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How is Andrew Garfield a worthwhile voice in the field of what Superman should or shouldn't be?

This is the clown that managed to make Spider-Man unlovable. A gross miss-characterization like that should disqualify him from any input into the matter. [satire]But hey, durrr, girls won't see a movie for the plot so we need a pretty-boy for the lead![/satire]

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I always get a kick when people bring up Katara and Sokka from Avatar. Yeah, they were portrayed by two white kids in the film. That's completely different from the cartoon, where they are played by two white kids.

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Should be a welcome break from filming Buddy Comedy no. 2376.

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Raven's base powers aren't really combat-oriented. Perez and Wolfman originally developed her as a healer and an empath, with the occasional use of her Deus Ex style Soul Self. They didn't really see it as necessary to define her powers in line with anyone else's. I consider that an admirable storytelling choice.

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We get so many new superhero films each year, I'm completely desensitized to their release. Honestly, I feel absolutely no anticipation for these things anymore. I skipped Wolverine and Thor this year (though I may catch Thor at a dollar theater). Iron Man 3 just wasn't memorable. I do feel Man of Steel warrants a second viewing.

As a reader, I feel we need to stop caring about the films. They're for general consumption, the entertainment equivalent of pizza and hamburgers. They aren't made by people who grew up on the comics (unlike animation). We're rewarding an industry made up of the sorts of people who just see the readers as a built-in source of marketing.

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The greatest sin of the New 52: making Amanda Waller thin.

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He's right. Football rivalries in Europe often get violent between fans.

What do Marvel/DC fans do? They debate, and rarely in person.

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That isn't a red cage. That's part of the invisible plane coated in ... something.

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Except Joker wasn't the original Red Hood. Red Hood was a fabrication, organized crime put the helmet on whoever was their in a given crime. If the Red Hood got away, it bolstered the myth. If he got arrested, he took the blame for every Red Hood crime. That was the brilliance of the scheme.

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Who mounts their toilet paper that high in the bathroom?