Stan Lee's Superhumans a new show to add to my list!

Ok so i'm sitting home today watching  history channel (hey don't judge me) and the show heroes' unmasked is on and they show an advertisement for the show so, me being the inquisitive person I am I check it out and it didn't disappoint!  I loved the fact the Stan Lee moderated the show and had a guy (Daniel) who had superpowers visiting other people and seeing their powers and then taking them to experts to explain how they are able to do what they can.  Daniel is super flexible like Mr. Fantastic and we saw a Human Electrical current (electro), a blind man who uses sound to see (Daredevil), a human Calculator (Ultron, get what i'm saying) and a man with superhuman strength(Powerman..well he was white and I can't say superman since he can't fly lol) that was able to bypass muscle fiber walls and access total muscle fibers..THIS GUY STRAIGHTED OUT A HORSESHOE AND BENT A WRENTCH USING MORE THAN 1000LBS OF PRESSURE WITH HIS BAREHANDS!!!  Well this being said with shows like Heroes and Chuck it's great to see a show with real people with real powers and then seeing the science beind it which made me wanna jump in a tub of Atomic Waste or get bitten by a radioactive chicken or something!  Well for those interested it comes on Thursday nights and next week they wil feature a monk(Ironfirst) who feels almost no pain and hits with the force more powerful than a car ramming into you at more than 35mph so I know where I will be next week the question is will you true believers be there.


Scott Pilgrim ROCKED!!!!

First off sorry for the delay in posting something and thanks to those who are following me now, on to more important things.  I was luck enough to see a sneak preview Weds and I have to say it didn't disappoint,  the fact the to movie referenced the comic and certain aspects made me happy as well as the comic book like battle scenes.  When the  movie begins its as if you are reading the comic in 3D (don't worry you will get it when you see the movie) and, the fact that they constantly pay homage to the comic with obscure things that we hold dear to adaptations will please you as well.  But if I have to say the one thing that made me stand up and clap is the final battle scene (or is it scenes..insert evil laugh) so in closing if you hate movies that take a perfectly good comic book story line and destroys it (SPIDERMAN 3 AND X-MEN3 AND ANG LEE'S HULK) then  you will LOVE Scott Pilgrim Vs the World Chris Evans scene was hilarious and who knew that Michael Cera cold jam on the guitar but I give this movie on my critic scale an EXCELSIOUR!!  That would be a 5 out of 5 lol.


Comic-con wrap up with pics

Had a great time with the crew of comicvine at SDCC 2010, went to a few panels and fell in LOVE with the Burger lounge!!!  The Captain America,Thor,Avengers panel didnt disappoint while the Green Lantern did I mean COME ON all we saw was his fist turn green WTF!  I got to meet Chris Evans in my Cap which was great as well as a few other celebs.  I am a HUGE "V" fan and got to hang out with the cast and even got to meet Jeff Bridges chance to hang with Stan "the man" Lee on two occasions was GREAT!!!!  I want to thank the Staff again for making my trip fun and making me feel like a part of the team oh and one more thing I got to meet Rob Liefeld in my DEADPOOL which was SWEEEEEEEET!  But anyway here are a few pics enjoy.







 They don't realize I am a V  who has infiltrated!!

 Deadpool loves the ponies

 Blue Marvel

SDCC and what it means to me.

It's 2:21am tues or will it be considered weds, anyway I was thinking what is it about SDCC that gets us all riled up?  Is it the chance to get that book we have been hunting for (Deadpool siege variant), is it the chance to get a sketch or ask a question, or a sneak peek at whats coming up in the movies or comics or to meet and greet people?  I say all of the above, I never really had true friends and by that I mean we hit the gym we hang we talk about life and problems and we all share our love of comics, my friends and I do all of that except for the comics.  Why is it that when you are a kid collecting its cool but as an adult it's weird?  This my friends is why SDCC and other cons big and small are important to me and I hope you too, my cousin asked me to explain it to him one day while he stood there in his saggin pants talking slang (GOD I HATE THAT OUR YOUTH LIKES THAT STYLE) and I told him "SDCC and comic conventions to me are like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was to the kids".  He stood there for a sec looked at me and said "Yo now that I can feel and understand it's serious like that cuz" I replied yes and he smiled gave me dap and a hug.  We for the most part are outsiders because of our love for comics but how many places can you go into a jam packed room hold up you first and say "In brightest day and blackest night" and have the whole room start to recite with you well my friends at the cons you can.  I still recall last year hanging with the comicvine staff and meeting people from the site and other boards and forums and I  left feeling like I made new friends and new relationships.  This is why I love the cons for this is the one place where we can truly let our hair down and geekout to the nth level!!!

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Marvel is making movies and DC is making up their minds

Here we are with the movie season upon us and I have to say Ironman 2 didn't disappoint at all but, left up to me we would have seen more Scarlet Widow fighting and maybe a little more War Machine as well.  I know that Marvel has a lineup set and DC keeps moving the goal post, although there is the Green Lantern movie I haven't heard much aside froma Batman that hasn't been cast yet and a Superman/Batman,Wonder Woman. Justice League and a few others that are nothing but urban myths.  When is DC going to wake up and get it in gear?  I would like to know when are the suits going to give the people what they want and green light these projects before they are left in the dust.  Is it money problems, is it fear of failure or is it that they can't find the right script?  Well guess what DC you have the right script it's right there in from of you and it's called the comics you published and if that's not it well get your finances in order and make something other than Batman movies for goodness sakes!


why not a yearly Amalgam event?

I know I have come up with  some good food for thought but this one is a dozy!  We all remember the time when dc and marvel shook hands and played nice with the amalgam label but how cool would it be to have this as a yearly event!  I mean think of it we don't have to have the story line with the whole confused guy blending  both universes well this time just have the books come out for about  2-3 months each year.  You don't need an ancor storyline just pump-out good 2-3 month crossovers to keep us excited about something new and makes us wonder what will happen next.  Just imagine deathstroke/deadpool=strokepool or how about X23/jade=Jade23, THINK OF THE POSSABILITIES!!! I know it's wishful thinking but it would be such a novel idea to put a fire underneath the labels and heck we can even throw Image in there to boot.  Who knows maybe someone in DC or Marvel will get the idea and bring it to light because I know I for 1 loved it when the series was ongoing so, what do you people think?


I remember when dead was dead in comics!

Ok I may be showing my age or maybe my naive nature but remember when a hero or villain died and they STAYED DEAD!  I know that it's a good sales boost but sometimes I just want to look at the editor and say "REALLY", case in point when Hawkman and Hawkgirl died in "Blackest Night" it really tore my heart up.  I know this is a terrible example since they die more than Jay Leno (sorry I am a Conan O'Brien fan) but the point being is when there is a death we run the emotional gambit and then someone says "hey sales are slipping lets bring back that hero that was blown to bits or had his/her head cut off".  I get blackest night and other arcs and I get the sales aspect but why not, ok this is something new comic companys TRY AND WRITE GOOD ARCS THAT DONT REQUIRE DEATHS!!  It seems to me like that is just a quick way to get hype for your comic instead of just writing a good story and then when someone dies and we are all saying  "nope that are not dead" the company puts out all these releases saying "They are dead no coming back" well, in Blackest Night is was stated that dead is dead now but, I wont hold my breath on that


Where have all my good superhero cartoons gone???

well here we are again and what do I want to get off my chest today, well I'll tell you what it is, what ever happened to the good ole cartoons?  I don't mean bugs and that stuff I mean the old marvel cartoons, remember the ones with the comics captain america,hulk,iron man and namor?  They had the cool songs and it was pulled from the comic because it was the comic, man I could watch those and sing the theme songs all day long but now they are gone.  I know that we have to move with the times but what I am talking about is how superhero cartoons were cool not the "ok let's make spiderman look like a uber-nerd with a rectangle type head and put it on disney xd" whatever happened to my cartoons that didnt have to look to kiddy like huh?  I know this sounds crazy but I was looking at the Justice League cartoon episode  "Blackheart" which as cool and then turned to that piece of crap spiderman cartoon you know the one with him and flash and the crew and eddie brock is in school with him and I thought "wow this is really a piece of crap"  I just had to get that off my mind.

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