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@madeinbangladesh: its not really that surprising, TV devlopment is a constantly turning wheel where you actually don't see the majority of it and with Hollywoods love for brand recognition comics are the new hot licensing property. Besides this is just Mark Millar's endgame.

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Easily, The Judas Contract

It's a surprisingly precient storyline. Terra is an utter sociopath she isn't mind controlled, she wasn't slowly turned no she was just evil to begin with. At the sametime its some just great melodrama with Terra's just pure hatred and the backstory of Slade and JEricho.

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She diected some of the most visually interesting episodes of BrBa, next ot Rian Johnson.

Now I just gotta hope the script is there, which isn't common for these kinda films =(

Please don't look like a Snyder film, Please have colors, Please have character, Please don't have David Goyer any where near this.

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It's abotu time we got a meta fandom surrogate on this show and might as well use Cupid for that. Really dug Amy Gumenick totally camp preformance, it's the type of unhinged that the show hasn't done in a while.

Not sure why, but, something about Felicity being wowed by all the material things didn't feel right for her character.

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Girder was rather effectivly used. That actor Greg Finley as Bully who's a big o'll slab of man meat and making him a bully who couldn't really think beyond High School (or I guess Elemntary Shool in this case) was just enough.

I continue to love how Jesse L Martin is constantly in a hat in flashbacks because they don't wana give him a bad wig.

So the Flash beat Girder with essentially his super move from Injustice that's nice.

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What's with the Ultimates #1 cover on Avengers?

Yea I looking this over just really interested in Spider-Gwen and the usual Ms. Marvel.

Pretty sure Black Vortex is going to make me stop reading All-New X-Men for a while same way Battle of the Atom made me stop reading it, not the biggest fan of big weekly crossovers.

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New Frontier and Kingdom Come together for under $10 is a fine deal. Kinda wish they had the Perez WW on sale too but o well.

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Jai Courtney is more the actor I expect in a SS film. That said, I loved him in Spartacus but man I really hope the script is good. IF not this movie is totally dead.

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i'm bummed they didn't Bill Bixby Plastique, could of reintroduced her and Gen. Elling at a later day. Honestly that whole death thing happened a bit too fast for me, like they went through the logical necessary steps to get to teh cool stuff, robbing said cool stuff of any emotional weight.

"Plastique" maybe in the lower end of the overall goodness Flash has produced because of it. It's an OK episode that felt rushed. Still some solid warm heart earnesty which is just the way to my heart.

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I love the art in this book