okay, so i know im not the only person on here who is getting sick of characters like flash winning all of the battles because they seem to think they can speedbitz everyone, i would love to see Wally attempt that on Thor,, i don't think it would work out,

does anyone elec. agree with me that there getting too much credit? i mean come on, the only ways of beating them is by a strong magic user, or a strong energy projector, and even then, the speedsters still get argued for,

i think its all rubbish,

if flash were to try and speedbitz someone like Thor, most people would say, Flash wins, but personally, i don't see a god of thunder going down so easily

maby im just wrong?

Im sorry if i am, but i can't live with speedsters besting some of the world greatest Super heros and super villans just because there fast

Im sorry but beings like, HUlk, Thor, Wonder Woman, Superman.... they will ALWAYS beat speedsters in my opinion

(unless its Zoom)

but thats another blog,

comments and ideas on the subject are greatly appreciated :)

Posted by higher_evolutionary
@mrtrevorguy: yeah i am pissed off too
speedsters werent really that powerful before until a d#$% named grant morrison skyrocketed everyone's abilities to the point any leaguer appearing in a fight makes him almost automatically the winner
Posted by Degalon

Well...a big part of the deal is that they are superfast.

Aka, faster than the other characters. The way I see it, they are pretty UNDERpowered. Because realistically, they'd just see the opponent, and BAM, fight's over, they do whatever it takes to beat the opponent before the opponent can even react.

Which is a big reason I liked Zoom. He was the only villain the Flashes had no hope of doing that against.