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Ivy is notorious for liking nothing, but her plants and well, Harley. Could it be that she likes Harley as more than a friend? I’ve read numerous comics, which where NOT fan-fics, that indicate that this might be so.

In one Harley was talking to Batgirl saying, “Ivy and I do that.” And Batgirl wants an explanation so Harley says, “You know, the stuff that is rumored about you and Super Girl.” To this Batgirl gives a look of disgust, which indicates that Harley and Ivy must have had sexual relations.

Harley might be searching for love from anyone that might be willing to give it to her, but I think that with Ivy it might not just be “for fun”. What do you guys think?

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Where could I find a good replica of Ganondorf's sword from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time? I want it to be something that's worth the buy. Like not some cheap 20$ sword. It also needs to be purchasable in Canada. It's going to be a present for my significant other! Thanks for your help!

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They can have all the prep-time the want, who would win?

--I believe Joker, but then again, my answer is biased.
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Totally. If I was rich. I would buy this AND Detective Comics #27! Plus the first issue of Batman, just because I'm such a fan of the Joker...Aww how I wish I was rich.

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I haven't been a fan of Damian from the get-go. I just didn't like the idea that "Batman had a son" and then as time went by I was like, "oh so they decided to keep him". Lol. I just thought he'd be another Jason Todd (who I'm actually much more fond of).

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It seems as though he has stopped writing for Detective comics, so I was wondering if he's up to anymore DCU stuff or if he's simply going to work on some of his own creations. Does anyone know?

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Is there way to change the order of "my favourites" list?
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Joker! Even if you say "hand-to-hand" Joker would find a way of cheating.