from a stranded island or having ransacked an entire city without firing even a single bullet.

Jack's introduction

SC: I do tend to like characters who are interesting more for what we do know about them, rather than what we don't, because being mysterious can be pretty easy, but I give Jack the tip here. He is especially mysterious with his own brand of unique.

MrUnknown: From the narrative it’s unclear whether or not those stories are true, but it’s what makes Jack such an unpredictable character and therefore a very interesting one. I can’t even make up my mind towards whether to call Jack an honest man or a dishonest one to decide which bit of his advice applies.


Rogue's powers have undertaken many a change in her history. Her original powers were to absorb the powers of others, but in later years, super strength, flight, super durability, super speed, super sassiness, a southern twang, and a 7th sense were added to her character for a long period of time, and with more time, some of those powers were lost to be replaced by fire abilities and emo-ness and then no powers and somewhere along the line she also had power recall powers, but currently her powers would be best described as in control. Just her original absorption powers but, with control *smile*

Jack Sparrow has no powers in the sense of how powers are usually defined. However, he is superbly skilled with a sword and general manner of persuasiveness. He is somehow able to get everyone from his crew to William Turner to even his enemies such as Barbossa and Davy Jones to do what he wants. He is also either very lucky or a master strategist.

SC: Sparrow has a sword and a gun. Rogue needs to touch people in order to get any powers and is otherwise a default unpowered human. She could try to seduce him, with her southern twang but Jack, like Gambit has his own seductive twang complete with stubble, foul oder, and cool jacket! Guy with the gun therefore.

MrUnknown: Rogue. Unless he can pull out his one bullet only gun in time and have the resolve to shoot a fair lady in a matter of seconds. His brain is more complicated than chaos theory so he might be able to but so is Rogue’s power set so Rogue will probably touch him and give him the worst hangover he’s ever had.


Rogue has had a bunch of costumes, but usually green is a defining feature and constant. Rogue has at times been described as a bit of a tom boy, and due to her powers she also had to cover up quite a lot (she somehow wears more material than even male characters!) to avoid accidental power stealing. Her white stripe in her hair helps define her. Jackets and gloves are not uncommon.

Rogue's many costumes

For a pirate, Jack Sparrow has a very distinguished look about himself. He wears a fancy hat which distinguishes him as Captain, a sash, and a long old looking trench coat.

SC: Tie. Both are iconic, Rogue has had more outfits than Jack, but both have identifying iconic features that carry over well with any dress.

MrUnknown: Tie. Just like Jackie, Rogue has a very distinguished look – very different from any other Marvel character. And they both look really cool in their outfits.


Stubborn, strong headed, sassy, flirty and emotional, have been consistent personality aspects of Rogue. In recent times, responsible could be added given recent years. Rogue tended to be complex in that she could be unbelievably strong in mind, but also surprisingly vulnerable.

Wisdom from Rogue

It is difficult to tell from Sparrow’s actions whether he is crazy and foolish or a gifted genius. Being a pirate, he is indifferent to rules, and lectures William that the only rules to follow are what a man can do, and what a man can’t do. He also usually tells the truth, but no one really believes until they can get some kind of verification.

SC: Have not seen Jack Sparrow kiss Air Force One during the middle of a baseball game, that's pretty random... nor display the sort of vulnerability Rogue has, not the strength of character to handle billion minds finding themselves in his head, or the sassiness required to smile, flirt, speak down to gods, demons, devils and Wolverine. I'll go Southern Belle here.

MrUnknown: Jack mostly for his unpredicatableness. I mean he’s always going to have an undying love for treasure and rum. But how he will get there now that’s far more interesting! Once you’ve read one or two stories about Rogue, you get the gist of how she is like. Both of them do have very cool accents, though.


I have heard one comic writer explain how Rogue was the best example of the reasoning behind the X-Men, as in she was a mutant struggling with power control, who was heading down the wrong track fast, possibly to become a villain motivated by personal gain, but instead, she went on to be one of the strongest and most worthy X-Men.

Aside from a few women who slap him on the face at first sight, and of course his enemies, his crewmates and others close to him refer to him as a great man and he is considered to be one of the best pirates.

SC: I'll go tie here too, both have fighters hearts and lover's minds. With cool accents.

MrUnknown: Although Jack receives all kinds of praise, the lack of being able to understand him, at least easily enough hurts him. Sure it would be cool to adventure in the sea as part of Jack’s crew but who knows if you’ll just be a red shirt along the way. Rogue is much friendlier, understandable and has a good record of saving people.

Best Story:

Rogue has so many awesome stories. Uncanny X-Men #194 onwards was especially cool, with the X-Men and Juggernaut almost defeated by Nimrod, Rogue absorbs the powers of her team mates and promptly sends the pink robot packing. Picking up an X-Men Legacy story of the last 3 years and safe bet is, you'll find a decent Rogue story. X-Men Supernova's is also a cool story, and has Rogue as a team leader.

Rogue and Gambit

His introductory movie is deemed as the best and although it doesn’t really introduce Sparrow as a character, it’s where we actually learn about the character and his general awesomeness to appreciate him for future sequels.

SC: Rogue on scope and scale.

MrUnknown: Rogue is generally involved in lots of X-men stories but nothing really stands out nearly as much as Jack performance in his movies which also won awards.

Fun Fact:

It took over two decades for fans to learn Rogue's real name, Anna Marie.

Jack Sparrow gets offended if you refer to him without his title of Captain.

SC: Though its possible Jack Sparrow is not his real name, for a man of mystery, its funny that Rogue's real name remained a greater mystery for long. I'll give to Rogue, sorry Captain.

MrUnknown: Jack Sparrow? There better be a captain in there somewhere!

Media Appearance:

Rogue has made her way into numerous other media, including movies and TV shows. Played by Anna Paquin in both original three X-Movies, and one of the main characters in popular 90's X-Cartoon TAS, Rogue got a bit gothy for X-Men Evolution, coincidentally I think Olivia Wilde...

A character that emerged from media, his portrayal is superb by Johnny Depp, and I might even boldly state him as one of the best movie characters.

SC: Lenore Zann for the win.

MrUnknown: Rogue has more screen time than Jack and her portrayal in the X-men TAS made her an endearing character. It feels unfair to be anymore biased than give Jack two victories for the same reason whereas Rogue has also made significant contribution in media.


Space man, light years away from Earth on a rescue mission to save Space Pirates! Rogue generally keeps herself pretty busy, she also just helped Legion collect a bunch of his personalities that were spread across the world. Busy busy, best place for viewing is X-Men Legacy.

Currently out in the Caribbean somewhere studying his compass in search for a new horizon and treasure while also indulging in a huge amount of rum and singing the Yo Ho Me Hearties song to himself.

SC: I am a beach person, but miles in space sounds a bit better than any sea, beach what have you. So I'll go for Rogue, until, unless Jack becomes a Space Pirate.

MrUnknown: We have a heading. To !

Rogue: 8; Jack: 7

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Which Kotobukiya Bishoujo figure is your favourite?

Kotobukiya has been releasing a Bishoujo line for figures which literally means "pretty girl" in Japanese. They started making these for Marvel a few years ago and have started to make them for DC comics too.

From Marvel, so far they have released:

Black Widow:


Scarlet Witch:


Phoenix/Dark Phoenix:

Emma Frost:

Black Cat:

Ms. Marvel:

Invisible Woman:




From DC so far:



Wonder Woman:


Poison Ivy:

Concept art for a Storm figure in the making:


Unknown Adventures at Comic-Con

I arrived at the convention just a little before the panel around . The line for the panel had an enormous turnout and I thought I wouldn’t be able to get in. But the IGN Theater where the panel was huge. After some waiting, we saw the launch trailer in full theater quality. Everything about this game from the graphics to story to the music is so awesomely packed that it feels like a dream game! I think these trailer have long since convinced at how awesome this game is going to be, but every time a new trailer comes out it manages to usurp even the previous one. That's the insanity of it! I hope that the panelists and the all the people who played a hand in the development of this game continue to work for a long time in the future and make great awesome game like this one.

P.S. If I go missing for a month, it's severely likely that I got lost in Arkham City ;p

After that amazing panel, I walked around and took lots of awesome cosplay photos. Pardon the quality of some of the pieces on here, I got myself a camera last minute and it wasn’t a really good one. Seeing all of the awesome cosplay, which characters a fan choose to cosplay and all the creative elements towards making the costume are one of the most fundamental elements of these conventions.

Later, I went to the Artist Alley to meet some of the coolest creators. There were huge lines but I managed to meet Francis Manapul (that’s the current writer and artist of Flash if you don’t know) and Dustin Nguyen (who's working on a secret Batman related book). I got an awesome Galactus sketch by Manapul too!


hsalC fo eht scimoC 040

Quorra vs. Zatanna


Quorra is an Isomorph or ISO from the Grid in the Tron Universe. After manifesting themselves from nothingness, the ISOs integrated themselves into the Grid before Clu decided they represented an imperfection and should be eliminated. She is the only one remaining.

Zatanna is the daughter of the renowned magician John Zatara. Her first appearances revolved around her search for her missing father. She became a prominent character once she was elected to be a part of the Justice League.

Tammy: I do like the Quorra's origin (in fact I wrote a blog about it) but in terms of actual fleshed out origins I would have to go with Zatanna here.

Unknown: Zatanna has had quite a journey starting from a minor character whom only made minute appearances now and then to becoming one of the most prominent DC character.


Sort of similar to the Matrix, the ISOs in the Grid (as well as the users) have some ability to alter the world which they live in. This means acrobatics involving themselves or machines are not impossible thus making them adept fighters. Quorra was also shown to be able to regenerate herself with the aid of a user.

Agile and prepared

Zatanna’s powers are nearly limitless as she can do almost anything that she can think of doing. In order to cast spells, she has to speak out loud the incantations backwards. In dire circumstances, she has also performed blood magic which allows her to conjures even more powerful spells.

Tammy: I think magic would still work in the grid, so there is nowhere that Quorra could beat Zatanna.

Unknown: Zatanna – I’d hate to think what would happen if she ever didn’t have us regular folks’ best interests at heart!


The Tron costumes are pretty iconic among science fiction films. With Tron Legacy they were updated to look even edgier. Quorra wears the updated version of this costume, black with lighted lines running along the costume.

Zatanna has had relatively few costume changes over the years and her most prominent one by far is the one with the fishnets, a professional looking coat and most importantly sporting a top hat! She also used to wear a cape for some time. In the new Justice League Dark, her appearance has taken a more practical route.

Tammy: Depending on the Zatanna costume some of them have been kind of unsightly and others have been good (I like the newest version.) I will go with a tie here, because I thought the design of Quorra was really good.

Here it is, if you still haven't seem it!

Unknown: Zatanna – All of her costumes have been great additions, well, except for that one time I found myself agreeing with Etrigan of all people…


As first portrayed, she is naive and interested in learning. This is the result of being a self aware computer program. Despite a synthetic intelligence, she still displays the ability to emote by showing loyalty to the Flynns (the main characters of the movies)

Even though Zatanna has done some questionable things in the past, her heart has remained pure. She has at times felt guilty about erasing the memories of others, the most notable instance of removing the memories of the villain Doctor Light. This has caused both mental and physical strain for her and led to a period where Zatanna lost her powers.

Zatanna coping with the loss of her powers

Tammy: Zatanna is one of my favourites in comics, and it is for a reason. Despite being the most powerful sorcerer on Earth, she is still written with a bit of frailty.

Unknown: Zatanna is a complex character that yet also feels very relatable.


The concept of life manifesting itself from nowhere is an interesting one and ties heavily into the theory of evolution. It is not necessarily 100% accurate, but it was still portrayed well in this story.

Zatanna is renowned as one of the most powerful magicians in the DC Universe. She also performs stage magic and fortune readings in order to make a living and is renowned as somewhat of a celebrity.

Gee, thanks for the overwhelming praise!

Tammy: Have to go with Quorra here, I love that presentation of evolution even if it is not 100% accurate.

Unknown: Zatanna’s other activities give more dimensions to her character and only makes her adventures more enjoyable!

Best Story:

Best story doesn't apply as much here as the character has appeared in only one movie. I would say her rescue of Sam and then subsequent revelation that she could be healed by Kevin was probably her highlight in the movie. Or maybe the part where she chose to sacrifice herself so that she could distract Tron while the others escaped.

Tron the movie!

Her team up with Batman where the two worked together to confront the Joker. Pretty much anything by Paul Dini, including Zatanna’s stories in the DC animated Universe, are fine choices.

Tammy: Zatanna wins by default by having more than one story.

Unknown: Too many great ones for Zatanna!

Fun Fact:

Well ... when Quorra escapes the Grid to the real world she is still basically made up as she was in the grid, save that her appearance has changed slightly in that she is now wearing skin tight leather. Still how did she figure out how to do her makeup so fast? That is a pretty advanced look that I couldn’t just copy.

She finds dolls and dummies to be creepy.

Tammy: The makeup thing for Quorra is actually one of the things I liked least about that movie. They could have toned it down a bit for the real world.

Unknown: I have no knowledge of makeup but those dummies/puppets DO look creepy!

Except, in this case it's rather cute!!

The Case Files of Sharon Carter

Sharon Carter, also known as Agent 13 in the field is one of the finest agents S.H.I.E.L.D. has had to offer in its history. Inspired from the adventures of her aunt Peggy Carter in World War II, Sharon has pursued a similar career. It was not long until she met Captain America and began to be romantically involved with him.

Although Sharon can take care of herself in battle, being involved with Steve has placed her on a heightened level of risk. So the question that must be asked is whether if Sharon has become a liability?

Being Steve’s love interest has led Sharon to face larger obstacles than she’s had to face in her career as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.

She’s had to go up against Steve’s enemies – the likes of the Red Skull, Baron Zemo, the mysterious Shadow Council and more Super Soldier degenerates than I could care to count.

The possibility of Sharon being a liability first arose to me when she was used in the Red Skull’s plot to “kill” Captain America. I use the term “kill” loosely because it wasn’t until later it was discovered that the bullet used on Steve wasn’t for killing him but a far worse condition, that to torment him, and have him relive all of the horrific memories from his past. I, myself often experience nightmares from the war and wish that I could forget those moments.

However around that time, Sharon’s actions were overlooked because of what amounts to three reasons. One, the shooter could’ve been anyone from the crowd when Steve gave himself over to the authorities. The event created too much hysteria which brings me to the second point, but as it seems clear now it was the perfect opportunity for the Red Skull to strike when the superhero community was left confounded.

Two, was the scale of the Civil War. It was an unnecessary battle that diverted the attention of the superheroes from the real villains and menace to society. That buffoon Stark ended up taking all the blame for the loss of Steve from having sided with villains. But, third and most importantly, I was not in the position to do anything at the time.

Being brainwashed by the Skull was not a unique instance for Sharon. Not too recently, she was captured by the Shadow Council and used as a bargain for the body of Shang-Chi.

And just a few days ago, she was attacked in her home by Zemo, although she managed to evade capture this time.

Sharon’s physique isn’t boosted by the Super Soldier serum or the Infinity Formula. She is only peak human. Nevertheless she has performed some extraordinary tasks in her service with both S.H.I.E.L.D. and now the Avengers. She has received training from Valkyrie and Stark has made modifications to her combat suit.

Overall, judging from my experience with Sharon, I believe she should be able to do better. She should be competing with Natasha or even Elektra in terms of skills.

However it is possible that her relationship with Steve has turned her a bit complacent and into a damsel in distress. This matter needs further investigation.

“Borrowed” from the files of Sir Nicholas Fury


One Time~ (A Musical)

One Time~

I was a glorious king!

who had

a throne and natural resources!

but now ... I am ... just a ... two-time ... vigilante

(dun dun)

Oh! One Time~

I was a mindless assassin!

who had

no purpose to be!

but now ... I have ... feelings ... and ... friends

(duna nana dun dun)

One Time~

I was a powerful hero!

who had

been on the Avengers roster!

but now ... I ... don't have ... any ... powers

(dun dun)

Oh! One Time~

I was the face of organized crime!

who was

looked up to by other villains!

but now ... I am ... just a ... "legitimate" ... businessman

(dun dun

duna nana dun dun

dun dun

duna nana dun dun

dun duna nun dun dun (slow) )

One Time~

I was a laughing stock!

who had

no fanbase at all!

but now ... I am ... going to ... put that all ... behind

(dun dun)

Oh! One Time~

I was a superhero!

who had

some dignity!

but now ... I am ... just a .... sexual ... fantasy

(dana nana dun dun)

One Time!

I was stuck in a chair!

who had

her better days past!

but now ... I am ... back ... "stretching ... my legs"

(dun dun)

Oh! One Time~

I was a killer mercenary!

who had

a reputation to keep!

but now ... I am ... still ... just ... the same

(All together now)

For ... better ... or for worse ... we have all ... changed much!


This one was just something I made up while I was bored. I hope you enjoyed it and thank you for reading! Were you able to figure out all the characters that are singing this?

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A Modest Proposal

Babies in comics are usually treated very peculiarly. They are always used as ransom by the villains and often even neglected by their parents. Sometimes it isn’t intentional but it all happens just the same. We first look at some examples, and then offer a modest proposal for how to avoid the troublesome nature that comes with babies.

In the Amazing Spider-man story arc, Origin of the Species, Doctor Octopus hires many of Spider-man’s rogues gallery for the sole task of stealing Harry Osborn’s girlfriend, Menace’s baby. Nevermind what experiments he plans to do on the baby, he simply seems to have nothing better to do. This isn’t even an isolated case, and other villains like Mysterio have also ransomed babies in order to blackmail heroes for one thing or another.

Following the same trend, the Skrull Jarvis kidnapped Luke Cage’s and Jessica Jones’ baby in order to hold it for ransom against being able to escape. Fortunately, he was found before something terrible happened to the baby, but this event only shows that no baby is ever really safe from harm.

Although some unintentionally, lots of babies have been neglected by their parents as well. Over the past few years, the Hulk, Batman and Wolverine have had sons whom they didn’t know about for a long time. Not only does this make the heroes look irresponsible but the kids also seek revenge and blame their parents for their misfortunes. There are even some babies are never heard of again, like Catwoman’s, who gave hers up for adoption.

These cases are just the usual cases that occur to babies that exist in comics. There are far more complicated and crazier instances. Like in Wanda’s case, how she lost her twin babies, I’ll never quite understand. Also in Mark Millar’s Ultimate Avengers, he shows the brutality of the Ultimate Red Skull by stabbing multiple babies just for fun. I mean, the Joker isn’t even that sick (and he’s pretty sick sometimes!)

After looking at all of the scenarios, there is only one sure way that all of these misfortunes can be avoided. And that is if we roast the babies. We could have a grand feast and avoid all the terrible circumstances that accompany babies. We won’t have to worry about their uncertain future any longer.


Can you beat my high score?

Who: You need to be a member of CV to set a new high score (obviously) but anyone can play! ;>

What: Beat my High score or set a new high score in this game called Bean Bag Tag.

Where: The link to play is here

Why: If you're bored. Looking for a challenge or some fun. Either way try it out!

How: The directions are presented before you start playing but you could've probably figure it out on your own even if they weren't given. It's incredibly simple! You might have to install some Adobe Shockwave player to start playing though.

So without further ado, enjoy!


Clash of the Comics #38: Cyclops vs. Wildcat

Huh? Me?

Cyclops vs. Wildcat

Oh wooooow!

I said Wildcat, not goat! Get out both of you! Let's try this again!

Clash o---


---of the---

I'm looking for a man cub

Aaaugh! Nonononono! You need this height to be in and sorry no wild pets! umm...hehehehe Shoo!

You and you get in the ring!


Now that's what I call some badass entrances!


Scott Summers, also known as "Slim", along with his brother Alex was the sole survivor of an airplane crash. He was raised in an orphanage but ran away when his mutant ability began to manifest itself and started to go haywire. Professor X rescued him from a lynch mob at an opportune moment (just like how all rescues work!) and Scott became the first pupil of the Xavier Institute and an X-man too, to boast.

Setting out his public image

Boxing star Ted Grant was inspired to become a hero after hearing about the adventures of Green Lantern (the golden age GL)

MrUnknown: The whole mutant getting rescued and then joining the X-men stint is sort of overdone in the case of origin stories. Granted, this is the first symptom, and that although the origin has experienced some relative quakes over the years, it has for the most part stayed intact. I’ll give it the slight edge on this one.

RazzaTazz: I give the edge to Wildcat here because not only is his origin pure golden age in inspiration, but he also factors heavily into the origins of other characters as he has trained many of them.


Scott wears a ruby quartz visor in order to restrain his radiation based powers. At full strength, Cyclops' optic blasts have been said to level a mountain and measured to be almost 2 Gigawatts of energy. Without his visor or same material made glasses, Scott is unable to control his powers. Also, similar to Superman, he needs to "recharge" his powers through the sun's rays.

Oh and he can also light birthday candles!

None other than highly skilled in hand-to-hand combatant. He does have a few super abilities, multiple lives, enhanced eyesight and slowed aging, though these are not highlighted very often.

MrUnknown: Cyclops shall win easily if there is some distance between the two. However, if the two are standing opposite in a boxing ring, then perhaps Wildcat can give Scott a black eye before they can go all red, if he can move those old bones fast enough, maybe…


RazzaTazz: Cyclops wins here, even with only the one eye.


Scott has had a few costume changes over the years - slight updates and tweaks, nothing extraordinary that he becomes even remotely unrecognizable. His current one is somewhat considered the best.

The various changes over the years

Black with a cat motif, often with boxing wraps on hands.

MrUnknown: Cyclops has had a bit of a wardrobe variety whereas Wildcat has worn the same outfit for so long. How horrendously it must smell by now, maybe this is his strategy to makes his opponents lose their concentration in the ring allowing him to easily win in those boxing matches!

Remember me? I was in the world class tournament!

RazzaTazz: I will go with Cyclops for at least some variety. On the plus side though, at least he doesn't dress like Balrog.


Scott doesn't have so much of a personality. Usually all the other characters that he surrounds himself with just steal the show from him. *hint hint Emma Frost Wolverine... even Pixie* However, since the latest death of Jeannie, Scott has become a stern figure, like one of those army type G. I. Joe guys, with a "for the greater good" agenda like Ra's, and where his philosophy matches better with Magneto than the dreamy - everything will work out, Professor X.

One of the patriarchal figures of the DCU, he often acts as more of a mentor than all-out superhero. Has trained numerous heroes in hand-to-hand combat.

Trainer for new heroes

MrUnknown: There’s nothing interesting about Cyclops here. It’s like trying to get a tree to say something interesting. It’s not gonna happen.


RazzaTazz: Some will disagree with us, but I agree, Cyclops has all the personality of a sponge.


Cyclops seems to have a thing for telepaths and they seem to have a thing for him too from Jean Grey, to coincidental Jean Grey look alike who also coincidentally seems to have the same powers named Madelyne Pyror, and then Emma Frost, who fell in love with him during their sex therapy sessions. Not to mention Professor X who has been the motherly figure to Scott.

Successor to Charles

Pretty much the Energizer Bunny of superheroes. Still fighting crime into his old age.

Well... sometimes his age catches up to him

MrUnknown: There’s something about old guys in fiction that I’m rather fond of. And it’s because I’m 382 years old!

RazzaTazz: When others are collecting social security Ted Grant is providing a different kind of security, so I go for him here.

Best Story:

Cyclops has been with the X-men ever since kindergarten and only missed class for a day or two. So he's as consistent to the X-men as trouble is, which makes selecting a single story all that more difficult. I would say his early years were better, but his role as headmaster has felt like a natural progression for the character.

Leader of the X-men

Although it is likely something much older that I don’t know about, recent stories involving gog and Magog offered interesting dilemmas for the character.

MrUnknown: Even though Cyclops has not been the center of attention for some of the early stories, he has always had a crucial role in most of them. There are just way too many great ones as well.

RazzaTazz: I will go with Cyclops here, so many pivotal X-Men moments have involved him.

Fun Fact:

The first time when Scott left the X-men right on the heels of Jean's death and joined Lee Forrester's sailing crew. He was playing pool and secretly used his optic blast to hit the ball, instead of, you know, the stick that he was holding in his hand. Nevermind, how he got every single ball in with that one stroke, I'm still confounded by how the table not only survived the concussion but hadn't even a scratch on it and no one heard or saw Scott doing that.

This only feels like a small feat compared to that!

Had an affair with Hippolyta when she traveled to the past.

MrUnknown: There’s one thing about explaining how Scott was able get such a shot through geometrical alignment, rotational motion calculation, spherical aberration, energy loss and transfer but how did that table not turn to dust and smoke?!

RazzaTazz: Doesn't that mean he is Wonder Woman's dad? Well seriously I thought that was an interesting addition to Amazon lore and cleared up some other questions.

Media Appearances:

Cyclops is synonymous with the X-men. Where ever, they go Scott goes and vice-versa. So he's in X-men, X2, X-men: Last Stand and will be there even in X-men MXIV.

Small roles in JLU, Brave and the Bold and Smallville.

Time for my gofu baku technique!

MrUnknown: Cyclops has way too gigantic a presence in this category for this to be a competition. So make way for Commander Cyke!

The "We like Cyke!" Club

RazzaTazz: I will choose Cyclops (coming from a James Marsden fan though)


Having an X-staff meeting, or monitoring the Stepford Cuckoos who monitor the giant computer thing that monitors all the mutants depending on which series we are talking about.

Member of the JSA

MrUnknown: With the news release that the Justice League is to be the world’s first assembly of heroes, it seems that the title that once belonged to the Justice Society is no longer true. Also, since there is no sign so far of the Justice Society, we’re not sure what this bodes for Wildcat and his teammates.

RazzaTazz: Wait a minute, no more JSA? That is kind of unfortunate for 60 years of Justice Society history

Cyclops: 12; Wildcat: 6

That was tougher than the danger room sessions!
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