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I get why Gordd isn't voice by Powers Boothe but man who dosen't want Boothe voiceing a sentients semian?

Also Grodd looks really good, one of the best things about The Flash has been its usage and contextualization of VFX heavy super heroics that create big set pieces but work for the cheap.

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Ok no idea who the actor is on the right but he seems like a pre eye patch Deathstroke. As a fan of Arrow I am overall digging the kind of Gritty Campe aesthtic Ayer seems to be employing. Party Girl Harley isn't my favorite rendition of the character but it makes sense when the Joker looks like some ICP reject.

I can't tell what's up with Jai Courtney's face.

I like the texture on the Deadshot mask but the dissonace it creates with the rest of his color scheme kind of annoys me. Lawton is the right kind of narcissitic jerk who totally would paint his guns to match his outfit like its COD (which he has in that picture) so why not the mask man?

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@etragedy: I posted a similar thread around the same time you did. Same problem heard nothing.

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This film is a bit flabby compared to its predecessor, but that film ran like clockwork. And really if they just didn't do the Thor sub plot or expanded on it things may have felt better. Overall though Whedon rightly finds the humanity in these characters and exposes what makes a hero in a way Man of Steel never did.

Spader was more than good enough as Ultron. But if only we had more Jule Delpy.

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Ah this was a nice episode, that felt a lot like a S2 episode where they did a bunch of totally comic book stuff (Canary Cry) but in their own way and it made since. We had clear episodic theme on top of mirrors to bounce said theme off of, a couple decent fight scenes and largely good character work with the campy melodrama I adore.

Katrina Law better not die and needs to stick around for either whatever Untitled Flash/Arrow Spin Off show is or more friendship adventure with Laurel.

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Amell and LAw's faces at the end were pretty perfect.

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Originally I thought this something to do with my cache or something. But having used several other computeres not logged into my account, it seems to be something on ya'll's end.

I've written 200+ reviews but only my most recent one is showing up in the archive.

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Suicide Squad is the DC feature I'm most looking forward to even if I think David Ayer has a grim unknowing aesthtic. And for the most part I don't mind this iteration of The Joker design. Except for the face ink, "Damaged" seems waaaay to self aware and ironic for The Joker. All the other ink can/will be covered up by costuming, though he'll liking be in a tank top in his cell but still that isn't too bad.

o please be good.

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I have the sinking feeling that "The Master Race" is being used without irony. Because really Frank Miller neo con loon maker of facist Batman is co-writting a title with clear links to Nazi ideology. O goody. Hopefull Azzerllo carries most of the weight.

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@dernman: that is exactly why beause the script is in too many hands and everyone thinks they've got a better idea than the other person. Though there are legitimate production and generic expectations to be had, all this committee feature film writing is kind of lame. Though worth noting that Perlman is only listed as co-writer of Guardians because she wrote the first draft for Marvel (that got them to look at the property) and Gunn did a page 1 rewrite but due to chain of creation and excellent WGA rules Perlman is listed as such. It's the same reason why Goyer's name is still attached ot BvS despite getting booted/leaving and Terrio doing essenitally page 1 rewrite.

If you want a particuarly thorny/crazy writing experince look into the production of Punisher: War Zone great aesthetic movie but the fact the writing of that film was so tortured makes sooo much sense.

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@the_stegman: How is Daenerys a bad leader? She is stuck between a rock and a hard place trying to unify and bring agreed upon rules to two sides that do not liek eachother (to say the least). She made the right decision twice this episode. Giving the Son of the Harpy a trial is the just move. Publicly executing the the councilman who killed him, defying her orders and authority, was also the right call. Unpopular decisions to be sure but she is caught between the Dragon and Mythsa, a figure who wants equality but rules through monarchy and arguably facisit dictaorship.