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Glad to see this show continues to hit the foundation of basic modern superheroe myth and this weeks its the spider-man complex aka they all have blood on their hands.

Ok so Victor Garber is Dr. Martin Stein and that's a recent casting so how are they going to retconn him into the night though I guess RObbie Amell could be teloported somewhere else.

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I thought All-New Ultimates was ending too going by the solicits

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Probably just the Multiversity and Earth 2: World's End #3 this week, if I hear good things about the new Deathstroke maybe that

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@cattlebattle: I think the story that Bryke and Co. have been telling over these 3+ seasons has actually been worth telling. You have a women in Korra dealing with both expectation as the Avatar and the fact that is ingrained in her identity. As well as a variety of socio-political stances to contend with. The second season is soo much better in retrospect and able to understand it as a whole as opposed to a weekly/individual segment perspective. Season 3 was such consistent quality in terms of writing and action setpieces.

I'd argue of course that this show exists because of its fans since they represent a market (and fairly sizable one at that).

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Secret Six is the DC book I am most looking forward to. Only recently started reading it on ComixOlogy and o man it's fantastic. It's the kind of fringe mainstream comics that I love.

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The edition of the Leage of Assassins theme and the slight mid eastern tones ht through out the night gave the first act and a half a real nice noir-ish feel to it. Suddenly the typical B-roll of Vancouver (or heck it could be Toronto that cities the character actor of cities), feel and look kind of cool and not just ya know scene transition.

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Ok suicide squad movie please be more Ostrander and less new52, which is t bad but yea

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Solid second episode for the show, they've got a nice formula and now that they've got Barry's various fathers coming together in understanding they've got an extra 5 minutes to play with. Jesse L. Martin is so nicely cast for this show he just exudes AWESOME desheveled Dad. Ed also continues to be great love his little kinda of smary voice affection when he chides Barry.

Kinda bummed Stagg is donezo sure MEtamorpho would need to be retooled but hey Metamorpho is cool he's got four colors!

Was surpriginly ok with the action it clearly can't be Arrow and there are definatly mreo VFX shots to consider but overall thought they repreented Multiplex well enough. Bullet time is a tad old but that's becaus ethe Matrix is like 15 years old =(

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OK we must decied first is it Civil War 2: The Quickening or Civil War 2: Civil War Harder? Ya know the clearly important stff.

Man I hope this isn't a big event, Civil War is like the only modern Marvel event I kind of like

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Yep this looks like a show where David Slade directed the pilot and that's fantastic.